Should I Tell Her I Love Her? [ 12 Convincing Reasons You Should Tell Her ]

So, you love her and whenever you see her, you become desperate to tell her your heart’s talk but at the same time, you are in confusion that should you tell her you love her?

If you love a girl but you aren’t telling her then most probably you are doing a mistake and the more you wait, the worse it would be for you.

Here are the 12 convincing reasons that favor that you should tell her you like her❤️

1. Imagine What If She Responds That She Likes You Too

Let’s assume, you told her that you like her from the bottom of your heart but, what if she replies that she likes you too….💕

It will be a great moment, you won’t be able to believe that the girl you love & the girl you’re afraid to tell her the talk of your heart, that girl loves you back.

But if you never try to tell her that you love her then how you will be able to know that she likes you too?

So, try to tell her what’s in your heart❤️👍

2. You Will Not Regret Yourself

When things are under your control and you do nothing then you will regret when things are not under your control.

I still cry and feel sorry for myself because my crush loved me and I never dared to tell him that my heart beats for him and I miss him so much when I am at my home.💔

I just have a hope that when I will become a rich man then I will go to her house and propose her, no matter what her age will be at that time but I will do this.❤️

Brother no matter she loves you or not but if you love her then you should tell her that you love her, no matter what she says then? But at least you won’t regret like me that you never dared to confess your LOVE💕 in front of her.

If even after loving her, you are not confessing your love in front of her then get ready to regret yourself like me.

3. She Will Always Be Near To You

Do you miss her at your house many times while sitting in your room?

If ‘yes’ then there is no doubt you love her and at the same time, you will have a wish that she may always remain near to you in the future, believe me, you can turn this wish into reality by telling her that you like her a lot. 💕

4. Your Dream Can Come True

If you always dream about her while sleeping like you and she is sitting together and talking very sweetly with each other in your dreams, then there is no problem.

The problem will only arise when your dreams will remain dreams and to avoid such situation, try to tell her that you love her & if she gives you positive signals then every dream of her that you have dreamed of while sleeping can come true, so go for it.👍

5. She Can Be Your Life Partner

Everyone has a dream to marry the girl he loves the most but the bitter truth is that very few people are able to marry their dream girl.

If you also want to marry her so that you can spend your life with her then you have to go a step ahead and confess that she is very important to you & you love her very much.💕

And if she feels the same as you feel for her then you can see her as your life partner shortly.

If you’re just sitting in a place and passing your time thinking about her then, believe me, nothing will happen!

Always remember that no matter how long your road is, to reach the destination you have to start first.

6. You Will Not Feel Alone

Suppose, if you don’t tell her that you love her then one things is clear that she will never come in your life and one day she will move ahead on her way and you will follow your own way.

You won’t be able to forget her even after she’s gone because your heart has accepted her so it will not forget her and will force you to see her in your thinking, imagination, & dreams, and since she is not with you so you will start to feel lonely.

To avoid such pain, you need to confess your ❤️ in front of her & if you have helped her a lot and you’re also able to impress her then she can accept your love and you would be able to see her always with you.

7. Someone Else Can Conquer This Opportunity💔

Like you have feelings for her, in the same way, someone else can also build feelings for her and don’t stay in an imaginary world because he can also conquer this opportunity and can make her own.

Suppose, her parents have also started looking for a good boy for their daughter as she has grown up then there are high chances that she will move with the boy whom her parents want(as she doesn’t know you love her), & you won’t be able to see her for the rest of your life.💔

If you don’t want to see these bad days then try to impress her and tell her that you like her but if you want to see these bad days then don’t do anything!!

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8. You Will Be Incomplete Without Her

The problem with true love is that it won’t let you live your life easier if the girl you truly love is not with you.

In other words, you will always feel incomplete and faded in your life as if you’re missing something that is very close to your heart.

So, if you don’t want to see incompleteness in your life, then make sure to do every good thing so that she can be impressed and then tell her to be yours forever by confessing your love in front of her.

