My Ex Says She Misses Me? [What Does It Mean & What To Do Next]

So, your ex said she misses you and now, you aren’t sure why she is saying this after the breakup…..💔🌺

Don’t worry brother because through this post I am going to give the exact answer that what it means when she says she misses you after the breakup and what you can do next…..👍🌺

So, without further delay, let’s start this post………⤵️⤵️

1. She Has Opened The Doors❣️

You may have thought she has moved on for forever forgetting you but brother, she has not moved on for someone else…..🌺

When your ex says she misses you it means she has opened the doors for you again, she is giving you a hint that she is ready to come back, you just need to make a move……🌺💕🌺

Bro, she has opened the doors so it’s up to you whether you want to give her a chance or not…..❣️

2. She Still Has Feelings For You❣️

A girl only miss a guy for whom she has feelings in her heart, she is not going to miss him if she has no feeling for him..❣️

So, if your ex says she misses you, it means she still has feelings for you even after the breakup and these feelings are making her to miss you…..

She still has feelings for you brother..💕

3. It Means She Still Thinks About You😍

When your ex says she misses you it means she still thinks about you, you still come in her mind whenever she sits alone…..🌺

It can also mean that you are on her mind all the time, maybe when she started to miss you after the breakup she got to know that she is in love with you…..

Bro, she is thinking about you it means she is not happy with the breakup…..🌺

4. She Wants A New Start💕

Do you think, she wasn’t aware that if she is going to say to you that she misses you via text or phone call then she will be indirectly saying that she wants to be with you again?🌺

If yes then you are wrong here brother because she was very well aware of this in advance but despite knowing that she said you that she misses you…..

It means she wants a new start, she wants to be with you again, she wants the past days, and she wants you to make a move to convince her to come back into your life, she will happily come back with your one call……💕

5. She Wants To See You🌺

I know she didn’t tell you directly that she wants to see you but tell me one thing, what does our heart want when we miss a girl?🌺

Our heart wants to see that girl, similarly, if she is missing you then it means she wants to see you…..❣️

So, if you to still like her and want to get her back into your life then meet her in person, you can ask her out for dinner, I am sure she will agree to have dinner with you, and then you can confess to her that you still love her and want her back into your life…..🌺💕🌺

I hope and wish she will agree to come back……🌺

6. She is Asking Do You Miss Her Too?

When your ex says that she misses you it means she wants to know if you miss her too….🌺

It’s like she wants to know if you are feeling the same that she is feeling…..

So, if you are missing her too then call her or text her but tell her that you are missing her too……🌺💕🌺

7. It Means She Was Missing You From The Day One You Both Broke Up🌺

She is not going to tell you that she misses you if she misses you once or twice a week….🌺

She is saying that she misses you, it means she is missing you everyday and I am sure, she is missing you from the day one you both broke up…..💔🌺

Probably, you are thinking, what does it mean if she misses you everyday after the breakup?

Bro that means she is still yours…..💕

8. Is She Still Single?

If she is still single after breaking up with you then it means she really wants to be with you like before & that’s why she is saying she misses you even after the breakup so that you can understand her hint that she can’t stay away from you….🌺💕🌺

But if she has got a new boyfriend, read it again, I am saying she has just got a new boyfriend she hasn’t done nothing more than this then still you have a very high chance that you can make her yours again, no matter she has a new boyfriend….🌺❣️🌺

What You Can Do Next?

Well, it totally depends upon whether you still love her or not, if you don’t love her then brother text her, that you want to move on and nothing can be the same like before between you and her….💔

But if you genuinely love her and you really want to marry her then you can follow these tips…..💞⤵️

1. Invite Her To Have Dinner in Your House🌺

Yes, you can invite her to have dinner with you and your family at your house, I hope she will agree….🌺

When she comes, introduce her to your parents, talk nicely to her, and then after having dinner, tell her what’s in your heart….❣️

Pro tip: When she leaves after having dinner, you should drop her home in your car, this will make a good impression on her…..🌺

2. Don’t Ignore Her🙏

Bro if you are following so-called strategies like no contact, then stop following it because such strategies never work……🙏

She is reaching out to you by saying she misses you & if you ignore her now, then trust me, she can permanently move on after seeing your ignorance…..💔

If she texts you then reply to her texts asap, if she calls you then answer her every call, even you can also text her and call her from yourself first to give her a clear hint that you still love her….🌺💕🌺

3. Spend More & More Tim With Her

Yes, to make everything the same like before between you and her then make sure to spend more and more time with her…..🌺

You can ask her out, you can take her on a long ride in your car, you can take her to a beautiful place in your city, etc….

Even you can meet her parents, tell them how much you earn, what you do, what your parents do, and everything about you and your family…..🌺

Hope, they will be impressed after knowing about you…..

You can also tell her mom & dad that you really love their daughter and you will never hurt or cheat her, I hope and wish her parents will agree to marry their daughter with you.❣️

4. Propose Her💞

Yes, if you think her parents are ready and she is also ready then you can propose her to marry you……🌺💕🌺

You can propose her in her house in front of her parents for best impression or you can propose her anywhere else like at sunset point or near the sea…..❣️

That’s it for today’s post, hope you liked my post and I was able to clear all your doubts about your ex and give you the exact answer that what you need to do next…..🌺

Will see you in a next post, till that take care and stay ahead…..

Have a great day ahead and bye bye.🙏👍