How Long Should You Date Before Saying I Love You?

So, you are in love with a girl whom you are dating but you aren’t sure how long you should date her before saying I love you…..🌺

Don’t get worried brother because through this post I am going to give you the exact answer how long should you date before saying I love you……🌺

So, without wasting a single second, let’s start this post……⤵️⤵️

Imp: 8th point is the bonus point, so try to read it first….😍😎

1. It Depends Upon When You Met Her❣️

Yes, before saying I love you, it’s very important for you to check that when you met her for the first time…..🌺

Because it’s very easy for you to say I love you but it’s very difficult for a girl to accept your love if she has met you recently…..

Being a girl she needs to know everything about you before accepting your love like where you live, what kind of guy you are, whether you are a genuine guy or a player, your family background, your mom and dad, how much you earn, etc……🌺

So, if you have just met her like a week or two ago then please wait for atleast a month or two before saying I love you..🙏

And in between these one-two months, help her as much as possible, let her know that you are a genuine guy who will never betray her, introduce her to your parents, invite her to your house and have dinner with your family, etc….

After that say I love you to her, trust me, she will say I love you back to you……

But if you know her from a long time like she studies with you or she works with you then you can tell her in the first month of dating or I will say you can say I love you to her on the first date…..💕

If you have proved to her that you genuinely like her and wanna spend your entire life with her then she will accept your I love you…..🌺💕🌺

2. You Can Wait Until Her Birthday😍

If her birthday is just a month or two away then bro you should date her till her birthday comes……🙏

You can take her to a luxury restaurant on her birthday, have dinner with her, say I love you & propose her to marry you…………🌺💕🌺

That will really be great…..🌺💕🌺

But if her birthday is too far like 5-6 months later then you should not wait long…..🌺

You can say her I love you on second or third date…..😍

3. When You Can’t Live A Single Minute Without Her🌺

If you know her for a long time and you are dating her for more than a month and now, you’ve completely fallen in love with her and you are not able to live a single minute without her like she is on your mind all the time then this is the perfect time to say I love you to her………💕💕

Just ask her out on a date and say you love her with a diamond ring in your hands…..💍

But still, if you are able to comfortably live without seeing or talking to her then as per me, you should wait for some time till you completely fall in lv with her.💕

4. When She Shows You Strong Signs of Attraction and Love💞

Yes, you should continue to date her to say I love you until you see strong signs of attraction and love in her…💕

While dating her, if you are seeing signs of attraction and love in her then this is the best time to say her I love you…

These signs include getting shy of you, talking to you with a soft voice and a smile on her face, accepting your help, she’s always ready to go on a date with you, etc……….🌺💕🌺

If you don’t see any signs of attraction in her, wait till you see them…..❤️🙏

5. Say It When Your Heart & Inner Soul Tells You To Say I Love You To Her❣️

Yes, if you are on a date with her and suddenly you feel like your heart and inner soul are telling you to say I love you to her…..💕

Then just tell her don’t wait because your heart, your body, and inner soul are telling you to say I love you to her then why to wait or hesitate…..🌺💕🌺

6. Say It When You Feel Like It’s The Right Moment😍

I know before saying I love you to her, you will feel scared and hesitant, you will ask yourself whether to say it or not but after asking if you get the answer from ur inner soul that “This is the right moment to say I love you if you don’t tell her now then when will you tell her? Tell her now”💕

Then understand that the right moment has come, you should tell her how much you love her…….. 🌺💕🌺

7. When You Feel Like She Also Wants To Hear “I Love You” From You💕

If she also loves you back as you love her then trust me, she will also be desperate to hear I love you from you like you are desperate to say I love you to her…..😍

If you are out on a date with her & you are feeling or seeing on her face that she also wants to hear those three words from ur mouth then brother say it, don’t hesitate……….😎🌺💕🌺

8. Say Her Like This😍

After reading the above points, I am sure you have decided when to say her that how much you love her, you can say this…..⤵️

Make sure to say this with seriousness and tears in your eyes, this will melt her heart….😍

“Her name, I’ve been trying to say this from a long time but I feared and hesitated that if I say then you will break friendship with me but today I have surrendered myself to my feelings, I don’t know how to say but I really love you and I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you”🌺💕🌺

You can also take a diamond ring along with you….

After seeing tears and a diamond ring(if you bring one), there is a very high possibility that she will understand your love and will accept your proposal………………..🌺💕🌺

9. Tell Her Otherwise You Will Regret💔

If you know her from a long time and you are dating her for the past one month like the next is 3rd or 4th date….. 🌺

Then brother on the next date you should tell her that you love her otherwise you will regret it when she won’t be in your life………..🙏💔

I am also regretting it because when the girl I loved was in my life I hided my true love from her and now regretting it because she is with someone else, but one day I will tell her that I loved her a lot and still love her and today also, there is no other girl is in my mind except her………..😭😭💔❤️

So, fix & go on a next date with her, get the flowers, the diamond ring, and tell her that you have become hers…..🌺💕🌺

That’s it for today’s post, hope you like it and I was able to clear all your doubts….

But still if you have any doubt then soon I am going to start ‘Relationship Advice⤵️’, so you can contact me through that, I will help you as much as possible…..🌺

Will see you in a next post, till that take care and stay ahead…..

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