I Have A Crush On My Female Boss [12 Ways To Impress Her]

So, you have a crush on your female boss & may be, you have started loving her.🌺💕🌺

No issue, your brother is here to help you to impress your crush very easily and in no time.🌺💕🌺🌺

Before start reading this post, make sure your female boss is unmarried because it’s easier to impress an unmarried woman than to impress a married woman.😓

And here are the 12 ways to impress your female boss.⤵️🌺💕🌺

1. Be A Serious Employee

This is the first thing you need to maintain in your office life.

You need to be a serious employee, who comes to the office on time, always completes his work thoroughly and on time, and takes very little leave.

This will make a good impression on your boss.

2. Don’t Make A Single Mistake🚫

Yes, you need to be the kind of employee that your female boss wants an employee to be.

You have to avoid any kind of mistake which can have a bad impression on your lady boss.

If you don’t make mistakes for a long time she will start trusting you and directly your relationship with her will become stronger.

3. Be The Most Cute, Beautiful, Brave, & Attractive Guy in Your Office🌺

Yes, you have to be the most handsome and attractive guy in your office from whom no one can take their eyes off.

Tell me, why you like your boss? The answer is simple because she is beautiful.

The same applies on your female boss, if you are beautiful then she will automatically start liking you.

So, try to look beautiful and cute than other males available in your office.

And for this, you don’t have to wear some crazy things, just wear normal clothes but those which suits you & your hair style.

4. Find Where She Lives & By Which Means of Transport She Comes to Office

Now, you need to find out where your female boss lives & by which means of transport she comes to office.

If she comes to office by train & mostly by walking on leg then it’s a golden opportunity for you because you can drive your car(hope you have one) by her apartment/house exactly the same time when she leaves for office & then you can easily give her lift to the office.👍

You can follow the same procedure during evening by dropping her back house in your car….. hope she will agree to take a life in your car.

As you are helping your female boss by giving a lift in your car then she will start feel good for you….🤠🌺💕🌺💕🌺🌺

If there are food shops or hotels in front of your female boss’s house then this is a very good news for you.

Every morning and evening, you can start eating food in front of her apartment, if you have a good luck and your female boss is able to see you eating food there, she can invite you at her house for having some lunch or dinner.👍🌺

5. Always Talk Nicely With Her

Whenever you talk with your female boss, you have to talk nicely with her like sugar.

There are two benefits of it:

1. She will get happy by your behaviour.

2. She will feel your crush for her.

6. Often Ask Her Out in The Evening 🌆

There is a very high probability that your female boss gets tired in every evening due to office work and if this is so, then this is a golden opportunity for you.

You can ask her out in a good restaurant/hotel/juice centre where you both can enjoy good food and juices.

This will relieve her stress and tiredness, again this will make a good impression on her.

7. Find Opportunities To Talk With Her in Alone

Yes, try to start a meaningful conversation with your female boss in alone and now I’d you’re wondering where I can find her alone?

As you are a office going guy so you should have better experience about this than me, but as a brother let me share some moments or places where you can find your female boss alone: lift, office room, walling area, lunch room, rest room, etc.

Whenever you find her alone, you can greet her, ask about her health, or start talking on a very interesting topic.

This will decrease the distances between you and her.🌺💕🌺

8. Compliment Her💕

If everything is going fine between you and her then you can start complimenting her about her hair, eyes, dress, body, hands, smile, etc.

Firstly, this will make a good impression on her and she will feel happy.

Secondly, she will get to know that she is more than a boss to you.🌺💕🌺

9. Make Eye Contact With Her

You can try to make eye contact with her especially when she is seeing you and you can also give a sweet & shyish smile while making eye contact.

10. Ask Help From Your Female Coworker

Yes, a lady understands a lady more than a man, so if you want to impress your female boss then you can tell about this to your female coworker.

Trust me, they will make it easier for you to impress her…..🌺💕🌺

11. Do Everything To Help Her & Show Your Love For Her

The ways which I have shared above are nothing becoz there are many other ways which can help you to impress your female boss.

Situations varies from person to person & place to place, so, you know better than me about your female boss and your situations.

Sit down and try your best to find out ways through which you can make her fall in love with you……you will end up with many nice ways…..💕🌺💕

12. Understand What Kind of Lady She is💕

Every lady is different, every lady has her own likes and dislikes.

Like this your female boss is, you need to find out everything about her that what she likes to eat, wear, her favorite pet animal, favorite car, etc.

After you have understood what kind of lady your boss is and what she likes and what she doesn’t likes, then you can find many ways to impress her from this data.

For example, you have found that she likes cat a lot, then you can buy a cat and put it’s photo(with you) as your wallpaper or social media profile photo…..

Whenever your boss will see your phone or your social media handle then she will be very happy to see your cat photo and if your cat is too much cute then she(your female boss) can come over your house to play with it.

So, opportunities of impressing your female boss are everywhere, you just need to find out and perfectly user them.

Hope, if you truly love her then one day she will become your life partner…..🌺💕🌺💕🌺💕🌺

So, these were the 12 wonderful ways which will help you to impress your lady boss very fast….

That’s it for this post, hope you liked it…..

Plese try to share my post with your colleagues, this will provide me more motivation to write for you & help you……

Take care, stay ahead & bye….🙏🌺