9. Maybe She is Waiting For You To Say First

There is a possibility that the cool ways you have been using to impress her have worked out and she’s starting to like you too.

So maybe because of shyness, she is waiting so that you can express your love in front of her first & then she can also express her love in front of you.💕👍

So, what are you waiting for? If you are seeing that she is attracted to you then tell her that you love her a lot.

10. You Will Get To Know How She Feels About You

You can’t tell exactly that what she thinks of you until you hear it from her mouth.

And she won’t automatically come to you to tell you what she thinks about you, you need to go up to her yourself and ask her sweetly what she thinks of you.

After this, it’s all up to her, if she replies ‘I don’t like you’ then keep trying to impress her but if she replies ‘I like you, you are a good man’ then Brother, what could be better than this? ?💕

11. You Can Be Successful in Your Life

A man can be successful only if he gives 100% attention to his work and if she is not in your life then you won’t be able to be successful because her memories will continuously restrict you to give 100% attention to your work.

If you tell her your heart’s talk and luckily she also likes you and is ready to come into your life then you can easily pay your 100% to your work & be successful because now, she is in your life forever.💕

God forbids but if she replies that she doesn’t like you then at least you will be able to convince yourself not to waste time thinking about her because she doesn’t like you and you will have to forget her forever so that, you can focus on your work.💔

This is the advantage of expressing your love in front of her, whether she answers ‘yes or no’, you will be able to find success but it will be great if she replies ‘yes’, Right?

12. Your Love Story Will Not End Here❤️

I know, you love her more than your life and brother I also want & wish that God may make her yours very very soon.

But tell me how she’s going to know about your feelings until you don’t tell her that you like her?

So, brother if you truly like her, then as per me you should express your feelings in front of her.💕

Now let’s see, when you should tell her you love her?

When You Should Tell Her You Like Her?

Brother, you need to wait for the right time so that when you tell her you like her she is more likely to say ‘yes’

You should tell her about your feeling only if you meet these points listed below:

1. She Loves You A Lot

It is very important that she loves you very much because if she doesn’t like you then whenever you will try to confess your love, most probably her answer will be ‘no’.

I don’t want you to hear ‘no’ from her mouth and to hear ‘yes’ from her follow these steps:

  1. First Be Her True Friend & If She Agrees Then Make Her Your Girlfriend.
  2. Impress and Make Her Feel That You Truly Love Her(yes, you love her in reality).
  3. If You Are Sure She Is Liking You Then Express Your Feelings In Front Of Her(Very High Probability That She Will Say ‘yes, I Like You Too’).

2. You Have Helped Her Very Much

Tell me, who helps you all the time and what do you think about them?

Of course, your answer will be “my friends and my relatives help me a lot whenever I get stuck anywhere and as per me they are very helpful and loves me a lot

When you start to help her many times including financially then she also starts to consider you very near to her heart and this is the best time to tell her that you love her.

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3. She Has No Boyfriend & She Also Talks Very Lovingly With You

If she doesn’t have a boyfriend then that’s great for you because now your road is clear(no boyfriend) and it becomes easier for you to start a true friendship with her & impress her.

And if she talks to you very lovingly like she often gives a sweet smile while talking to you, then it shows she has some feeling for you and this is a great time you should tell her you like her.

4. You Are A Perfect Guy

If you are smart, good-looking, muscular, rich, true-hearted, & intelligent, then this is very good for you because most girls like a guy who has these above-mentioned qualities.

I know no one can be perfect but the more qualities you have the higher the chances that she will like you and accept you when you confess your love in front of her.

If you really love her and every day without her seems like a year then do your best to get her into your life so that you can live with her for the rest of your life.❤️

Now, it’s all up to you that you tell her about your true love or not.

As per me, express your feeling if you fulfill above mentioned 4 points.

Hope you like my thoughts and my post.

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All the best and take care….