I Want To Marry My Girlfriend [10 Steps To Make This Happen In Reality]

If, whenever you see your girlfriend, your heart starts beating fast and you aren’t able to take your eyes off her, then undoubtedly you have fallen in love with her.❤️

As you love her, so your conscience will constantly ask you to marry your girlfriend so that she can always be with and close to you.💕

But you know very well that all things don’t happen according to our wishes because this is not a magic world where you can do everything possible with magic.

If you want to marry your girlfriend then know one thing that it is not as easy as it looks because many factors work here like her parent’s choice, her choice, your income, your education, your financial status, and many more.

But for a guy who is determined to fulfill his dreams, nothing is impossible for him i.e. you can make your wish of marrying your girlfriend come true, but for this, you have to follow some steps which will make this task very easy for you and these steps are given below:💖

1. Make Her Fall in Love With You❤️

Nowadays, you see her in the sky and stars, your every heartbeat chants her name, & also having sleepless nights with her but are the same things happening with her without you?

It is very important for you that she misses you when you’re not with her, she’s happy when you’re with her, & she wants to spend time with you on weekends because these things show that she loves you too.💕

And to marry her it is very important for you that she loves you back because if both of you like each other then both of you can easily get married but if your girlfriend doesn’t like you then she will deny to marry you.

Even Her Parents Will Not Agree To Marry Their Daughter To A Boy Whom Their Daughter Doesn’t Like…..

So, if you want to marry your girlfriend then try your best to make her truly love you so that your wish to marry her can be fulfilled.💙

2. Tell & Show Her Everything About You & Your Family

Your girlfriend will not marry you if she doesn’t know anything about you because marrying you is all about being with you for the rest of her life so it becomes very important for her to know EVERYTHING about you & your family.

You can tell her everything about yourself like what you’ve accomplished, what you do at home most of the time, what kind of guy you are, and most importantly, tell her you like her.❤️

The best way to tell her about your family is to invite her to your house for lunch or dinner and when she has eaten the food then take her on a house tour, show her every corner of your house & while showing your house start telling her about your family like what your Dad and Mom do, which car you have, how much is your monthly family income, how much farmland you have, your family history, & also show her photos of your family to make her know more about your family.

I hope and wish she will enjoy while knowing about your family.👍

Now, as she knows everything about you and your family, so there is a possibility that she will start trusting you more than ever before.❤️

I hope your house is very beautiful and located at very nice location.👍

3. Check Your & Her Age

When we are talking about marriage then your and your girlfriend’s age really matters because for every region there is an optimum age of marriage i.e. neither too young nor too old.

If you and your girlfriend are very young like both of you are under 20 then according to me both of you should wait until both of you are at least 22-23 because your & her parents would not agree to marry their son & daughter at a young age.

Almost all countries have a marriage age law, so make sure your and your girlfriend’s age is above the minimum age law in your country.

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4. Become Financial Independent or Get A Job

Brother, you are only thinking of marrying your girlfriend but at the same time, you are not thinking about the responsibilities that come after marriage.

After marriage, you have to pay for her every expense, pay for your kid’s education, pay for daily necessities products, & you also have to save money for future needs.

And to do all this, you will need money and for the money, you either need to be rich or need a job which pays you a good monthly income.

So, if you are not rich or do not have a good job then try your best to become rich or get a job because there is a high possibility that your girlfriend would not marry you if you are poor or have less money.

If you have a job or are rich then it increases your chances of marrying your girlfriend to a great extent because both your girlfriend and her parents will prefer a guy like you who has money and is good by heart.❤️

5. Discuss With Your Girlfriend About This

Now, if you feel that she’s starting to like you and she’s spending more and more time with you, try to have a discussion with her about marrying her when she’s sitting alone with you.

This will let you know what she thinks about you and how much she is interested in you.

Now it all depends on her answer, if she says that she also wants you and wants to marry you then nothing can be better than this, God forbid but if she refuses to marry you then it’s very bad news for you.💔

I am hoping and assuming she will be interested in marrying you.💕👍

6. Ask Her What Kind Of Guy Her Parents Like

Every parent has their own opinion, so you should ask your girlfriend what kind of guy her parents like.

After she answers, try to get all the qualities of the guy her parents will like her to marry.

Here are the qualities which your girlfriend parents would look in your while marrying her.

7. Establish Good Relations With Her Parents

After your girlfriend, her parents are the most important ones who will play a major role in deciding to get their daughter married to you.

So, it becomes very important for you to have good relations with her parents and for this you need to impress them.

Avoid going directly in front of your girlfriend’s parents(as a stranger or unknown guy to them) if they don’t know who are you…..

8. Tell Your Parents About Her

Now, it’s time to tell your parents about your girlfriend that she is your girlfriend and you both like each other.

There is a high possibility that your parents will be very happy that you have found their daughter-in-law and maybe, they can also help you to make your marriage possible with your girlfriend.

So, when you are telling about her to your parents?

Before this, you will get many opportunities to tell about your girlfriend but it doesn’t matter when you tell your parents because I’m pretty sure whenever your parents will hear that you like a girl, their happiness level will be at the top.

9. Propose Her

If all is going well then this is the right time to propose her and to do that, you will need a beautiful ring that fits on her finger.

When you’re going outside with her on weekend then pick a nice sunset point where you can propose her by the ring which that you brought with you, after that spend time with her, plus you can order some delicious food to enhance the moments.

10. Send Your Parents To Her House For Proposal

After proposing your girlfriend, you can send your parents to her house for the proposal to marry you with their daughter (your girlfriend).

Before sending your parents for proposal, tell your Mom or Dad to talk with your girlfriend’s parents through cell phone about marrying their daughter with yo, and if her parents say that they like you and your family, then decide on a date according to your girlfriend’s parents and then send your parents to her house for the proposal and the see the results.💕

But before this, it’s very important for you that your girlfriend’s parents should know very well about your parents and your family, so that when your parents talk about your marriage with their daughter they don’t not shocked.

Final Words

Well, I have shared step by step process with you through which you can marry your girlfriend but it is still not as easy as it looks.

You will have to use your own mind to make this possible because situations vary from person to person.

Now, it’s all up to you to make your inner desire of marrying your girlfriend come true…….

I hope and wish that if your love for your girlfriend is true then she will marry you soon.❤️

Till that, take care and have a nice day ahead…..👍🙏