I Have A Crush What Should I Do [10 Things To Do Now]

If someone is beautiful then it’s very normal for us to have a crush on and if you have too but don’t know what to do next then you are at right place.🌺

Here I am going to share 10 things you can do after having a crush on someone.

These things will help you to make your crush fall in love with you or atleast you will be their one of their best friends.💕

So, let’s get started…….

1. You Must Look Very Pretty & Attractive😍

Let me ask me a simple question, why you like your crush?

The reason is simple, they are pretty, beautiful, very attractive & perfect for you from every aspect.

So to make your crush like you or atleast look at you, you have to look so pretty and attractive that whenever your crush sees you they can’t take their eyes off from your face.

If you are able to complete this point, trust me, you are very near to make them yours.

2. Start Talking To Ur Crush

This is the second thing you have to do.

Find opportunities through which you can talk with your crush. If you don’t know how to find these opportunities then see below examples⤵️⤵️

1. Find their social media accounts and start replying there on their insta stories, Facebook post, Twitter post, etc.

2. You can also try to ask something related to your class like homework, teacher, holidays, exams, extra curricular, etc.

3. Try to enter or leave the class with your crush, and start talking on something which they may like.

The benefits of starting talking with your crush is that they become more familiar with you and you get more chances to impress them while talking with them.

3. Start Friendship With Your Crush’s Friends

If you want to go more close to your crush means spending more time near them then you have to try your best to befriends with your crush’s friends.

And when you will become friends of your crush’s friends then it’s obvious that you will be able to get closer and spend more time with your crush which means you will have more opportunities to win their heart.

Another Benefit

As of now, you’re in your crush’s friends group so you can easily go with them whenever they all go out on the weekend, and then do your best to win your crush’s heart.💕

What are you waiting for, go and start friendship with your crush’s friends.

4. Impress and Make Them Fall in Love With You❤️

Now, you have become a good friend of your crush so, you need to try use different ways and tricks to impress your crush and make them fall in love with you.

I have written a post in which I have shared 45 ways to impress your crush, if you want to read that post then search this “impress crush my blog name” on Google, you will get to that post.👍

5. See into Your Crush’s Eyes and Smile

Whenever your crush enters your class, try to look into their eyes and when they start looking into your eyes, start smiling a little, this will make them smile too.

This will also give your crush a signal that you have feelings for them in your heart and this is what you want?💕

6. Call Them With Their Name

When you call someone by their name, it gives them a next level feeling and they feel very happy inside.

But try to pronounce your crush’s name in such a way that it sounds romantic or very soothing to their ears.

7. Ask About Them and Their Family

Whenever you are sitting with your crush and you both have no topic to talk about then please try to ask them about their personal life and family.

Like where they live, how many members are there in their family, what their parents do, how is their health, etc.

This will make a emotional connection between you and your crush.💕

8. Be Little Bit Nervous & Shy Around Your Crush

Many guys and girls try to avoid their shyness around one whom they love.

But if you start to become little bit shy or nervous around your crush then it gives a clear cut hint to them that you are attracted towards them.💕

I am not saying that you need to be too much shy in front of your crush but I am trying to say that you just need to be little bit shy like when they start to eye contact with you then break eye contact by giving a cute smile after looking for a few seconds into their eyes.

9. Invite Them For A Date

Now, if you think you have done everything from gifting your crush to saying good morning and good bye then this is the time to ask them out on a date.

The way of asking for a date should be very needy and sweet such that it should appear in your eyes to your crush that you really want to date them.💕

Hope and wish your crush will say yes.💕

10. Make Your Own Plan and Take Help From Your Friends💕

Actually, I am living far away from so I don’t know who is your crush and where you regularly see your crush.

So, if you think that you can’t live without your crush then you should try to make your own plan that how you will make your crush fall in love with you.

For this, you can also take help from your friends but to do so, you have to tell them about your crush.

If they are your real friends they will help you to make your crush yours.

Hope I was able to solve your query and you liked all the points mentioned above.🙏

That’s it for today’s post, will see you in next, till that take care and have a fantabulous day ahead…..🙏👍💕