My Crush Just Broke Up With Her Boyfriend [10 Steps To Make Her Your’s]

So your crush just broke up with her boyfriend, no doubt it’s an excellent news for you and I will suggest you to enjoy this moment because now, there is no one between you and your crush.👍✌️😎

But trust me, paths which looks easy sometimes proves to be the most hardest paths you have ever covered, so you need to be very cautious here because your one mistake & she can be wipe off your hands for forever.

Here are the 10 steps which can help you to make your crush to be your’s after she has broke up with her boyfriend:

Step 1. Make Your Friendship More Stronger With Your Crush

The first step to make your crush love you, it’s very important for you make your current friendship more stronger with her.

I have written a post about impressing your crush(search on google with my blog name) which will help you to win her heart so easily without making much efforts, so make sure to read it once.✌️⤴️

Step 2. Win Her Trust

Trust is very important factor which will help you to make her love you, without winning her trust you won’t be able to make place in your crush’s heart.

If you’re studying in a school then as per me, you get ample amount of time to win trust of your crush.

Let me share some of the way through which you can do this:

  • Help her.
  • Say good morning her name.
  • Say “goodbye and take care ‘her name'”
  • Be the first one to help her.
  • Talk happily with her.

Step 3. Help Her During Exams

We all seek help and try to cheat during exams especially when our teachers take the written test.

Like us, your crush also tries to seek help during a written test and if you happen to be the guy who helps her regularly during the exam then trust me, she will start feeling something for you in her heart because you are helping her by taking risk.

Step 4. Be The Kind of Boy She Likes

Why you like your crush? Because she is beautiful, she is attractive, she talks nicely with you, her every style makes you fond of her, she looks at you in a very different style than others…..

Above paragraph proves that she has many reasons why you must like her.

Similarly, you must have some reasons and characteristics(like attractive, beautiful, strong, nice, kind, fearless, humble, etc.) in you so that your crush can automatically start liking you.

Most importantly, you should be the kind of guy that your crush would like as her life partner.

Step 5. You Must Talk Her Atleast 1-2 Times A Day

It’s very important for you to talk to her atleast 1-2 times a day while you both are sitting in the classroom as this will make the bond between you and her more stronger & you both will be more familiar with each other.

So, when you are going to talk with her??😛

Step 6. Stop Her Boyfriend From Insulting Her

As your crush has just broke up with her boyfriend, then there is a high possibility that he will try to make fun of her or to humiliate her.

You must stop him doing so because if her boyfriend (now ex) is continuously humiliating her and you are not coming to stop him then tell me how she will know that you care about her?

So, you need to be always near her and provide protection to her so that she fell your love and caring.

Step 7. Solve Problems of Your Crush

Tell me would you consider me near to you if your bike ran out of gas and I helped you take your bike to the filling station and also paid the filling charge?

Yes, you will consider me like your family member or a friend who really care about you.

Like this, if you start helping your crush then nothing can stop her feeling very nice about you?

Probably you are thinking that how i can help my crush or how i can find the problems she is facing in her life?

There can be many problems which your crush is struggling with in her life and there are many ways through which you can know the issues she is facing:

  1. Check through which mode she comes to school or work: If she is coming on foot everyday then you can give a lift to her.
  2. Check her dressing style: To know if she is struggling with money, then you can notice her dressing style or things she use, if she is wearing same dresses or old dresses or she is using an old cell phone/laptop then one thing is sure that she is struggling, & here you are capable then try to provide financial help to her.
  3. Ask from her friends: You can also ask your crush’s best friends that is she facing any kind of difficulty in her life? If they tell you then try to solve them.

Trust me, after solving the issues of your crush she will start feeling your honest & holy love for her.✌️👍🙏

Step 8. Have Patience

Don’t try to share what’s in your heart too early to your crush because I am sure she will say no because she is not ready for this.

As she has just broke up with his boyfriend so she need little bit of time atleast one month.

Have patience 🙏

Step 9. Try Your Best To Meet Her Frequently Outside

Yes, you need to try your best to meet your crush because by doing this you both will come near to each other.

Probably you are thinking that how I can meet my crush outside? so here are the tricks which can help you to meet your crush outside:

  1. Visit the places where your crush often visits.
  2. Try to ask her that where and when she often go outside.
  3. If you have a nice car then you can tell her that “I am going to a long ride this Sunday, will you come with me, I will be very happy”.
  4. You can also ask her friends where she spend her free time.

Like this there are many tricks through which you can discover many opportunity to meet her outside.

Bonus tip: If she likes to eat food outside then try to her to the most famous restaurant of your city and also pay bills for her.✌️👍🙏

Step 10. Propose Your Crush

Now, after doing all efforts, if you are sure that she is getting attracted towards you and understand that you love her so piously then find a good place and day to propose her.

Hope everything will be okay and your crush will understand your love…… All the best dear Brother.👍🙏✌️💕

Now, let’s see some frequently asked questions.⤵️


1. The girl I like just broke up with her boyfriend how should I approach her?

Don’t try to approach her first day because she will think that you were waiting for her breakup. So, start slowly and I have mentioned 10 steps above through which you can easily make her your’s after she broke up with her boyfriend.

2. Should I wait for my crush to break up with her boyfriend?

No, you shouldn’t wait for your crush to break up with her boyfriend because if you start waiting and do nothing then nothing will change, her boyfriend will marry her one day.

Instead, you should do your best to impress your crush & you can also follow the ten steps listed above.

If you really love your crush and you follow everything properly then I am sure that one day she will be yours.

3. My friend told me she broke up with her boyfriend?

It’s time to party and celebrate because she has finally broke up with her boyfriend and if you want to impress her or know her that you love her then this post is for you.

What are you waiting for? Start reading it😎⤴️😛

4. How long to wait to ask a girl out after a breakup?

As per me, you should wait for atleast for one month to ask a girl out after a breakup and between these 30 days you can make your friendship and trust with her more stronger, this will increase the probability that she will agree to go out with you.

5. Girl I like just broke up with her boyfriend how long should I wait?

You can start everything gradually, read this entire post ☝️ to know more.

That’s it, have any questions, try to ask me through contact us page.

Peace, have a nice day ahead……✌️🙏👍💕💕❤️