Should I Text Her First? [12 Reasons Why You Should]

So, you have got her number and now, you aren’t sure whether you should text her first or wait for her to text you first…..🌺

Don’t get worried because through this post I am going to share 12 reasons why you should text her first….👍🌺

So, without further delay, let’s start this post…….⤵️⤵️

1. Girls Really Appreciate When A Guy Texts First🌺

Yes bro, girls really appreciate it when a guy texts first them, it makes them feel like he is really interested, he has no ego, he cares about them, etc…..

So, don’t get worried much, just text her, she’ll be really happy seeing you texting her first…..❣️

2. This Will Let Her Know That You Are Really Interested🌺

I know you are really interested in her, but does she know that you are interested in her?

No bro, she doesn’t know…..

Then how can you let her know that you are interested in her?

Well, you can easily let her know that you are really interested in her by texting her first…..🌺

3. Start Your Love Story Brother🌺

Yes brother, by start texting her first you can start your love story, if you don’t then your love story be like a story that never started……💔

So bro, text her…..👍🌺

4. If She Replies To Your Texts Then It’s A Good Sign🌺

Yes bro, if she replies to your texts nicely then it’s really a good sign….

And here, you should text her first but now, if you step back then you can lose her from your hands…….🌺

5. Don’t Be Afraid Bro🌺

Bro, I know you are getting afraid, your heart is beating fast that if you text her what she will think, will she reply to your text or not, will she like your texts or not, etc?

Your fear is stopping you from texting her and your fear is creating so many questions in your mind and preventing you from texting her…..🌺

Now, read this⤵️

Your fear is saying you that she won’t like your texts but my question is what if she likes your texts, your fear is saying that she won’t respond to your texts but my question is what if she responds?

So, leave your fear, take a deep breath and text her “hi her name”…..❣️

6. Maybe She’s Waiting For You To Text Her🌺

Maybe she’s waiting for you to text her, and here, you are fearing to text her…..🌺

If you don’t text her because of fear then bro, it’s obvious that she will get sad and think that you don’t like her….

So, do you want her to get sad and think that you don’t like her?🌺

If not then what are you waiting for, simply text her…..😀

7. Did She Give You Her Number?

If you asked her for her number and she gave her number to you then you should text her first…..❣️

Because no girl is going to give her number to a guy she doesn’t like, she gave you her number it means she likes you…..

Congratulations bro, she likes you…..❣️

8. Do You Know Her From A Long Time?

If you know the girl you are talking about from a long time like a year or two ago then don’t wait for a second, just text her….🌺

But if you have just met her like a month or two ago then I would say, you should ask her “Can I text you, won’t you be angry with me?”…..

If she likes you then she would say that she won’t be angry with you, you can text her anytime but if she doesn’t then she will not give you a meaningful answer…🌺

9. Instead I Would Say You Should Call Her Too❣️

You have her number then I would say, you should not only text her but call her too.🌺

Call her and ask her how her day was, what she’s doing, invite her to dinner at your house and have dinner with her and with your parents, introduce her to your parents, help her if she needs your help, always be there to support her…..

Still, reading? Call her:))❣️

10. If You Are Genuine Guy Then Just Text Her🌺

If you are player then don’t text her and please stop cheating……!!

But if you are a genuine, nice, good-hearted guy, and have good intentions then text her because she will not find a genuine guy like you…..🌺

If everything goes well then propose her, marry her and live a happy life with her….❣️

11. Hear The Voice of Your Heart❣️

I won’t say to follow what I say or what your mind says, just do what your heart says….🌺

Just close your eyes and ask your heart “Should I text her”……❣️

If your heart says “Yes, text her fast” then hurry up and text her, but if your heart says “No” then don’t text her……❣️

12. If You Genuinely Love Her Then Text Her First❣️

Yes brother, if you genuinely love her and no other girl is in your mind other than her and no one will be, and you will never cheat her then simply text her…..🌺

Even God will help you make her yours, so don’t step back and don’t sit thinking at one place that should you text her or not…

Just text her…..

9th and 12th point of this post is very important, so if you have time, make sure to read them again…..🌺


#1 Should i text her first in the morning?

Yes, you should try to text her first in the morning, maybe your one good text can make her day great, so text her first in the morning……🌺

#2 Should i text her first or wait?

Bro, what if she is also waiting to text you first or wait for you to text her? None of you will be able to text…..

So, don’t wait for her to text you, just text her…..

You can text her “Hi her name” and then you can start a meaningful conversation with her and at the end you can wish her goodmorning/goodnight……🌺

And that’s it for today’s post, hope you liked my post and I was able to clear all your doubts….👍🌺

Will see you in a next post, till that take care and stay ahead…..

Have a great day ahead and bye bye.🙏👍