How To Take Care Of Your Mom? [ 21 Lovely Ways ]

This lifestyle has made us so busy that sometimes we are not able to think about our Mom and as a result, she starts to feel that her son/daughter has no concern about her.

Maybe you have two cars, smartphones, a house, a bike, & more but keep in mind that your mom is only one in this world and you can’t replace her presence with anyone else.

I usually get feared when I thought that what will happen if my mom shall not be there with me because for me, my mom is my world.

If you are searching ” How To Take Care Of Your Mom ” on Google then without a second thought I can say that you are the real son/daughter of your mom who really loves her and want to see her happy…..

Here, I will share my 21 lovely ways through which you can take care of your mom so that she can live a disease-free long life❤️.

1. Be The Son/Daughter Which She Wants

Every mom wants her son/daughter to be a good human who is kind by heart, helps others, and also understands his/her responsibility towards his/her house.

Be the kind of son/daughter that your mom wants and try to work hard in your life so that you can stand up on your own feet and can make your parents feel proud.

2. Don’t Let Your Mom Work All The Day

If your house’s financial condition is not good then your mom will try to work hard so that she can help you in earning money because she knew that you are working hard to make money.

My mom also worked a lot for me but now I have clearly told my mom that you should take rest and I will take care about running the house.

If you will say this to your mom, then she will be very happy to see that her son/daughter loves her a lot.

3. Frequent Message Your Mom When You Are Outside

If you are doing a job away from your house, then you should try to message your mom frequently to know that she is fine or not? By seeing this, your mom will feel that for you she is very important.

And as you are frequently doing text messages then your mom will be assured that you are fine and safe there.

4. Take Care Of Her Body Pain

With increasing age, body joints start to become weak and as a result, we start to feel pain.

My mom has pain in her knees and back, I was also aware of this, as per my experience in Ayurveda I brought pure Ashwagandha Churna for her and advised her to take 2 grams daily with milk both in the morning and evening.

The results were as expected, now she has no pain in her knees and back.

If your mom is also suffering from joint pain then you can check my above-mentioned remedy.

5. Oil Massage Her Body On Weekends

As per me, oil massaging help boosts blood circulation in our body and also gives relief in pain by providing strength to the joints and muscles.

If your mom is above 40, then you should massage her body once a week, especially on weekends.

This will make your mom feel that you really care about her.

6. Do Yoga With Your Mom

Trust me, Yoga is a way through which we can heal our body both internally and externally.

If your mom is growing older then you should insist her to do Yoga with you in the morning.

I hope your mom will agree with you about doing Yoga.

7. Take Her on Occasions With You

If your friends have organized a casual party and have also given an invitation to you then you should try to take her with you.

Your friends will be very happy to see your mom there and your mom will also be able to know more about your friends.

This will make your mom feel very happy internally because very few are there in this world who take their mom with them on occasions and most feel that they will look odd with their mom at parties!!

8. Arrange Movies For Your Mom

My mom loves a lot to watch Hollywood movies and I hope your’s as well.

If your mom often gets bored while sitting alone then you should try to advise her to watch movies.

Now, it depends upon you from where you purchase movies to watch.

9. Fulfill Her Biggest Dream

If you have become young and you are also earning well, then try to find a good partner for you because there is a high probability that your mom is regularly thinking about your future.

Maybe your mom is concerned about your marriage and to remove this concern from your mom’s mind try to marry so that she can feel relax that her son has started his life.

10. Force Your Mom To Take Plenty of Sleep

Skipping sleep or not taking plenty of sleep can make a human ill.

If you’re seeing that your mom is not sleeping for at least 8 hours a day, then advise your mom to not do this because this can be harmful for her health.

11. Get A Pet For Your Mom

These days we all keep a pet animal in our houses so that we can feel refreshed and stress-free after seeing or spending time with that pet.

If you don’t have a pet in your house then make sure to bring a pet animal and you can also consult with your mom about this.

12. Keep Health Promoting Herbs In Your House

There are many ayurvedic herbs which can help us to make our bodies healthy.

Ashwagandha was an example of this and like this, there are many other herbs available, you can consult your family doctor about this and see what he/she says.

When your mom will see that you’re working a lot to make her healthy then she will feel proud of you.

13. Spend Time With Your Mom

Many people can waste hours on social media but when it comes to spending time with their parents then they say that they don’t have time to sit with their mom and dad.

I really feel sad when I hear this from anyone because I know how bad those parents feel when they see that their son/daughter is running away from them.

14. Take Care Of Your Mom’s Diet

When we become old then we can’t eat anything like we used to eat at a young age.

My mom is above 40 and I have advised her to eat green vegetables, fruits, less-fatty, & oil-free food so she can be healthy all the year.

Even my mom has turned vegan last year and believe me, she is now more healthy, fit, & active than before.

If your mom is eating unhealthy foods then try to stop her and tell her to eat healthy food which we directly get from nature.

15. Take Extra Care Of Your Mom in Winters

The winter season is very painful for people who are old or suffering from joint pain.

If your mom is suffering from any kind of joint pain then make sure to be extra cautious here because in winters pain can increase very rapidly.

Give foods that are warm in nature like roasted groundnut, jaggery, etc.

Also stop your mom from going outside in the early morning in winters because usually, the mornings are coldest in the winter season.

16. Give Respect To Your Mom

It directly hurts to your mom when you talk rudely with her because you are the one who is more precious than her life to her.

Maybe you have become young but remember that you are still younger than your mom in age, so please try to give respect to your mom.

17. Give Your Mom Access To Your Income

The position where you are standing today and making a good amount of money is not only yours, because your mom was taking care of you from day one when you born to take you to this position but now, if you are not giving money to your mom out of your salary then it’s not good and she can start to feel that you are a bad son/daughter.

If you don’t want to see these days then always give access your mom to your income.

18. Ask What Your Mom Needs Else?

Now, you have provided all the facilities to your mom including healthy food then try to ask your mom that ” Does She Needs Anything Else? ”

There is a high probability that she will say that ” I don’t want anything else than your happiness ” and this will show that she is satisfied with her son’s caring.

19. Celebrate Every Moment With Her

Celebration doesn’t mean that you are celebrating your mom’s birthday only but instead of this it’s about celebrating every moment of your life with your mom.

Try to fill the moments with sweetness when you are sitting with your Mom in your house, you can play game, watch movies, watch vlogs, cook food with your mom.

Trust me, if you start doing this then she will feel very happy internally.

20. Don’t Scold Your Mom

Sometimes, when situations are unfavorable and we are not able to control our anger then we start to scold our mom which is very bad because this breaks her internally.

Although as a mom she will forgive us but we should try to not scold our mom as she is the most important part of our life.

21. Never Leave Her Alone

Too many sons just leave their mom once they have married because they think that she will create extra weight in their pocket.

Even you will be shocked that these guys never ask about the health of their moms at least once a year!!

If you don’t want to be like these guys then make sure to be with your mom and never leave her alone. 🙏❤️

Final Words

Mom is the most precious gift to us from God and it’s our responsibility to take care of our mom.

Never try to disrespect your mom especially in front of others and feel shame when you are going outside with her as she is your MOM….

That’s it for today’s post friends and I hope you like the post.

Make sure to share this post with your friends so that they can also understand the value of Mom.

Till that take care of your Mom and have a nice day ahead…….👍