How To Properly Grow Your Son [ All Queries Solved ]

Childhood is a period of life where every kid enjoys and makes fun but this is also a crucial phase of a kid’s life which decides whether he will become a bad guy or a good guy.

If parents are not able to take care of their kids in childhood then many adverse behavioral effects can be seen in kids during teenage.

Mainly the age of childhood begins from 5 and ends at the age of 15 because, after 15 a kid starts to become young and many external and internal changes start to happen in a kid’s body.

In today’s post, we will see many ways which can help someone who’s son is not doing well in his life.

Ways To Grow Your Son The Right Way

These are the ways which can help you to grow your son the right way:

1. Start Teaching Sacraments: As per me, the sacrament is the other word of respect, as because of good sacraments a kid respects his elders.

You need to teach your son good sacraments from an early age so that he can be a good kid when he becomes young.

2. Start Caring Him Before It’s Too Late: The best age to teach good manners to your kid is from the age of 5, if you are not taking care of your son from age five then you can see bad effects when he will become young.

You should teach your son about how to talk properly, respect elders, the characteristics of a good kid, and many more life lessons.

3. Avoid Scolding Him in Front of Others: If you often scold your son in front of others especially friends then please stop doing this, because this hurts him internally and gradually this fills a lot of anger in his mind against you.

4. Cook His Favorite Food: Kids love to eat their favorite foods and if you start to often cook your son’s favorite food then he will start to love and respect you and he will also realize that his dad/mom really loves him.

5. Watch Motivational Movies With Him: By watching motivational movies especially in which a poor boy becomes successful, these movies will inspire your son to move on the right path, not on the wrong path.

You can also watch family-related movies with him in which a mom or dad saves his/her child from any danger, this will help him to know the value of parents in his life, and trust me your son will never disrespect you.

Recently I watched a movie related to time traveling in which a father saves his son, although I respect my parents a lot but this movie inspired me to give more and more respect to them.

6. Buy Good Story Books For Him: Go and get some good storybooks which have stories related to success, hard work, trust, truth, & life and give these books to your son and tell him to read these in his free time.

Trust me if you have purchased very good books then he will say to buy some more books like these.

And after reading these stories he will understand the value of parents, time, money, and togetherness in life which is a surefire sign that your son will never behave badly with you and he will try to make you feel proud of him.

Now, let’s see some questions related to a son who is not following the right path.

My 17 Year Old Son Is Out Of Control What Can I Do?

Oh, sad to hear that, you can follow these steps if your 17-year-old son is out of control:

1. First of all, calm down his anger because he is doing everything in anger and we all know that during anger everyone lost the ability to understand what they are doing.

To make him cool down, tell his mom to sit with him and try to gently move her hand on his head this will make him cool a little bit.

Also, let him sleep on his bed and I am sure he will get up with no anger, then you can make him understand not to do this.

2. Every argument has a reason, you need to find the reason why your son is showing so much anger, and after finding the exact reason try your best to solve it.

3. Take him outside with you in amusement parks, natural parks, or to his favorite places. The reason behind taking him outside is that he will feel refreshing and as you are spending time with him, so he will be able to know that you only want to see him ( your son ) happy.

4. Avoid punishing your kid because this will make him more aggressive and remember that your kid needs your love, not your anger. ❤️

5. Do what your son wants, yes you have read right, you can gently ask your son that what he wants? Try to do everything according to him and I am sure he will be in control.

You can also follows 6 ways which I have written in the starting.

I hope and wish you son will be normal like before.🤝

What To Do When Your Son Hates You?

This a very painful situation when your son hates you and maybe he is avoiding you as well, here are some of the tips which can help you to reduce his hate toward you:

1. Try to find out the reason behind his hate and then work on that reason, this will help you.

2. Start spending more & more time with your son to decrease the distance between you and your son, to do this you can go outside with him on weekends.

You should choose places to go according to him.

3. Be a good mother/good father.

4. Start fulfilling your son’s wishes.

5. Continue to make him happy and do remember that it will take time to completely remove hate from his heart.

My 13 Year Old Son Is Watching Inappropriate Youtube Videos What Should I Do?

