Crush Meaning In Love – Types, Signs, & Examples

A crush is a strong feeling of love in which either a guy or a girl gets attracted towards another girl or guy available in front of them.💕

Mostly crush is seen in students who are studying in higher classes and universities.


I have a crush on my female teacher (means this guy is attracted towards his female teacher)……

She is my crush, I like her a lot……..

When I see my crush I can’t stop myself from seeing her…….

He is my crush & I like him so much…….

Types of Crush

There are two types of crush depending upon the purity of his/her affection towards someone:

1. Real Crush

In this type of crush, you genuinely love them, means you don’t like them because he/she is beautiful but you love their every expression like the way they talk to you, their eyes, their walking style, etc.

A person never forgets her in the real crush.👍

2. Regular Crush

Except a few, almost everyone experiences regular crush for someone when they travel, watch movies, wander, etc.

In regular crush, you like someone just because they are beautiful and in this, you not truly like them.

Many also have celebrity crush in which they are frequently attracted towards famous & known men & women.

20 Signs of Crush in Life

Here are the 15 signs of crush through which you can know if you have a crush:

Here I am writing in the context of boys for better understanding. ( same for girls )

1. Starting Feeling Happy

This is the first thing which you will observe after having a crush.

Whenever you’ll see her then you will start feeling happy and u will have an inner desire to get closer to her👄…..

2. Not Being Able To Ignore Her

When you have a crush on a girl then there are no chances that you will be able to ignore her.

You will try to see her frequently or continuously……..

3. Increase of HeartBeat

I don’t know all of you face this or not but I have many friends whose heartbeat starts to increase when they see their crushes.

You can find this increment while seeing, talking, & hearing her.

4. Finding Ways To Talk With Her

After having a crush, you will automatically try to find opportunities to talk with her by applying different kinds of tactics.

These include asking questions from her, becoming intelligent, participating in school programs, playing in a winning team, transforming into a good student, getting a top rank, & more.

5. Desire to Hear Her Voice

If you like someone’s voice and it feels better to your ears then this is a sign of having a crush.

You will have an inner desire to hear her voice continuously, & if she starts to read a chapter in front of the class, then you will try to listen and understand every word she speaks of that chapter.

6. Trying to Get Her Attention

Do you use to tell jokes or stories in your class to get anyone’s attraction?

If yes, then this was the crush that made you do all these things.

7. Starting to Focus on Body Appearance

If you were not giving much time to dressing, bathing, & combing hairs but now you have started then it shows you have a crush on someone.

After having a crush, you will try your best to look beautiful so that she can fall in your love easily……

8. Showing Seriousness in Her Matters

No doubt a person shows seriousness in anything if he is interested in it.

Due to a crush, a person will start to check problems which she is facing like related to her health, family, finances, friends, etc.

He will try his best to solve every problem of her.

9. Feeling Nervous

As a guy gets emotionally attached to a girl when he has a crush so in most cases he becomes nervous.

Many are not able to talk properly, even some don’t know what they are saying, & some are not able to talk boldly with confidence in front of their crush.

10. Starting To Talk With Smile

Normally a person talks with others having normal expressions on his face but it’s totally different with a person having a crush.

Almost all the time he would start talking to her with smiley expressions on his face.

11. You Start Thinking About Her

When a guy has a crush on a girl, he starts thinking about her all the time especially in her absence.

As we all know that humans can see or get anything in their imagination so this guy can daydream as well.

12. Dreaming of Her

As the feeling of a young guy is very strong so the images of his crush start to build in his entire mind & due to this, he starts to see her in his dreams.

Even he can talk, dance, walk, eat, play games, study, watch movies, & ride with his crush in his dream.💕

13. She Seems The Most Beautiful To You

When you get a crush on a girl then she starts to seem the most beautiful girl to you in your classroom or entire world…..

To you, your crush becomes most prettiest than other girls.

14. Trying To Sit Near To Her

When a guy has a crush on a girl then he tries his best to find out ways through which he can sit with his crush and can come closer to her……

15. Feeling Lonely On Her Absence

A student having a crush on someone feels lonely if his crush is absent in the class.

The most common signs are lack of interest in reading, avoiding laughing, seeing all the side, avoiding going outside with friends, & more.

16. Trying to Join Her Friend’s Group

Everyone has their own friends circle and these all are connected both online and offline.

A student feeling crush on a girl tries to join her friend’s group so that he can show his presence there.

Even he can try to search her profile on popular social media platforms.

17. Giving Gift on Birthday

This is the most popular but effective technique used by many students to show their fondness for someone.

This includes giving chocolates, a beauty kit, a pens box, & other special gifts.

18. Joining Tution Classes

A student can show interest in joining the tuition classes where she studies.

Even some can choose the same subjects for higher education which their crushes select.

19. Buying Products From Her Family Business

Every family has their own different business to earn money like shop, farming, dairy farm, etc.

One can start to buy products from her business to show his interest.

20. Life Completely Changes

Your life start to completely change when you have a crush on someone & in other words, you get a new aim in your life i.e to make your crush your life partner.

These are the points which as per me are the concrete signs in a person having a crush on somebody.

Way to Describe Your Crush To Friends

= By saying ‘my crush’ you can easily show your crush to your friends, & the meaning of this is that the human you are indicating is your crush.👍

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 What is a crush on a girl?

Well, crush on a girl means that you’re fascinated toward a girl whom you meet or see on a daily basis. 👍

#2 Does crush mean boyfriend?

Absolutely ‘no’, crush is the state of feeling of love towards someone whereas boyfriend designates male friend, so there is no interrelationship between these two words.

#3 Is crush and love same?

No both are not same……By the way normally you can say both are same because in both, your heart beats for someone.❤️🤠

#4 What is the difference between crush and like?

There is no difference between crush and like. If you say I have a crush on you or I like you then both are same….👍

I have tried to write everything on this topic but still, you think that I have left something then let me know with your comment.

Thanks👍 Have a Nice Day Ahead….