I Have A Crush On A Married Woman [13 Ways To Impress Her]

It is very common for a single man to have a crush on a married woman, especially when he sees her regularly because she works with him, is her neighbour, or is a very close friend of him.

If you are having crush on married woman then you need to understand that this road is tough and you may have to struggle a lot to get success.

Here in this post, I am going to share 13 ways through which you can make a married woman fall in love with you…

So, without wasting your time, let’s get started….⤵️

1. Become A Very Close Friend of Her

This is the first thing you need to do, try to be very close friends with the married woman you like.

Though it will take time but once you become good friends with her then half the job is done….

You can follow her on various social media handles, if she works with you try to drop her home in your car, help her in different ways, etc. In these ways you can become her close friend.👍

2. Check How Her Married Life is Going

To move ahead after having friendship with her, it’s very important for you to check how her married life is going.

If she is living very happily with her husband then it’s very hard to impress her.

And then to make her fall in love with you, you must have some extraordinary qualities compared to her husband so that she can be attracted to you.

But if her married life is not going well, it’s a good sign for you because if she divorce with her husband then you can easily make her yours.🌺💕🌺

3. Try To Show Her That You Really Care About Her

In order to make room for you in her heart, you have to show her that you really care about her.🌺

And as I am not aware of where you meet that married woman daily like workplace or any other place, so I can’t tell you exactly that how you will show her, you care about her.

But I will share some examples with you so that you can understand what to do next.👍

Let’s say, if she is sick and looking tired you can ask her “Are you okay, can I help?”, if she looks sad try asking her “You look sad, is everything fine can I help you?”, If it’s cold outside and she hasn’t brought a jacket you should give her your jacket….🌺

All these thing will give her a clue that you are concerned about her and that you have something for her in your heart.

In the end, my point is that you have to find ways to show her how much she means to you.

4. Talk Very Sweetly & Positively With Her💕

Always try to talk very sweet and positive with that married woman as this will let her know that you have love feelings for her.

Isn’t this what you want to tell her? If yes, then what you are waiting for, start talking sweetly with her.

5. Let Her Catch You Seeing Her😎

As you have a crush on her, then I bet you often try to see her when she is not noticing you and you also try your best not to get caught by her while seeing her.💕

Here, you need to continue to see her but let her catch you seeing her because as she is a married woman so when she will notice that you are frequently seeing her then she will easily understand that you are attracted towards her.

And if she has something in her heart for you, she will try to get close to you or flirt with you.😎

6. You Have To Be Rich & Beautiful Than Her Husband 😍

You want to make her love you but tell me why a married woman will leave her husband and start loving you?

It’s your beauty and money, yes you read that right, if you are more beautiful and more rich than her husband then it increases chances for you that she would leave her husband for you.

7. Find Ways To Help Her

We can never forget anyone who help us especially when no one is helping us.

The same will happen with that married woman who you love more than anyone else, if you start helping her all the time then her mind will always be full of your thoughts….. And this is what which will make her love you….

What you are waiting for? Find ways through which you can help her and win her heart…..🌺💕🌺

8. Try To Ask Her Out

Now, if you’re sure that she is building feelings for you in her heart then you can try to ask her out especially for a dinner.😍

This is also possible that she would deny to hang out with you but there is a possibility that if you have done everything right then she may agree.

If she agrees then this is a big achievement for you, congratulations… 🌺💕🌺

9. Talk With Her Friends

If you aren’t sure what to do then you can try to talk with her friends.

But for this, it’s very important for your have are good friend of he friends because if her friends don’t know you then they will not help you in this matter.

10. Love Should Be Visible in Your Eyes

You eyes are not just eyes they can tell everything to anyone, you don’t need to speak through your mouth.

If you want that married woman to feel your love then love for her should be visible in your eyes, try to show her through your eyes then you need her and you will not ever cheat. 🌺💕🌺

11. Ask Help From Your Best Friend

Yes, if you aren’t able to decide what to do next in this matter then you can ask help from your best friend.

Tell them that you are falling in love with a woman but she is married……..

I am sure, your best friend will try his best and will never advise you to do anything wrong.🙏👍

12. Take Help Form YouTube

Before start writing this post, I also searched the same query which you have just searched on Google.

And I found too many good videos regarding your query, so I will advise you to go and search your query there, I am sure you will find solution there.

13. Now It’s Upon You

Brother i have tried my best to help you and now it’s all up to you…..

One thing I will say that making a married woman fall in love with you is very hard and risky as well and for this, I will suggest you to ask help from a good Relationship Advisor, they will help you a lot in this.🙏👍

That’s it for today my brother, will see you in next post…..

Take care & have a nice day ahead…..🙏👍🌺