How To Be A Good Teacher [ 15 Secrets ]

As per me, a Teacher is another face of God who shows the right path to students.

A good teacher is a teacher who takes care of his students, teaches them the best knowledge of his/her subject, and helps them to succeed.

But the qualities of the best teacher are not limited only here, there are many other things available to do which can help someone to become a good teacher.

15 Secrets to Become a Good Teacher

I am not a teacher by profession but I have also studied a lot in school, so here I will share the ways & qualities which I think if a teacher follows or acquires then he/she can become a very good teacher.

1. Teach in Easy to Understand Language

I am not interested in only theoretical knowledge as it just goes above the head.

Try to add practical & visual-based examples in your teaching style which help students to grasp easily and they can remember them for a long time.

Let’s say you are a physics teacher and trying to teach the law of gravity to students by saying ‘ There is a force available inside the earth which attracts everything towards the earth and this force is known as a ‘ gravitational force ‘.

This language is a little bit complex to understand, instead of this if you hold a pen in the air and leave it then it will move down, then say to students that this is called the law of gravity or gravitational force.

Visual-based examples can be used in every subject including maths, and these are easy to understand and take less time to explain.

2. See All Students Equally

See All Students Equally

Discrimination based on gender, color, age, money, appearance, etc. should be completely banned in the world.

A teacher should not do discrimination among students, he/she should treat each & every student equally.

If a student is weak in his studies than other students, then it doesn’t mean that teachers should give less importance to that student, instead of this, he should be treated like other students.

So, see every student as equal with removing any kind of discrimination from your eyes and mind. 🙏

3. Never Hide From Questions

Not all students are intelligent, this means as a teacher you will face many questions from other students.

I have seen many teachers from which students fear asking questions because they get angry at them if anyone tries to clear doubts.

Please try to answer all the questions of your class students because they are not able to understand something that’s why they are asking their doubts with you.👍

4. Be Expert in Your Field

Teachers who are not experts in their field, always run away when someone asks questions about their subject.

Well, this is not good, as you are teaching to students, so before entering the class you should ensure that do you know almost everything about that particular subject?

If not, then avoid entering the class because with incomplete knowledge you as a teacher will not be able to answer questions of students.

To be an expert in your field, you can purchase a lot of books from offline markets or online e-commerce sites like Amazon.

You can also use the Google Play Books app.

A teacher can watch videos related to his/her subject to increase knowledge rather than wasting time on social media. 👍

5. Improve Your Handwriting

As a teacher, your writing on the blackboard should be good-looking & be visible from naked eyes so that every student can understand what you have written.

Many will say that I do projector-based teaching, remember that a teacher has to write once on a board in a teaching career.

🌟If your writing skills are good then there is a high chance that when you write on board, the interviewer can be impressed, & can give you your favorite teaching job. ✌️

6. Motivate Students

Motivate Students

During exam time, students face a lot of pressure from parents, teachers, and relatives to get good marks.

Along with this, they have to study too many books, all these buildups of situations demotivate students and sometimes they are not able to study properly as nothing goes into their mind.

At this time it’s the responsibility of a good teacher to motivate students, tell them that I am with you, I will show you how to study more in less time.

Also, tell them that don’t give importance to what others are saying just focus on your studies.

If they start to continuously learn and study books then definitely they will be able to get good marks in exams.👍

🌟 A teacher can tell motivational quotes and stories to students in exam time to build up their inner strength.

7. Try Not to Scold Students

The mind of students is not fully developed at a young age, so try not to scold them on tiny mistakes like if they didn’t bring any particular book, nails are long, not well dressed, etc.

I still remember that how bad I felt when I was scolded by my teachers when I was not able to answer questions, but it’s okay as they are teachers.

Behave friendly with all students, by seeing this they will try to study your subjects most of the time and with interest.

8. Take Feedback From Students

Take Feedback From Students

Taking feedback on your teaching style from students is very important as it tells you that how they are grasping your words which you tell while describing any lesson.

Although they will say that yes we understood but again ask that without any pressure tell me how I taught you? Trust me they will say the real answer.

It makes the emotional relationship between you and students very strong & transparent.

9. Complete Syllabus Early

As we all know till tenth, we need to study physics, biology, & chemistry as Science from one teacher and in only one period, there is a lot of burden on the science teacher to complete whole the syllabus early before exams.

I still remember that my science teacher was one of the teachers who used to complete the syllabus very early.

This gives a lot of time to students to prepare for the exams, that’s why my science subject is still strong.

10. Help Poor Students

Help Poor Students

A sharp mind is God-gifted, it doesn’t see the status that the child is poor or rich.

In every school, some poor students are not able to pay the school fee, because of this sometimes they have to left their studies, to earn money.

If you are a capable teacher then can try to pay the fees of these students so that they can continue their education.

Believe me, it will motivate other teachers to do the same and these poor children will give you good blessings as well. ✌️

11. Take Less Holidays

School life is very important for students if a teacher is wasting their time then it’s very bad for his career.

Being a teacher, you shouldn’t take holidays from school until it’s very important.

This will differentiate you from the whole faculty and make you a good teacher.

12. Be Present At Every PTMs

Parents & Teachers Meet is a day when both father and mother of students come in the school to know their son’s & daughter’s performance.

On this day you need to be available in the school because guardians believe in you.

No doubt you are the class teacher of a particular standard, so when parents come to school, tell them about their kid that how much marks he/she had overall got, his sports performance and more.

13. Give Homework And Regularly Check It

Giving homework to students has two benefits, one they avoid wasting their time & second they can actively see your subject.

Indirectly their mind will remember almost everything about your subject as they are frequently seeing books related to your topics.

14. Take Oral & Written Test

Taking tests of students is very important because it shows a teacher that how many students are seriously studying his/her respective subject?

If you want that students should get good marks in your subject then it’s best to take either an oral or written test once a week.

Seeing this, students will start to read your subject every day as they need to be prepared for the test which you are taking at regular intervals.

Directly they will perform well in real exams. 👍✌️

15. Guide Them For Exams

The problem which I faced in my school life is that teachers help very less during exam time, here u am not talking about cheating.

As per me, the teacher should recommend some important guides to students and even previous year papers so that they can see what kind of questions come and can come.

Later students have given exams, you can clear doubts which they faced during giving the exam, this will help them to reduce their mistakes in next test.

Respected tutors, I have written everything through which you can be a good teacher, hope you will like it.👍

Now, let’s see some FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How To Be A Good Online Teacher?

During this pandemic the demand for online teaching has increased a lot because schools have been totally shut down to control the speaking of this virus, here are the ways through which you can be a good online teacher:

a) Use Good Software and Equipment: As this includes visual-based classes, so it’s important to have good equipment and software for better understanding.

b) Make Students Group: Group allows students to ask questions with each other and also there can clear their doubts very easily. You can use any app like telegram for this work.

c) Use Gmail: Gmail is a very effective service from Google through which you can easily communicate with other students, so make sure to give it a try.

As there is very little difference between Offline & Online teaching so you can check the ways which I have share to become a good teacher.

#2. How To Be A Good Substitute Teacher?

A teaching is a profession in which you need to teach to students.

Due to many reasons sometimes a teacher needs to left schools forever.

a) You can follow 15 points which I mentioned in the starting.

b) Try to give your best while teaching to students.

c) Try to ask questions to students related to that subject, so that you can know, how the old teacher taught these students.

That’s it for today, I hope I was able to solve your query through this post.

Thanks 👍 Have a nice day