Tailor Business – A Great Business For Women [ Ultimate Guide ]

Some businesses are only limited to one area or one country but tailor ( tailoring ) business is a profession which is done all over the world.

In the tailoring business, clothes are sewed by a professional tailor using a sewing machine.

Expertise Required

Before using your hands in the tailor business, you need some expertise that can be gained if you don’t have:

1. Professional Sewing Knowledge: A woman needs to have all knowledge about seeing from basics to advance.

I have seen many who start this business with very less knowledge of sewing, even they are not able to stitch clothes properly.

To learn stitching properly you need to join institutions that guide and provide a certificate in professional tailoring.

If you are certified in this profession then there is a very high probability of getting more and more customers than others who are involved in this.

2. Sharp Eyes: Believe me or not but it’s very important to have sharp eyes because in this profession every time you will need to see the stitching and cutting of clothes.

Starting a Tailor Business

To start a tailor business, you need to check below listed points which are:

1. Select Appropriate Space

1. Select Appropriate Space

With tailoring business, you get two option to start with it:

1. At Home: Yes you can start this business at your home without the concern of customers.

The main thing is that the area where your house is, should be populated and most of the other people who live there should either know about you or your family.

This is compulsory because if no one or very few people know about you and your family then who will come for stitching clothes & this will lead to very few customers.

2. In the city: This is the place where we can see more customer engagement than at home.

The location of the shop must be near the clothes market so that when a woman buys clothes then if she tries to find a tailor shop, she can easily find your shop.

2. Design The Space

No doubt you have to give most of your time to this profession to meet customers demand.

So you can design the floor, ceiling, side walls according to your imaginations.

3. Bring Basic Things

Before starting a tailor business you will need some useful things which are:

  • Hangers: These will be used to hang clothes because most of the time customers take 4 days to come back for clothes.
  • Drawers: These will be used to store some basic stuff that a tailor needs to do tailoring.
  • Inverter: If you are thinking that there is no need for an inverter in this business, then this is wrong because sometimes work pressure of stitching clothes can increase heavily & if the light goes off for hours then it can affect your work, so make sure to buy an inverter before starting tailor business.

4. Bring a Designs Book

Designs book is very compulsory in this business and in this book you need to mention which clothes you can stitch along with its designs and photos.

This will engage your customer more & more in your shop, directly they will be happy, which indirectly increases our orders.

If your mind says that there is no need for a design book in this business.

Then my simple question is how you will show your customers that which clothes design you can make & I know you don’t know the answer.

So the simple way which you can do is to maintain a design book or you can click image through your phone camera and then show to your customers.

5. Buy A Sewing Machine

Buy A Sewing Machine

This is the main machine which will make your tailoring business strong, as buying a sewing machine is a one-time investment so make sure to purchase quality product from a well-known and reputed company.

There are three kinds of sewing machine:

1. Straight Stitch: In this type of sewing machine, stitching can only be done straight, there is no option to enhance the stitching.

2. Pro Sewing Machine: With this machine, you can not only do stitching but you can also bring creativity to your stitching.

We will see third type in next point.

Many companies manufacture sewing machines like Singer, Usha, Brother, Bernina ( all links are non-affiliate links ).

Probably you want to know that which company machine I like the most?

The company which is providing quality and advanced product at fair rates is Singer.

Yes, when you will compared Singer’s products with other companies then you will find a lot difference in price and quality.

To Find Best Seeing Machine, you need to:

  1. Shortlist companies that are preparing sewing machines.
  2. Filter out companies that are providing seeing machines in your area or country via online or offline stores.
  3. Now compares all companies sewing machines by visiting their websites for this you can take help from a laptop to see everything clearly as it has a big screen.
  4. Now choose the best machine and I will say buy the good one no matter it is expensive or not as this is the main thing which we have to use at least for 10 years and a local sewing machine can’t run for 10 years.

6. Purchase an Embroidery Machine

The work of this machine is to make beautiful designs on clothes like women’s clothes, hankies, bags, etc.

The cost of an Embroidery Machine is higher than a normal sewing machine but this machine is worth its price.

The companies which prepare sewing machine also manufactures the embroidery machines so you can check and compare one by one.

Probably you are thinking that what is the use of an embroidery machine in the tailoring business?

There are many women and children who want to add designs on their carry bags, school bags, clothes, etc.

