My Girlfriend’s Parents Don’t Like Me! 15 Simple Ways To Get Them Crazy For You

It feels bad when you love your girlfriend very much but her parents hate you.

If your girlfriend really likes you, she’ll also be worried that her parents don’t like the guy(you) she’s in love with.💕

If your girlfriend’s parents hate you then you can impress them by using different-different ways but believe me, your girlfriend’s support is very important here because if she is not supporting you to impress her parents then I don’t think you will ever be able to impress her parents.💔

Brother never give up if her parents don’t like you, keep trying different ways, one day they too will start liking you because nothing is impossible in this world🌎 and don’t forget that your girlfriend’s parents have hearts too.

Let’s get on the point, here are the 15 simple ways through which you can impress your girlfriend’s parents:

1. Find The Reason & Fix It

It’s okay your girlfriend’s parents don’t like you but there will be some reasons why they don’t like you.

You need to find these reasons and then do your best to fix them as soon as possible.

How will you find that why they hate you?

Well, the answer is your girlfriend, yes you read that right. Your girlfriend can tell you the exact reasons that why her parents don’t like you because she lives with them so they may have told her the reasons why they hate you.

2. Keep Her Always Happy

Tell me, when will your girlfriend’s parents be the happiest?

Without a second thought, you would answer that when their daughter is happy her parents will be very happy.

That’s what you have to do, you need to keep your girlfriend happy and smiling always.

Always try to keep sadness & pain miles away from her life so that her smile never ends.💕

When her parents will see that their daughter is very happy with you, their hatred for you will start to subside.👍

3. Make Sure You’re Successful

In today’s era, people respect only money, if you have money then everyone will like you but if you do not have money then believe that very few people will pay attention to you.

Similarly, your girlfriend’s parents also won’t like you if you are not rich because they know that if their daughter marries a boy who is not financially strong then her daughter will suffer.

If you want to win the heart of your girlfriend’s parents then you need to be successful and once you’re successful then there is a high probability that her parents themselves will come to you for their daughter’s wedding proposal but the condition is that you need to be successful and you are the guy which they dreamed of marrying their daughter.

4. You Need To Be True With Your Girlfriend & Her Family

Brother, she believes in you and you should never break her trust.

Her parents already hate you and if you are cheating or telling lies with your girlfriend remember that your friendship with her is going to end.

Being truthful with her doesn’t mean that you will only care about not cheating on her but it’s also about being on your words i.e you do what you say. For example, if you have promised your girlfriend to take her on a tour in your car this weekend then you should be on your words and take her on the tour.

But opposite of this, if you are not on your words and you forget to take her on a tour then your girlfriend and her parents will start to know you’re a liar and then they might even stop you from entering their house!

So be a man of your words and never tell lie to your girlfriend and her family.

5. Always Give Utmost Respect & Take Blessings Of Your Girlfriend’s Parents

I know that her parents hate you but nothing will happen if you’re hiding your face from them.

So, whenever you see her parents then try to give them respect as much as you can and also try to take their blessings.

I know they will not be impressed by you but at least they will get to know that you have a lot of respect for them.

6. Find Biggest Issues of Her Family and Help Them

Every family has its own issues including both rich or poor, similarly, there can be issues in your girlfriend’s family too.

You need to ask your girlfriend about these issues and then do your best to resolve these issues.

There was a financial problem in my girlfriend’s house, so after thinking for hours, I decided to give a job to my girlfriend’s brother with a good salary.

The results were fantastic. My girlfriend, her brother, and her parents were all very impressed with me, even my girlfriend’s parents blessed me because I gave their son a job.

This was a part of helping girlfriend financially.

In this way try to find the biggest problem in your girlfriend’s family and start impressing her entire family members.

7. Gift Her Family Members Their Favorite Things on Special Days

Every year, there are many festivals (like Christmas) and special days (like birthdays) on which we send gifts to our loved ones.

But you can use these days as an opportunity to impress your girlfriend’s parents by sending them favorite things to their homes as gifts.

See, when your friend gives you a gift, you become happy, in the same way, your girlfriend’s parents will also be happy to see a gift from you.

You can take the help of your girlfriend to know the favorite things of all the members of her family because she lives there so she knows the favorite things of all the members of her family.

