I Have A Crush On My Female Teacher [12 Ways To Impress Her]

So, you have a crush on your female teacher and you want to impress her too, no problem, I have discovered 12 ways that can help you impress your teacher but before that, you need to check a few things.

1. Make sure she is single otherwise nothing will happen.

2. Make sure she is kind otherwise it will be very hard for you to get her attention.

Hope you know that there is a lot of difference between a girl crush and a female teacher crush.

Sometimes there can be age differences but still, if you want to impress her then check out my below-listed ways. I’m sure these will help you.💕

1. Be Intelligent in Her Subject

A teacher likes the student who is most intelligent in his/her subject because that student knows almost everything about his/her subject and is always top in his/her subject.

So, if you want to impress your female teacher then try to be most intelligent guy in her subject and also try to get excellent marks in her subject in exams because your female teacher will personally wish the student for his bright future who has scored highest number in her subject and if you’re that student then she will wish you the same.

You can also try to impress her when she congrats you for getting good marks in her subject.👍

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2. Try To Look The Most Beautiful Student in The Classroom

You cannot deny that if you want to impress someone then you need to look very beautiful and this applies to both boys and girls.

Try to look so pretty that she can’t take her eyes off you when she enters the classroom.

But please don’t adopt some fancy ways in order to look beautiful, instead of this, you can try to look simple but too much attractive.

If she starts looking at you again and again for a while studying or giving lectures, then it is sure that she is noticing you.

3. Try To Sit At The Second Bench From The Front

If you are sitting on the last bench in your class, I don’t think your female teacher will pay much attention to you.

As per my experience, a teacher mostly talks to the students sitting at the front or the middle and also takes their help.

So, you can try to sit in front or the middle, this will increase your chances of a conversation with him and I think you are well aware that the more interactions you have, the more likely you are to be friends with her.

4. Always Appreciate Your Female Teacher

You get many opportunities in your school where you write or speak about your favorite teacher.

At these opportunities, you can speak and write about your female teacher, try to write and speak very beautifully about her so that whenever she hear or see what you have written about her then she can know that you have given her utmost respect and maybe she can feel your crush as well.

5. You Can Follow Her on Social Media Platforms

You can also impress your teacher by following her social media profiles because everyone is present on social media these days.

You can like her posts, comment and you can also share on your profile as well.

If you keep liking her posts and leaving nice comments (for example, motivational) she can start chatting with you on social media and may even talk to you in your class.👍

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6. Make Special Days More Special

To bring a smile on the face of your lady teacher, you can give nice gifts to her on special days like on her Birthday, Teacher’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.

As per me, she won’t deny your gift on these days so these days can be a good opportunity for you to impress her.👍

7. Don’t Let Anyone Make Fun of Her

As you well know that in every class there are some naughty students who keep making fun of their teachers (Personally, I don’t like them because teachers are the one who teaches them knowledge and instead of giving respect they make jokes).

You need to stop them or anyone else who tries to make fun of your female teacher, this will let her know how much you think and care about her.👍

8. Compliment Your Teacher

When your female teacher gets to know you very well, you can start praising her if needed.

Don’t start complimenting just in the beginning as it can create problems.

9. You Can Ask Questions Related To Her Subject

This can be a good way through which you can talk to your female teacher, you just need to ask simple questions related to her subject.

Try not to ask questions every day otherwise, she will get irritated with you, instead, try to ask questions after every 10-15 days, she will happily answer your questions and you can try to impress her when she is answering your questions.

10. Always Say “Good Morning” To Her

When someone says “good morning” to you then a new positive energy starts flowing in your mind and due to this positive energy most of your work gets done well and your mind tries to say thank you to the guy/girl who said “good morning” to you.

Similarly, when you start saying “good morning” to your female teacher every morning, she starts feeling good about you because you are the only person who is wishing her regularly.

11. You Don’t Need To Tell Her

No doubt, you have a crush on her but you don’t need to tell her about it because when you try different ways to impress her then she automatically knows that you have feelings for her in your heart.

So, just try to impress her, only tell if she asks you that you have a crush on her or not….

12. Offer Your Lady Teacher a Lift

If you’re coming to your school in your car then you can offer your lady teacher a lift.

There are multiple moments when you can offer her a lift and the best one which I like is when she leaves the school, at this point, you can ask her if you can drop her.

I hope she will agreeeeee……….💒

So, these were 12 ways through which you can impress your female teacher and I hope you liked all these.

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Till that take care and have a nice day ahead……🙏👍