Girlfriend Crashed My Car [ 10 Right Things To Do After This ]

So, your girlfriend was driving the car and accidentally she crashed the car.

Well, there is no problem with it because she is also a human being and human beings make mistakes.

But as the car is a precious thing so if you’re not able to find what to do next? Then keep reading this post as I am going to share 10 Right Things To Do After Your Girlfriend Crashed Your Car.

So, without wasting a single second, let’s get started……👍

1. Ask Your Girlfriend About Her Health

As her boyfriend, it becomes your responsibility to ask your girlfriend about her health, if she is injured then take her to the best hospital in your city and if she has minor injuries then try to consult with your family doctor.

A full checkup of her body will be very great because once I had an accident, it was not a major accident but when I got a full checkup of my body, my doctor told me that I have got internal injuries that were not visible from outside and if I had not been checked at that time then these internal injuries could have taken a bigger shape today.

So, it’s better to get a full check-up of your girlfriend for her safety.💕

2. Free Your Car

After asking your girlfriend about her health, you need to clear your car from legal action if she has crashed your car in personal properties or has caused any injuries to someone.

If you are not able to handle the situation then taking help from your father and relatives would be a wise move as they know more about these situations and how to handle them.👍

3. Either Get Your Car Repaired Or Buy A New Car

After an accident with our car, we always have two options i.e. either repairing the car or buying a new car.

Car repair is much cheaper than buying a new car.

According to me, if the car’s body has got a lot of scratches due to the crash, then the car should be repainted at the service center of the concerned company.

But if the accident has caused a lot of damage to the car like the engine of the car needs to be replaced then it is better to get a new car than to repair it.

I know getting a new car isn’t easy, but I have just shared my thoughts.🙏

In your situation after your girlfriend’s car crash, either get your car repaired or if you have a good amount of money then you can think of getting a new car [your girlfriend’s favorite💕].

4. Gift Her Healthy Products

No matter your girlfriend got hurt or not, to make a good impression on your girlfriend and her parents, whenever you first visit her house after the crash then make sure to gift her healthy products like cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, & pistachios.

By doing this, your girlfriend and her parents will know how much she means to you and how much you love her……

And don’t forget to ask your girlfriend about her health whenever you first visit her home with a gift after the crash.

You can use other healthy ayurvedic or herbal products which are popular in your area like body massaging oil & many more.💕

5. Don’t Get Angry On Her

If you will get angry at your girlfriend because she crashed your car then she will realize that your car is more important to you than her and your car is closer to your heart than her.

And that could break your friendship with her.

So, if you want to maintain a good relationship with your girlfriend, try not to get angry with her after she has crashed your car, try to treat her very lovingly so that she can know what she means to you.❤️

6. Tell Her That Car is Not Precious Than Her

If you want to impress her or make her believe that your love for her is very pious & deep, then when you talk to her for the first time after the crash, tell her that your car is not more precious than her, what is most precious to you is she(your girlfriend).💕

Trust me, her heart will melt down for you.

If she is insisting on giving you money to repair the car then say absolutely no to her because if you would accept money from her to repair your car then she will think that you were waiting when she will offer you money because money is more important to you than her.😑

And this can have a negative effect on your friendship with her i.e the end of your love story.💔

7. Motivate Her If She’s Feeling Guilty

There is a possibility that she may start to feel guilty as because of her you need to pay money to repair your car and need to hear scolding from your parents.

But you need to motivate her that it was just a coincidence and she didn’t crash your car intentionally.

Also, tell her that you are with her so she does not need to worry about anyone including your parents and this crash hasn’t affected the friendship of both of you but has made your friendship with her stronger than ever before.👍

8. Tell Your Parents Not To Say Anything To Your GirlFriend

There is a high possibility that after the crash your girlfriend may be afraid of your parents about what they will say and think about her because she has crashed their car.

And when she will come to your house after a few days of the crash and if your parents start discussing about the crash, like that crash happened because of her then she will get demotivated and can cry at that time as well.

So, you need to convince your parents that they shouldn’t say or discuss anything about that crash because if they discuss then it may ruin your friendship with your girlfriend.💔

9. Don’t Let Her Know You’re Angry or Sad Because She Crashed Your Car

It is quite obvious that when someone crashes your car you get angry and also sad because you have to pay a lot of money to get the car repaired.

But now that ‘someone’ is your girlfriend, therefore, you need to keep your anger and sadness inside you because if she comes to know that you are angry with her from inside then she will get sad.

So if you don’t want to see her sad then even after the accident treat her sweetly to let her know that she is with a guy who really loves her from the bottom of his heart.❤️

10. Invite Her on Lunch or Dinner

If you’ve repaired your car then it’s time to make your girlfriend feel that you and your parents like her the same way as before and the best way to do this is to invite your girlfriend to lunch or dinner.

You and your mom should cook her favorite dishes to make her more happy, serve the food on the dinner table when she comes, and then start eating the food with your family and her…..

Don’t forget to drop her safely in your car at her home after having lunch or dinner.💕❤️👍🚗

Two Sweet Words

” Relations Are More Important Than Anything “

Try to always be with your girlfriend if she is driving the car so that you can help her if she is not able to control the car to avoid any kind of accident.

To Avoid Any Kind Of Accident Don’t Let Your Girlfriend Drive The Car If She Doesn’t Know How To Drive A Car.🙏

I have explained very deeply about 10 right things to do after your girlfriend crashed your car, so, if you want to share then please share this post with your friends.

I hope, you liked my post and if you have any doubts related to relations then let me know by commenting below, I promise, I will try to reply to you as fast as possible.👍

Till That Take Care of Yourself and Have a Nice Day Ahead…… 👍🙏

Drive Safely:)