I Have A Crush On My Wife [12 Ways To Come Close To Her]

If you are a newly married couple and you have a crush on your wife but you do not know how to get closer to her then this post is for you.

Here, I am going to share 12 ways through which you can easily come closer to your wife mentally & physically.🌺💕🌺

So without wasting a singe seconds, let’s get started…….⤵️⤵️

1. Have Fun Together

To reduce the distance between you and your wife, you have to take her to restaurants, hotels, cinema halls, beautiful places or places she wants to go.

In these places both of you will have a lot of fun and talk with each other and this will make you and your wife more open and friendly with each other, eventually you will come closer to her.💞

2. Bring Natural Beauty Products For Your Wife

Girls love cosmetics and they get very happy when you gift them cosmetics for their skin & this also make them believe that you really care about them.

It’s not compulsory that you must have to gift cosmetics, you can also gift any other things which your wife like to have.👍👍

I am pretty sure your wife will be very happy and hug you tightly when you gift nature based beauty products like face wash, face cream, body lotion, lipstick, hair oil etc.

Again, this will make your wife to come near to you.🌺💕🌺

3. Spend More & More Time With Her💞

If you feel nervous around your wife or when you talk with her then you need to spend more & more time with her.

This will make you more confident & comfortable in front of your wife.

4. Ask If She Needs Anything

As she is now your wife & new family member, so her needs are your needs……

And here everything is new for her, so she will hesitate to ask you to bring something for her or for the house.

So, you should try to ask atleast once a day to your wife if she needs anything.

This will make her know that you really care about her and she will start building a place for you in her heart……🌺💕🌺

If you are wondering when and how to ask her then here is an example.

Whenever you go to market then simple call your wife & say “Dear, I am in market, if you need anything then tell me I will get it for you”

5. Start Talking With Her

If you start treating your wife like a shy guy then you will never be able to come close to her.

You should try to talk with her again and again (don’t try to talk too much), this will make your bond with her stronger.

6. Allow Her Access To All of Your Things

As now, she is your wife so she has equal amount of rights over your things as you have.

If you start secretive of your phone, laptop, don’t allow her access to your personal care products, denying her to use any of your things, etc. Then this will have a adverse effect on your married life.

So, please allow your wife to access everything your have and never try to say ‘no’ if she wants anything from you.

7. Often Admire Her

Tell me, how you’ll make your wife know that you like her and wanna come closer to her?

If you don’t know the answer, then you can do this by often admiring your wife.

When you are sitting in your room with your wife then try to complement about her appearance like about her hair, nose, lips, eyes, face, voice, way she looks at you, smile, etc.

When she will hear this from you then she will know that you like her and want to come close to her.

After this, there is a possibility that she will come near to you to do that.😎💕🌺

8. Be Fresh

Now, you are not someone who doesn’t takes bath everyday, doesn’t shave body hair, doesn’t defecate on time, doesn’t use good talcum powder, etc.

Because you have married someone so you need to always look fresh, this will make your wife come closer to you very easily.

But instead if you look bad and don’t smell good, she will avoid coming close to you…..

So, start focusing on your appearance and body odour.👍

9. Sleep With Her

If you are a guy who is avoiding sleeping with his wife then please avoid this, because of this, you will never be able to have that😎 with your wife.

Start sleeping with your wife and also try to start good conversation with her just before sleeping, continue to do this for a few day……. You will see good results soon.

10. Ask Your Wife “Can I Come Near To You”

This is the question you need to ask when you have did everything for your wife i.e she knows that you have totally fallen in love with her.💞

The best place and time to ask this question is your room and at night.😎

Make sure the love for her is visible in your eyes when you ask him this question.

Hope and wish after asking this question you will get what you want from her.👍💕

11. Start Slow

If you directly want to do that then I am sure you’ll not get proper response from your wife and not that much fun during “”.

So I would advise you to start coming closer to her gradually day by day, when she becomes friendly with you and you have also become friendly with her then try to get very close to her.

Trust me, you will get full response and too much enjoyment at night….🙏👍

12. It Will Take Few Days

So, if you have just married than it will take few days or I will say a few days to come very closer to your partner at night.

It also depend how much your wife loves you, if she like you from the day one then you can get your wish fulfilled very very soon but if ity arranged marriage then it can take some time.

All the best to you, hope your wife will understand your feelings and will co-operate with you…..🌺💕🌺

That’s it for this post, hope you liked my thoughts and helpful tips which I have shared with you….

Have a nice day ahead…..🙏👍💕