I Have A Crush On My Female Doctor [11 Ways To Impress Her]

So, you have a crush on your female doctor means you like her a lot and wanna make her yours.🌺💕🌺

It’s okay to have these kind of feelings and here in this post, I’m gonna share 11 ways through which you can impress her in a couple of weeks.

So, without wasting a minute, let’s dive in……..⤵️⤵️

1. You Have To Look Handsome & Hygienic💕

If you want to impress your lady doctor, then it is very important for you to look so handsome that she cannot take her eyes off your face.❤️

Wear simple dress and maintain simple hairstyle but you must look attractive.

And as she is a doctor then there is a possibility that she will examine your eyes, tongue, nails, etc. So make sure to maintain hygiene, this will make good impression on her.

2. Talk Nicely & With Soft Voice

When you start conversation with your female doctor regarding your health or anything else then try to talk nicely and with soft voice.

And the reason behind this is that when you talk with soft voice then it send a signal to her that you are kind & a genuine guy.

3. Try To Book Evening Appointment 🌆

If your female doctor provide appointment for check up then try to book the last hour or atleast evening appointment, just before she leaves her hospital or clinic.

And the reason behind to book evening appointment is that if you are the last patient then there is a possibility that she will close her clinic after examining your health & this is a golden opportunity for you.

Because now when she is closing her clinic then you can give her a lift in your car & if she look tired because of all the day work then you can ask her out to have good food & enjoyment to refresh her mind.

You can ask her in this way, “Mam, you look tired, will you please come with me to have food out side, don’t say no mam”

If she has become friendly with you then you can also ask for a dinner in your house for the delicious food made from your mom’s hand.

4. Pay Her in Advance💸

To make her know that you’re financially stable try to pay her full fee of treatment in advance.

This step from your side will show her that you’re not a poor guy.

I am saying you to do this because women are very serious in the matter of money, they don’t want to go with a guy who is poor instead they prefer a guy who is financially stable so that they don’t need to worry about money while buying anything.

5. Gift Her A Flower Bouquet When You Get Cured

When you get fully cured then you should gift her a flower bouquet as this will let her know that you are interested in her.

And for best impression, please choose fresh red roses bouquet coz rose is a sign of love……🌺💕🌺

Now, if you are thinking that where can I gift bouquet to my female doctor then I will advise you to gift red rose bouquet by going to her house (only if she is single) otherwise you need to go her clinic.

I don’t think what you need to talk after gifting her flower bouquet😎……🌺💕🌺

6. Compliment About Her Treatment💞

As per me, doctors especially female doctors like when you compliment about their treatment….

You can also try to do this. 👍

Along with this, if she is behaving very friendly with you or showing interest in you then you can compliment about her appearance like about her hair, eyes, face, etc.

Hope and wish this will bring positive results….🌺🌺

7. Find Out Where She Lives🏡

Now, you need to find out where your female doctor lives.

And the advantage of doing this is that you can spend your time near her house/building and try to see her by walking near by house or spending time in front of his house.

If there are shops and restaurants in front of her house then this is a good news coz you can easily spend time there & can wait for your love to come out of her house.

8. Avail Home Treatment Facility

If your lady doctor offers home treatment then you should try to take advantage of it as this is your home and here you can adopt various tricks to impress her.🌺💕🌺

Like you can tell your mom cook food for her when your female doctor come to your house for checkup….

Again there are multiple ways you can use to impress your crush in your house.

9. Try To Find Where Your Lady Doctor Spend Her Time Outside🌺

This is the next thing you need to do, you need to dig out where your female doctor spends her time outside.

A doctor get tired of his/her work at the end of the day and I am pretty much sure your’s too & to get rid of this tiredness she goes outside in the city.

It can be a public park, bar, restaurant, water park, etc where she goes out for peace of mind.

You can ask her by saying “mam, where you spend your time outside when you get tired or where you spend your weekends?”

When she responds to you where she mostly goes, you can also go there the same day she goes.

And when you find her there, try to start a meaningful conversation with her, also you can drop her in your car when she wants to leave for her house.

Bonus Point: Don’t forget to buy a gift for her.🌺💕🌺

10. Propose Your Doctor💕

Now, if you are sure that your female doctor is little bit interested in you and she knows everything about you then this is the time to propose her.🌺💕🌺

Mostly a diamond ring suits best when you’re going to propose your love, I am not advising you to buy it but a diamond ring 💍 will work as a miracle.

11. Make Your Own Plan

Brother I would be very happy to help you but we all know that things are different for every man, so, you know your circumstances better than me.

I want to say that to impress her you need to make your own plan and I am sure that the post you are currently reading will help you to plan.

Sit down with a pen and notebook and start writing down your plan for how you will make your lady doctor fall in love with you.🌺💕🌺

That’s it for this post my brother, hope you liked it….

Take care, stay ahead, and byeee…….🌺💕🌺