I Have A Crush On My Cousin [8 Reasons Why It’s Bad & 10 Ways To Stop This]

Like yours, my cousin is very beautiful but does it mean that I should forget that indirectly she is my sister and start loving her because she is beautiful?🙏

No I shouldn’t because we are related to each other by blood and of course she is my sister.

If you have a crush on your cousin and don’t know what to do next then this post is for you.

Here, I am going to share 8 reasons why having a crush on your cousin is really bad and 10 ways through which you can easily avoid it.⤵️⤵️🌺🌺

8 Reasons Why Having Crush on Your Cousin is Bad

Here are the eight reasons which are good enough to open your eyes & trust me after reading these reasons you will stop liking your cousin:

1. Government Doesn’t Support This🌺

Yes, close blood relations have been banned by the governments of many countries.

You can google this that your country’s government allows these types of marriage or not and I am sure that it’s illegal.

2. Your Society Won’t Accept This

If you will become a successful person and marry a beautiful life partner and then whenever you go to your society they will appreciate it and bless you both with a happy married life.

But instead if they find that you like your cousin then your society will never accept it.

They will all be angry with you and may stop considering you as a part of their society.

So remove those thoughts about your cousin from your mind.🙏👍

3. What Your Friends Will Say & Think About You?💔

Have you ever wondered what your friends will say about you and what they will think when you tell them that you have a crush on your cousin.

Will they appreciate you? No my dear, they will not appreciate you rather they will say “what kind of boy/girl are you, you got a crush on your cousin, you can’t be our friend” and then they all leave you.

4. What Your Mom & Dad Will Say?💔

Have you ever thought that what your parents will say to you when they will hear from your mouth that you have a crush on your cousin?

They will doubt whether you are their child or not because their child can never think like that.💔

They will be emotionally broken after hearing this from you and trust me, it will reduce the respect in your parents’ heart for you.💔

So remove any kind of bad thoughts related to your cousin from your mind.🙏🙏

5. Think About Your Cousin’s Parents

If your cousin parents are like me i.e they hate you & want to see you on roads then tell me what they will think about you when they get to know that you have a crush on their son/daughter?

They will never let you to meet their son/daughter then and also there is a possibility that they would try to defame you in front of your other relatives.

6. What Your Cousin Will Think About You?💔

Your cousin sees you as their brother/sister and also give you too much respect because of this.

But when they will get to know that you have a crush on them then they will stop respecting you and also ignore you.

So do you want to face anger & ingorance from your cousin? If not, then see your them as your brother/sister not more than this….🙏🙏

7. It’s Against Nature’s Law🙏

Yes, the kind of thoughts which are building in your mind are against nature’s law.

I’m sure none of your ancestors went through such thoughts, but at the same time I don’t know why you are getting attracted to your cousin.

8. It’s Bad💔

Yes my friend, it is very wrong to have a feeling of love in your heart for your cousin.

From your friends to your family members no one will appreciate that you have a crush on your cousin.

So, please remove any kind of romantic thoughts for your cousin from your mind, please.🙏🙏

10 Things To Do To Stop Having Crush on Your Cousin

Here are the things which you can do to remove any kind of love feeling from your mind and heart for yori cousin:⤵️⤵️

1. Stop Thinking About Them

If you keep thinking about your cousin most of the time then you will never be able to forget their beautiful face.

So, you need to stop thinking about them completely, gradually you will start forgetting them and lose interest in them.👍

2. Start To Fall in Love With Someone💕

This is the second thing you need to do, you have to start falling in love with someone.

If you are a boy then I am sure there will be many beautiful girls around you in your school, college or the place where you work.

Go and start falling in love with the one who make your heart beat faster when you see them.

And the reason behind I am saying to love someone is that when you start to love then you forget everything (including your cousin) because now the thoughts of the guy/girl you love will not let you think about anyone else.💕

3. Always See Your Cousin As Your Brother/Sister

The reason you feel romantic when you see your cousin is because you are looking at their beauty, you are forgetting that directly or indirectly you are both brother & sister.

When you start seeing your cousin as your brother/sister then automatically every bad thoughts about them will get removed from your mind.🙏👍

4. Stop Seeing Your Cousin For Months & Years

This is another thing you can do to get your cousin’s thoughts out of your mind and heart.

You don’t have to see them for very long.

When you will not see or meet them for months & years then automatically you will forget them and start losing interest in them.

Congratulations, you have forget them…..💕

5. Chill Out With Your Friends

If you are not able to get your cousin’s face out of your mind then I would recommend you to chill out with your friends for a few days continuously.

When you will go out with your friends then you will be completely lost in those enjoyable moments which you will spend out with your friends.

After that your mind will be refreshed and there are chances you will be able to get their faces and thoughts out of your mind.

6. There Are Many Other Beautiful Guys/Girls

If you think your cousin is very beautiful and their beauty is attracting you then you are completely wrong here because there are thousands of boys/girls available nearby you who are more beautiful than them.

My point here is to make your understand that there are many boys/girls are available near you who are too much beautiful, go and try to befriend and start your love story with them.💕

I am sure after that you will see your cousin as your bro/sis.🙏👍

7. Get Yourself Busy

Make goal for your life and start working on it and don’t stop till you get success in your work.

When you will work hard on your aim then you will always be occupied with your work and directly you will end up with no thoughts of your cousin.

And at the same time, you will be giving your life a aim to live happily.

8. Make a Match💒

If nothing works for you then this is the last thing you can do i.e get married.

Yes, when you will get married then no doubt you will get everything from them including (that😎💕) and then zero thoughts of your cousin in your mind. 👍👍

9. Take Some Spiritual Classes✝️

When your mind is getting filled up with bad thoughts then God can help you.

Starting taking some spiritual classes or if you are occupied all the time then try to go Church and sit there for sometime…….

I am sure God Jesus Christ will help you and make you a good human.🙏✝️

10. Understand You’re Going on a Wrong Way

No doubt your cousin is beautiful but if you are building feeling for them in your heart then trust me my friend, you are going on a wrong way.

Try to understand that you are creating a dream that has no future and will never come true.🙏

So, please have control on your emotions and have good thoughts in your mind.

That’s it for today’s post, hope you liked my points and now, you have a clear way what you have to do next in your life…..

Will see you in next post…..

Stay Ahead, Keep Growing, and Have A Nice Day Ahead….. 🌺🙏👍💕🌺