How To Dream About Someone [ 15 Proven Ways ]

It feels very happy & soothing when you dream about someone whom you love most.

I still remember, when I had a crush on a girl, I used to dream every day about her and I also used to talk with her in my dreams.

Once you start to dream like me then trust me you will love your sleep and you will wake up with new energy in you because as you have seen your love in your dreams, so you will automatically try your best to see and talk with your crush in reality.

But, It’s not easy to dream of your love daily so here in this post, I will share some of my secrets that helped me to see my love daily in my dreams.

I am writing in the context of a boy, who wants to dreams about his love.

1. Meet Her At least Once a Day

You need to meet her once a day so that she can be in your memories for your entire life.

If you are talking with her once in a month or after many days, then trust me, every single feeling about her will start to remove from your heart because your heart is not a computer that will remember the file permanently until it’s deleted manually.

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2. Start To See Her Most of The Time

If you are studying in a school or doing a job in an office and here you have a crush or a girlfriend, then try to see her most of the time.

This will create a very clear picture of your Love in your mind and there is a high possibility that you will start to see her in your dreams.

And no doubt, you will love & enjoy seeing her most of the time because your heart has accepted her. 🤠👍

3. Start To See Her Image Before Sleeping

If you really love her from the bottom of your heart, then I am sure that you have her photo on your phone or maybe you have framed her photo in your room.

Now, the thing you have to do is that you need to see her image before sleeping and I am sure you will start to dream about your crush. The reason behind this is that when you see her image just before sleeping then this will erase all the memories of that day and you will only remember your crush’s image or memories related to her & now when you will sleep then you will find your Love in your dreams very easily.

4. Start To Think Most of The Time About Her

Have you noticed that when you are going to buy a new car then you start to dream about the car which you want to buy?

If yes, then this is because of continuous recirculation of one thing in your mind which is avoiding other things to enter your dreams.

Like this, if you start to think all the time about your love(her) then you will start to dream about her.

5. Touch Her Once in a Week

As humans have evolved a lot, so these days, joining hands with each other and hugging have become normal in our lives.

You can find different ways through which you can touch her (in a respected way so that she doesn’t feel bad or insecure) or make her touch you.

By touching her, I don’t know how to describe it but you will start to feel something very very happy and these memories will start to circulate in your mind making you dream about her.

Imp: Follow this method only when she has become your good friend and you are sure that she likes you back.

6. Close Your Eyes By Bringing Her Face in Your Mind

There is a universal process to sleep which we all follow every day.

First, we lay on our bed & close our eyes, then we usually wait for some time like for one minute, so that our body can start to sleep.

This trick is very simple, you just need to think or imagine her after you have closed your eyes & then sleep by continuously thinking about her, believe me, there is a high possibility that you will get your first dream only about her.

If you have not understood this trick, then let me give my example:

Let’s say, I have closed my eyes to sleep by laying on my bed and in next one or two minutes I will sleep with continuously thinking about my love….

I used this trick when I was a teenager.🤠

7. Start To Sing Romantic Song By Keeping Her in Your Mind

Who doesn’t love to hear romantic songs especially when you are single???

We all know, everyone loves to hear romantic songs but as per me, with the help of these songs, you can also dream about someone who is very near to your heart.

You need to sing your favorite romantic song by keeping her in your mind and continue singing till you don’t get sleep.

Try to do this before sleeping as this will help your mind to gather all the memories related to her in your mind & your mind can easily show these memories in your dreams.

8. Speak Her Name Before Sleeping

I personally don’t like this method but if you want to give it a chance, then you can try this once.

Whenever you are sitting alone or laying on your bed, then you need to say her name continuously by keeping her in your mind, this will compress all other memories except her and as a result, you will start to dream about her.

If you don’t like this method, then you can try other methods which are written in this post.

9. Start To Write A Story On You & Her

As per me, when you truly love someone then thousands of imaginations & memories start to develop in your mind.

And to dream about your true love, you can convert these imaginations and memories into a story.

You need to purchase a beautiful blank story notebook and then start to write every incident or everything about your love story including when you met her, what you did to impress her, etc.

As you are recirculating past memories of her so, your mind will start to dream most of the time about her when you are sleeping.

