Is Getting Nails Done A Waste Of Money? [8 Reasons It is]

Many women show their richness by getting their nails done by a professional every week.

They think that by doing this people will consider them rich but in reality these women are wasting their money.

If you aren’t sure that getting your nails done is a waste of money or not then stick to this post because here I’m going to share 8 reason why getting nails done is a waste of money……🌺🌺

So, without wasting a single second, let’s dive in…..⤵️

1. They Charge A Lot For This

Last year, my mom visited to a nail salon and for getting nails(for both hand & feet) done they charged 30$, which is too much.

After that, I advised my mom that I will cut your nails and in return you can pay me 30$…… Ha ha ha😂

Some shops charge even more than 30$, so I think they are charging too much for a small task that takes only 2 minutes to do.

2. You Can Buy A Good Nail Clipper Instead

Let’s say you pay $100 a year to get your nails done.

And if you save this money, you can buy a really good nail clipper and can cut your nails well on your own.

A good nail clipper costs around 20$-30$, so with the rest of the money you can buy other herbal products like oils and other things for your nails to keep your nails shiny, smooth and strong.

3. You Are Wasting Your Time As Well

If you cut your nails by yourself then it hardly takes 2 minutes to give your nails a good shape.

But if you go to a beauty parlor then it can take an hour or more, and if the shop already has customers waiting for their turn, it may take even longer to get your nails done.

And if the nail salon is far from your home then you have to pay for gas too!!

So, if you stop getting your nails done outside then you can save both your money and time.

4. You Are Playing With Your Health

Yes, you read that right, if you are getting your nails done in a nail salon then you are risking your health of nails and your skin.

Wondering how?

Most of the products used in nail salons are made up of harmful chemicals which can have adverse effects on your health.

I know you will not believe me, so I am tagging some of the articles from government officials of USA. Check them out⤵️

Health Hazards in Nail Salons – Chemical Hazards –

Nail Care Products |

So, before using any product on your nails or skin in salons please make sure that they are herbal products not chemicals.🙏

5. You Can Save That Time

Time is as important as money and if you are not saving your time then at the end of the day you will say “oh no, I was not able to get out time for this and this….”

If you can save 24 hours a month by avoiding your nail get done outside then you can utilise this time with your family and friends very nicely.

6. Did Your Parents Used To Go Nail Salons?

I know your answer will be ‘no’ because your parents used to cut their nails on their own as they know the importance of money, they know that if they start wasting money on unnecessary small-small things then how they will be able to save money for their kids?

So, if your parents don’t used to get nails done outside then why you want to do?

7. Beauty is Not in Nails

Do you think that your nails make you beautiful among others? If this is the case then not only women but men will also start having long nails and apply different types of products on their nails but it is not so.

You need to understand that beauty is not in nails but it’s in your deeds, face, and how kind you are.

Keep in mind that if you are beautiful then you can attract anyone with your face.💕

So, keep focus on making your face look beautiful instead of getting nails done.🙏👍

8. It’s a Waste of Money

I don’t know the 8th reason because I am a guy and for me it’s very hard to write on this topic because I cut my nails on my own😂

If you know the 8th reason then do tellme through comments, I will add it here with your name…..👍👍

Let’s have a look at some frequently asked questions by you.


1. Is it weird to get your nails done alone?

If I am not wrong you are trying to ask that ” Am I safe in nail salon while getting my nails done? “

As per me, If the nail salon you are going has only male staff/workers, then I believe you are not safe there, I am not saying that all salons which having male staffs are not safe but as a responsible guy I will not advise a woman/girl to get her nail done in a nail salon which has only male staff.

Instead, prefer going to a salon that has only female staff, you will feel safe and cared…….🙏👍

2. Getting my nails done meaning?

Getting my nails done means she is trying to say that to cut her nails she goes in a nail salon where that shop staff cut her nails and do different things on your nails(like polishing, nail art, etc) to make them look beautiful and fancy.

3. Does getting your nails done make you feel better?

Yes, surely it makes you feel better because the staff working in the nail salon do many things with your nails which gives you a soothing effect and you enjoy it.

4. Is getting nails done bad?

Yes, because just to clip your nails you are wasting both your time and money, and if the nail salon staff is using low quality products then it can harm your nails as well.

5. Should I get my nails done?

See, I am not in favour that you get your nails done outside and I have shared 8 reason to support this, make sure to read them.🙏⤴️

So, with above reasons I am sure you have understood that getting nails done is a waste of money and time.

That’s it for this post, see you later in any other post….

Take care and bye……🙏👍