If you do not want to send something valuable then you can also send products that are used daily by all households.

8. Don’t Talk or Chat With Her During Late Nights

If you mostly talk to your girlfriend during late nights then, believe me, her parents will get angry at you because this is not good.

You have all day to talk to her and she also meets you in your college or university, then why talk to her at night?

So, if you’re talking or chatting with her during the night then please stop it, I am telling you this based on my experience and I don’t want you to hear scolding from your girlfriend’s parents.

9. Make Sure To Always Look Attractive

There are many benefits of being attractive and if you do not look attractive then her parents would not like you because they have dreamed of a guy for their daughter who is attractive in appearance but you are lacking in this quality.

Always try to look impressive and attractive, especially when you are appearing in front of your girlfriend and her parents, doing so can make both your girlfriend and her parents to start liking you.

10. Request Your Girlfriend To Talk About You & Your Family Whenever She Gets Opportunity

If you’re helping a lot your girlfriend then request her to talk about you and your family in her house whenever she gets the opportunity.

For example, you gifted her a beautiful watch on Friendship Day so it is highly likely that her parents will ask her who gifted her that watch? Here she can tell your name.

Like this, if she starts using your and your family name more and more, then her parents will start to know more about you and there are high chances that their hatred towards you may lessen because you and your family are helping their daughter a lot.

11. Start Using Your Car A Lot For Her

If you have a girlfriend then there are many benefits of having a car because with your car you can impress her and her parents too.

You can tell your girlfriend to call you without any hesitation whenever she needs a car to go anywhere outside of her house like to college, on shopping, eating out, and much more.

It doesn’t matter how much hatred is filled for you in the heart of her parents because they will also start to like you after seeing that you are bringing your car whenever their daughter needs it and she is becoming happy when she goes with you.❤️💕

12. Organise A House Party

According to me, this is one of the best ways to impress your girlfriend’s parents.

You need to organize a small house party in which you have to invite all your friends along with your girlfriend.

Urge your girlfriend to bring her entire family to your party and if by the grace of God all the members of her family come then give respect to them especially her parents, also introduce your parents to her parents.

By seeing your respect and your parents’ humility, the heart of your girlfriend’s parents will melt down because they will get understand that they were hating a boy who genuinely loves them and their daughter.❤️

There are many more ways through which you can impress your girlfriend’s parents when they come to your house party, try to find them out yourself [a simple task for you]

The best day to organize such a party is your birthday or the day when you achieve something incredible.

13. Find Ways Through Which You Can Spend Time With Your Girlfriend’s Family

After reading the above title you must be assuming that going to your girlfriend’s family and spending time with them is not easy.

I also know this but I am sharing an easy way to do it but you will need a little help from your girlfriend.

On weekends, we all go out with our family, so it is possible that your girlfriend’s parents also go out on weekends with their whole family.

You just need to tell your girlfriend to notify you whenever her parents are going out with their whole family including her.

Now you can go to the place they are going to and try to meet them by mistake, by doing this, at least you will be able to spend some time with her parents and also you will get an opportunity to impress them.

Like this, there are many other ways through which you can spend time with her family, you just need to find them and use them wisely.

14. Try Paying Expenses of Your Girlfriend

This would work if your girlfriend’s family is not very financially good.

You can try to pay for some of your girlfriend’s expenses like paying for her monthly subscription plans, her beauty products expenses, her clothing expenses, etc.

It won’t directly help you impress her parents but it will at least let them know that your love for their daughter is real.

15. Ask Your Girlfriend How To Impress Her Parents

My life is different and yours is different so there is no guarantee that the methods I mentioned above will work for you.

So, one thing you can do is to ask your girlfriend how to impress her parents.

Try to do what she asks you to do and trust me you will be able to impress her parents very soon by following her advice because she knows more about her parents than anyone and as she loves you, so she will guide you the best she can.❤️

The ways your girlfriend would share with you to impress her parents, you won’t find all over Google.🤠

Final Words

Brother, I have shared everything that can help you to impress your girlfriend’s parents but always remember as situations vary from person to person so no method can promise you that they will get impressed from you and start liking you but it’s always better to start than sitting at a place.

Hope you liked my post brother and you will share this post with your friends….

I wish for the best…..

Thanks and take care👍