Make sure to write this story during night.👍

10. Start To Imagine That She is With You

This method is very easy to follow, you need to imagine that she is with you while you are laying on your bed to sleep.

May be for first few day, she will not appear in your imaginations but after a few days she will start to appear in your mind.

Try to talk with her like about her favorite food, music, place, car, etc.

Although, this will not be a reality but this will help you to dream about her.

11. Start To Imagine That She Has Become Your Life Partner

Everyone wants to marry his crush but in reality, very few people get this opportunity in their lives.

Back on the topic👇

While laying on your bed, you need to imagine that your crush has become your life partner & you both are living your life very happily.

Although this will not be teal but there are two benefits of doing this:

1. You will enjoy a lot while imagining like this.

2. There is a high probability that you will dream about her.

12. Start To Use a Bolster Pillow

Bolster pillows help in dreaming about someone

Bolster pillows are cylindrical in appearance & very less people know about these pillows because most of the time we use rectangular pillows.

In this method, you don’t need to do anything with your pillows but you just need to get a bolster pillow & then you need to sleep by placing this pillow on your left or right side.

This will help you to dream that your crush is with you.🤝

13. Try To Share Things With Her

Once I have heard that ” sharing is caring ” & when you share things with her ( your crush ) then she will be surrounded by things given by you in her room & there is a high possibility, she will also start to dream about you.

It’s quite obvious when you are sharing things with her then she will not say no to you when you ask something from her.

You can ask anything favorite of her like a book which she often reads, then you should also start to read this book by keeping her in your mind that she has also read this book…….

Try to read that book just before sleeping & as per me, this will help you dream about your crush or someone from whom you have taken this book.

14. See Her Social Media Profile at Night

Nowadays, everyone is available on social media & if you know her(your crush’s) social media profile, then during the night you can visit her profile and see what she has shared recently….

If she follows you on any social media platform then you can chat with her or can send some interesting stuff to make her happy.

As you are seeing her profile during the night, so her profile picture & shared posts will make a place in your mind, making you dream about these things including her.

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You should try to see her Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram profile because there is a high possibility that she is available on all these popular social media platforms.

15. Start To Increase Your Sleeping Time

If you’re are sleeping for just 5 to 6 hours a day then these hours can be less to dream about someone who is your favorite.

First of all, you can follow above mentioned 14 ways to dream about her but still after following these points you’re not able to dream about her then try to increase your sleeping time.

Because the more you will sleep the more you will dream & more dreams then there is a high possibility that you can start seeing her in your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can You Dream About Someone You Never Met

By following these below-listed methods just before sleeping you can dream about someone you never met:

  • Start to see their image.
  • Check their social media profile daily.
  • Start to think all the time about them.
  • Sleep while keeping them in your mind.
  • Try to meet them.🤠
  • You can also follow above mentioned 15 ways.

2. How To Appear In Someone Else’s Dream?

It is impossible to appear in someone else’s dream until that guy/girl loves you back.

So, if he/she is your crush then, first of all, try to impress your crush & make him/her fall in love, then definitely you can come in his/her dream.

3. How To Get Someone Out Of Your Dreams?

Once you start dreaming about someone then it’s very difficult to remove from your dreams but the below-listed points will help you to do this:

  • Follow ways to stop thinking about them.
  • Don’t ever meet them.
  • Start a new journey with someone else.
  • Stop feeling about them.
  • Start to sleep with your pet.
  • Try to not to think about them just before sleeping.👍👍

4. How To Have The Same Dream With Someone?

Magic only works in movies and we are leaving in the real world where no magic works, so, there is no way to have the same dream with someone.

May be someone else have written articles on this topic but as per me this is impossible!!

Final Thoughts

It’s very easy to dream during the night but dreaming about something specific is very difficult but by following some secret ways you can start to dream about anyone you like the most. ❤️🤝

Bonus Tip: You can stick photos of your crush or your love in your room where you sleeps & then check, how many time you get dream of her. 👍

I hope, the ways which I have shared with you will help you and you will start to dream about whom you want to dream.

Till that take care……….

Thanks👍 Have a Nice Day Ahead……