Here are the tips, you can do to stop your kid from watching inappropriate Youtube videos:

1. Tell About Your Dreams: You need to tell your son about your dreams that what you want to make him, it can be a dream of making your son a doctor, teacher, blogger, etc.

And also tell him that you are breaking my dream and I am very sad.

2. Tell Him The Reality: He is a kid but you know the reality that the people who are making videos earn money by our views but we waste our time watching those inappropriate video, the same thing you need to make understand to your son.

You need to tell him that he is just wasting his golden time and they are earning money from his wasted time and ask him ” do you want to make them money from your time? “

3. Tell Him About His Friends: You need to tell your son about his friends that how much his friends are studying and soon they will get very good marks but he will not get as he is just wasting his time and if he wants to be successful faster than his friends then he must stop watching these videos and start studying.

4. Give Him Alternatives: I know kids like to watch YouTube videos but there are many other alternatives which you can use to take away your son’s concentration from YouTube videos like video games, indoor games, movie watching, etc.

5. Start Crying in Front of Him: A real son can’t see his mom/dad crying because of himself, so you can start crying in front of him and tell him that son please stop wasting your time on watching these useless videos, these will ruin your future and I can’t see this as I want to see you succeed. ❤️

So, these are the five ways through which you can stop your son watching from inappropriate videos and these will also help your son is not studying.

What To Do When You Dislike Your Son’s Girlfriend?

First of all, you need to understand that your happiness should be in your son’s happiness, if he has accepted anyone then you should also try to accept her.

But if you still dislike her then you need to find out the reasons why you dislike her.

Now, try to share these reasons with your wife that why you don’t like your son’s girlfriend, and if your wife agrees with these reasons then you should try to tell these reasons to your son.

But if your wife doesn’t agree with these reasons and she also likes your son’s GF then you should also try to accept that girl as your son’s girlfriend.

My Son Is Shy What Can I Do?

Good thing is that I was also a shy guy like your son, so I can advise the right ways which I followed to remove my shyness.

When your son is not able to talk properly to others, in a crowd, with elders, & with girls then it’s a sure-fire sign that your son is shy.

Now, here are the things which you can do to make your son bold and brave:

1. Tell Him To Watch WWE: Yes, you have read right, when I was shy I also started to watch WWE and especially Roman Reigns, Goldberg, & The Rock because these are my favorite ones.

By seeing these wrestlers’ braveness, your son will also try to make his heart strong, bold, & brave, and indirectly his shyness will start to disappear.

2. Tell Him To Hear Strong Songs: I don’t what those songs are called which increase our attitude and fill new energy but these songs really help to disappear shyness because these songs make a person to feel that he is supreme and he doesn’t get feared from anyone, even from a group of people.

3. Tell Him That He Is A Hero: You should tell your son that whenever he feels hesitation in front of anyone then he should think in his mind that he is a brave boy who has the heart of a LION.

4. Tell Him To Conquer His Fear: One of the biggest reasons behind shyness is fearing from fear, you need to tell your son that he has to face his fear of facing others so that he can become a brave boy.

5. Tell Him The Sad Reality: You need to tell him that he has to leave his shy nature otherwise everyone will try to show him fear & disrespect and he will not be able to speak in front of them to give them an answer!!

These are the ways through which you can make your son a brave boy.

What Should I Do If My Son Wants To Be A Girl?

Your son wants to be a girl because he is just a kid and either he is inspired by watching videos or he is surrounded by many girls all day.

The simple thing which you can do is to get a pet dog for him, make sure that his most friends are boys, get toys which are made for boy kids, & you can also purchase some comics of superheroes so that he can think about becoming a hero, not a girl. 👍🤝

Final Words

As a dad or a mom, it’s your responsibility to take care of your son, to keep him safe from bad boys, & to guide him properly so that one day he can make your name all over the world.

I hope my post help you and I wish your son will become a good son who follows what his parents say……

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Thanks👍 Have a Nice Day Ahead & Take Care……..