My Friend Told My Crush I Like Her [Now What To Do Next]

So, your friend told your crush that you like her and currently, you are thinking that what will happen next, and maybe, your heart is beating like a speaker?

Calm down brother as everything which happens gives a good result sooner or later, so take a long breath first.

Through this post, I am going to share with you what you can do if your friend told your crush you like her.

So, without wasting time let’s get started…….❤️💕

1. Check Her Behaviour

This is the first thing, you need to do i.e you need to check the behavior of your crush the next day when your friend has told your crush that you like here because from here, we will be able to decide what you need to do next.

As per my experience, the next day you will only see two types of behavior from your crush:

1. She can start behaving more friendly and lovingly: If she behaves friendly and lovingly with you the next day then this shows there is a place for you in her heart or maybe she also likes you back.

2. She can start ignoring you: Next day, if she starts ignoring you, then as per my understanding, she is giving a mixed signal because neither she has told you that she likes you nor she has rejected you but most probably this shows that she doesn’t like you. (don’t worry, I will help you in this as well.)

Let’s see what you can do if everything goes well and she behaves lovingly.

Step 1. Start Giving Her More Importance

Here, more importance means that now, you need to give her more respect, take care of her, greet her more than before, make bonds more stronger with her, so that, you can make her feel your true affection more & more.

Step 2. Find Ways To Come Closer To Her

Now, you need to find ways through which your crush can automatically come near to you. (run the horses of your brain🏇🏇😂)

For example, you can ask her for a lift to drop her at her house on your bike or in your car, you can try to sit a little bit near to her, ask her out on a ride, etc.

By following these kind of tricks she will spend more time with you, which means your crush will be able to know the real you(down to earth, humble, and real guy).

Step 3. Try To Astonish Her

You should try to impress and astonish her towards you, if you don’t know then this post about impressing your crush will help you a lot [it’s a diamond piece written by me].

Step 4. Ask Her What’s in Her Heart

If after 5-6 days of your friend has told your crush that you like her, she is behaving very nicely with you or more lovingly, then when you get the opportunity you can try to ask what’s in her heart about you.

If she says she also likes you back and wants to come with you for her entire life then it’s very good……This Will Help You Further Then: Things to do when your crush likes you back.

Now, let’s see what you can do if either your friend or you told your crush I like you and she ignored you

Step 1. Continue To Do What You Were Doing Before

If she stops noticing you, you need to do what you were doing before. For example, if you were sitting near her continue to sit near her, if you were greeting her daily then continue to do this, if you were providing any kind of help then continue to provide.l, etc.

I know most of the time she will ignore you but for how many days? Continue to show her that your love for her is true and pious, be in limit don’t cross your limits otherwise you will lose her very easily.

Step 2. Don’t Try To Show Her Attitude

If you start showing attitude to your crush after seeing her continuous ignorance, then trust me, she will be sure that your love for her was just a fake & this will ruin everything.

So, try to be humble and kind with her.

Step 3. Talk With Her Friends

You should also try to talk with your crush’s friends(girls with whom she mostly spends time) about her ignorance and solution as well.

Trust me, her friends will give you good advice but for this, it’s must that you have a good friendship with your crush’s friends.

Step 4. Eye Contacting Can Help

You can try eye contact with your crush when she enters the class but only for 2-3 seconds, after this move your eyes & face a little down(not on the table) with a littl e bit sad and needy face to show her that you are emotionally broken with her ignorance.

Step 5. Find The Reason Why Your Crush is Ignoring

There must be a reason why she is ignoring, you must try to find the exact reason behind her ignorance.

I hope you are like the guy which she likes, want to know more about this, read this: What Her Parents Look in You For Marrying Their Daughter?

Step 6. Say This

If you are a good-looking, rich, and nice guy but still she is ignoring then if you find an opportunity then try to say her what’s in your heart about her & how much you love her.

After hearing, if there is something in her heart about you then she will reply you a good news but if not then she will say nothing or continue to ignore you.

Here, you can continue to impress her(make sure u r beautiful, rich, & legit guy) if you want only her to be your future life partner but if not then forget her.🙏

So, that’s it for this post friends……👍


1. Should I tell my crush I like him even though we don’t talk?

No, you shouldn’t tell your crush you like him even though you both don’t talk because currently, you both are not familiar with each other and you are not even sure if you are the kind of girl your crush likes to be his life partner.

So, first start friendship, understand him and his choices, then step forward.🙏👍

2. What does it mean when you tell your crush you like them and they say nothing?

This is a mixed signal from your crush, for more clarity, you must check their behaviour and their body language towards you for next few days.

If they are coming near you or showing more interest in your then it’s for sure that they like you but if they are ignoring you then I am not sure they like you.

3. Should I get my friend to tell a girl I like her?

Actually it depends upon the girl nature whom you like i.e if that girl often flirts with you or come near you or often talks romantically with you then in this case, you don’t need a friend to tell that girl you like her, you can say on your own.

If that girl doesn’t talk much with you but you are sure that she likes you then here, you can get a friend to tell her about your liking.

4. I told my crush how I feel about her?

Now, just leave everything on her, she will decide she likes you back or not because you have did your work & now it’s her turn.

Also, you can read this current post from starting and you can also search on google “how to impress crush” I have written a fabulous post on impressing your crush, and trust me after reading that post your work will be too easy.😎

3. Should I tell my friends about my crush?

Yes, you should tell your friends about your crush and there are too many benefits of it……. Atleast they will help you to impress your crush and in many other things as well but there is one condition, your friends should be loyal to you.🙏👍

So, this was my post friends, hope you liked it….

Take care and have a nice night ahead…..🙏👍