If He Has A Girlfriend Why Does He Want Me? [Answered & Explained]

So, there is a guy who already has a girlfriend but he’s trying to impress you, get your attention, and showing u other signs of attraction too…..🌺

But the biggest red flag is that he has a girlfriend at present and now, you aren’t sure if he has a girlfriend why does he want you…..🌺

Don’t get worried sister because through this post I am going to share why he wants you even if he has a girlfriend and what you can do in this situation…..👍✌️

So, without further delay, let’s start this post……⤵️⤵️

1. Because You Are More Beautiful Than His Current Girlfriend🌺

Being a guy, I know very well that why he is after you even after having a girlfriend because you are more beautiful than his current girlfriend….🌺

If you were not prettier than his girlfriend then believe me, he would never have tried to impress you or get your attention..🙏🌺

He wants you because you are more prettier and more good looking than his current GF, personally I don’t like these type of guys because they are not genuine but cheaters and players…..😡

2. It Means He Can Leave You For Someone Better!!

At present you are looking beautiful to him & that’s why he wants you even after having a girlfriend in advance…..🌺

And it means that if you become his girlfriend then he can also leave you anytime if he finds a more beautiful and more attractive girl than you…..🙏

Yes, this is really possible so don’t try to be his girlfriend but if you want then get ready girl to hear out of his mouth that he is breaking up with you for a girl good looking than you!!😎😎

3. He is A CHEATER😎

Guys who look at other girls, try to get their attention, flirt with them, and get attracted towards a girl just because she is prettier than their current GF, I call these type of guys “CHEATERS”…..😡🌺

And the guy you are talking about is also a cheat because he is trying to get your attention & come near to you despite having a girlfriend…..🙏😡

Solution: If you like guys who cheats then you can easily continue friendship with him, but if you like genuine and shy guys then stop talking to him and find someone else who has a pious heart and you are his first and last girlfriend…👍🌺

4. He is Not A Good Guy🙏

Through this blog, I try my best to make every girl aware about relationships so that they can’t get cheated by any guy and can live a happy life with a genuine guy.🙏

Continuing my duty, I am advising you to stop giving him importance & ignore him & also break friendship with him,

Because he is not a good guy for you, you can find a guy much better than him who will genuinely like you & keep you as his queen for the rest of his life….👍🌺❣️🌺

5. He Likes Your Complexion Not You🌺

I also love a girl but i not only love her beauty i love her too, I not only like her complexion but I like everything about her like her talking style, her behavior with me, her laugh, and her every gesture….😍❤️

No other girl can ever replace her, no girl is on my mind and no will be other than her, I genuinely like her and I really want to marry her, And this is called real love when a guy have only one girl in his mind…..🌺💕🌺

I can’t even think about cheating her because I genuinely like her….🙏❣️

I am not like the guy you are talking about who despite being in a relationship falls in love with any girl just because she’s beautiful, & I don’t want to be like him….🙏

The guy you are talking about wants you despite having a girlfriend because he is attracted towards your complexion not you….💔😡

God forbid, but if you had even a little ugly face, he would never want you or talk to you, and this is the reality sister….🙏

6. He Wants To Cheat His Girlfriend With You💔

Yes, if he’s trying to impress you or flirt with you despite having a girlfriend it means he wants to cheat on his current girlfriend with you by making you his girlfriend..🙏

So, do you want this to happen? If no then just stop talking to this guy…..🙏😡

7. He is A Player😎

According to me he is a player and I always advise girls not to be friends with players because they are not the good human……🙏🌺👍

He wants to come close to you only because you are pretty, so please try to understand that he is not a genuine guy, just leave him, stop giving him importance…..🙏

8. It’s Like A Married Man is Attracted To Another Woman😡

Tell me, what do you think about a married man who is attracted to another woman??

I know you will say “he is a cheater & a bad guy, a married man shouldn’t get attracted to another woman other than his wife”……😡

If your answer is same as I have written in the above paragraph then tell me, why you are not understanding that the guy you are talking about is same like a married man who is attracted to another woman…..🙏🌺

I hope now you have understood very well that the guy you are talking about is not good for you and any other girl because he is a cheater & even he is not a real man…..!!🙏

9. Don’t Get Attracted Towards Him🙏

Maybe the guy you are talking about is handsome and good looking but you shouldn’t get attracted to him because you are only able to see his charming face but not able to see the black heart which is hiding behind that face……🙏🌺

One gesture is enough for the wise, so I hope you have understood that he is a black hearted guy and he’s not a nice guy for you…..👍

10. Would You Like A Guy Who’s Your Boyfriend Want Any Other Girl?

Yes, tell me, would you like a guy who is your boyfriend but wants any other girl?

If ur answer is no then the guy you are talking about is the same guy who wants you even if he already has a girlfriend..🙏

So, you shouldn’t like him and you shouldn’t be with him…..🙏👍

11. Single & Shy Guys Are Always Best❣️

If you aren’t sure what kind of guy is good for you then let me tell you….😎

A guy who is single, attractive and he gets shy in front of you is the best guy for you….🙏🌺[I am also a shy guy that’s why I am saying this]

Before moving ahead with a guy make sure you are his first girlfriend and first love of his life because you need a genuine guy not a guy who was with many girls in past and currently have a girlfriend….👍🌺❣️

12. The Guy You Are Talking About is Not Suitable For You🙏

Well i have shared multiple reasons that the guy you are talking is not suitable for you i.e he is a cheater and can cheat you anytime…..🙏👍🌺

Hope, you have also understood that what kind of guy is perfect for you from 11th point⬆️…..😎

This is the end of the post, I hope you liked my post and I was able to clear all your doubts about that guy….🙏👍

Will see you in a next post, till that take care and stay connected……

Have a great day ahead and bye bye………….🌺👍🙏🌺