Impressing Your Crush: 7 Questions & Their Answers

After having a crush, the first thought which comes to our mind is that how to impress crush very fast.

But sometimes, you are not able to understand that how to make your crush likes you, so regarding this, I have picked 7 questions of my blog readers which are as follows:

1. How To Impress Crush On Chat?

You can send greetings, wishes, good jokes, his/her interesting subject news, beauty tips, & health tips, this will help you to impress your crush on chat.

If you think that you can impress him/her in one day then you are wrong as it’s a long journey which takes them to complete.

You can read this post for information regarding this: 👇

2. How To Impress Your Crush Without Talking To Him/Her

Although talking is very important to start any relation but still there are ways through which you can impress your crush without talking to him/her are:

  • By looking smart and beautiful.
  • By helping him/her indirectly.
  • By going to a place where your crush daily visits, you just need to come in front of him/her once or twice but make sure that you are dressed well.
  • Always be near him/her.
  • By looking at her frequently with loving eyes, so that when he/she will notice that you are looking at him/her, then he/she will be able to know that you have a crush on him/her.

3. How To Impress Your Crush Girl

Impressing a crush girl is one of the most difficult tasks, it can take a long time to impress her because like you there is a possibility that many others are trying to impress her.

Out of these all including you, only one will be able to impress her, you can check and read posts available in the ‘ relation ‘ category, I am pretty much sure that those posts will definitely help you.

4. How To Impress A Crush Boy

Believe me or not, but for a girl, it’s very easy to impress her crush boy because it’s nature’s law that a male gets attracted towards a female and this rule applies to every living organism available on the Earth.

Here are the ways through which you can impress a crush boy:

  • Look Beautiful ( First and most important points, this will make him automatically attract towards you. )
  • See Him with sweet eyes and face.
  • Talk very sweetly with him.
  • Try to sit near him.
  • Give a cute smile whenever he sees you.

5. How To Impress Your Crush For Guys

A crush is a very pious feeling for someone, if you want to impress your crush to show your friends then it’s totally wrong.

Try to impress your crush only if you have a real crush on him/her not to show off.

6. How To Impress Your Crush In High School

High School includes students who have just entered or are very near to be at 18.

Almost every student has a crush on someone in high school, & here are some of the ways through which you can impress your crush in high school:

  • First of all, try to become friend with your crush.
  • Join your crush’s friends group.
  • Start talking with your crush gradually then increase the frequency of talking once you know that your crush likes you back.
  • Become teacher’s favorite.
  • Give your crush a present.
  • Share books with crush.
  • Start to look attractive.

7. How To Impress Your Crush On Whatsapp

If your crush is connected to you on WhatsApp then he/she is already impressed from you, as Whatsapp requires a phone number to join any user ( if I am not wrong ), and a man or woman only gives his/her phone number to his/her dear ones or whom he/she likes the most.

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