Is Pet Insurance A Waste Of Money? [6 Reasons It is]

So, you have a pet and you want to get insurance for your pet, so that you can save your pocket from the burden if your pet gets sick.

But at the same time your are not sure that should I buy a pet insurance or not?

Don’t worry, I am going to share you 6 reasons why pet insurance is a waste of money….🌺

Let’s dive in…..⤵️

1. Do You Love Your Pet Or Money?

Yes, tell me, can’t you pay some dollars if your pet get ill? Is money is more important than your pet? Do you love your pet or money?

If you are thinking of getting insurance for your pet then it shows that you love money because this shows your fear of losing the money which you paid when buying the pet.

Why you think that your pet will get I’ll or die? No, you shouldn’t think like this, instead take care of your pet so that he/she never gets ill.

2. Pet Insurances Are Expensive

Yes, an average pet insurance of a dog or cat costs around 30$ per month, which is too much.

If we assume that you have three dogs, then you have to pay 100$ every month, which means unnecessary load on your pocket.

Do you want to get a load on your pocket? If ‘no’ then avoid getting your pet insured.

3. Instead You Can Other Products To Keep Your Pet Healthy

Let’s say, you will pay 40$ every month if you buy a pet insurance.

So, instead of paying 40$ for a pet insurance, you can buy healthy products for your pet which are available both online and offline to keep your pet’s entire body healthy.

Isn’t a good idea?

This will decrease the probability of your pet not getting ill to many extents.👍

4. You Can Buy A New Pet Every Year Without Paying 0 Money

Yes, I am not joking, you can buy a new pet every year with the amount of money your will pay for pet insurance.

Let’s say, you purchased a insurance for 35$ dollars a month, so you will pay 420$ a year for that.

So, if you save these 420$ by not purchasing a pet insurance then you will be able to purchase a new pet at the end of every year.😎

5. Take Proper Care of Your Pet

Yes, if you are properly taking care of your pet then trust me, you pet will never get in it’s entire life.

Proper care includes: giving healthy feed & on time, deworming, giving multivitamin, vaccinating on time, etc.

So tell me, if you can keep your pet healthy by taking proper care then why will you need a pet insurance for your pet?

6. You Can Save Money For Your Pet on Monthly Basis

This is the last but the most important reason why you shouldn’t buy a pet insurance.

You can start saving money for your pet on monthly basis as an emergency fund for it, so that you can use it when your pet gets ill.

Let’s say, you are able to save 600 dollars a year, then these 600 dollars will help you a lot to pay a medical bill of 1000$ because now you just need to add 400$ to pay the bill….

No paper work, no question asked, no head ache while paying medical bills of your pet. 😎

Hope I was able to answer your query…..🙏🙏

Thanks, take care and bye….🌺