These designs can be of their favorite heroes, cartoon, superstar, and, sometimes even their names.

This is only possible through an embroidery machine, and if you have then these customers can be your customers very easily.

If you are thinking that embroidering is very difficult, then you are wrong, because in today’s technology world, you just need to add an image of that design in the machine and it’s will automatically make the design on the desired clothes.

7. Buy Threads Reels

Buy Threads

Threads are used to stitch clothes and I have seen many tailors which don’t pay attention to the quality of threads.

A bad quality thread is cheap, weak, and thick in appearance whereas a good quality thread is more experience, shiny, strong, and thin.

Benefits of buying good quality threads:

1. These threads don’t break like bad quality threads while stitching, which saves both time and energy required in threading a needle.

2. During embroidering good quality threads increase the brightness and contrast of the embroidery due to its shine.

3. These threads feel soft while touching which also creates a good impression on our customer.

4. As said earlier that these threads are very strong so there is very little probability that the stitching tore after continuous wearing and washing of the clothes for years.

8. Purchase Sewing Kit & Extension Table

Purchase Sewing Kit

Many companies provide sewing kit with their machine but along with this I will prefer to buy another kit which includes:

  • All Kind of Scissors.
  • Pins.
  • Measuring Tape.
  • Thread Remover.
  • Pencils.
  • Sewing Needles.
  • Machine Oil.

These days sewing machine manufacturing companies don’t provide any kind of extension table.

This table is very useful in sewing because it provides an ease to move clothes easily and as it’s specially designed for a sewing machine, so it looks professional as well.

9. Purchase All Kind of Buttons

Many women want buttons in their clothes to stitch anywhere to increase the beauty of clothes.

For this, you must have all kinds of buttons from latest to old.

You can ask them which button they want to see on their clothes, and then you can stitch those buttons.

Now our tailoring business is all ready to start sewing but before this here are some important things:

Getting First Customers

After starting a tailor business, probably there can be a concern of how to get customers? So here are some of the ways:

1. Start Advertisement: As we can only get customers from our city or society so we need to use different advertising ways to show that we have opened a new tailoring shop.

2. Listing on Google Maps: If the area where you have opened the shop is populated then make sure to list your shop on Google Maps.

So when people search about tailoring, then can easily see your shop in search results & this is free of cost.

The thing to remember is that you also need to add images & designs of clothes that you can stitch and have stitched in the past so that people can see your tailoring quality.

3. Home Stitching Services: You can also provide home stitching service in which you goes to a house and then take all the measurement and then stitching the clothes.

Once you are popular people will come to your house or shop for stitching clothes.

Tailor Business Investment & Profit

It’s compulsory to know the investment cost and profit in any business before starting it.

As per my experience, the main cost in this business is of buying equipment like sewing machines, so building a good tailoring setup can cost up to 1.3 lakh rupees which includes one embroidery and two sewing machines.

If anyone wants to cut the cost then the investment cost can be below 30,000 which includes only two sewing machines.

If we talk about profit then the cost of stitching which customer pay to us is our profit, the cost of thread roll is minimal so I haven’t included.

For example, if a woman gave us 100 rupees for stitching a bag then the total 100 rupees is our profit as the thread reel only costs 3-4 rupees.

Points to Remember

I have seen many tailors both man and woman but I find some major mistakes which they do and due to these they lose their customers year on year:

1. Stitch Clothes on Time

Recently my mom went to a lady’s tailor for stitching clothes and she told me that she will stitch in the next five days, my mom came back.

After five days when my mom went to that tailor, the tailor said that still, some stitching is uncompleted for my mom’s clothes so she needs 2 more days…

This is completely wrong, if you are coming into this business then do stitching on time so that your customers can be happy and come back again to your shop for stitching their new clothes.

2. Stay Updated With New Designs

Women just love to see that their clothes are stitched with new and trending designs, they don’t prefer to go to a tailor which used old designs to stitch clothes.

So make sure that you are checking new clothes design & for this, you can take help from Google and Youtube by reading websites and watching videos.

3. Decide a Competitive Price

Let’s assume, if there are other tailors in your city and they are charging 200 rupees to stitch a carry bag, then here we can decide our price at 150 rupees by maintaining the same quality which others are offering.

Like this by reducing the price of other stitched products, we can attract many other customers available in that area & indirectly our profit increases.

Here is the end of this post and I hope you have understood the whole concept of tailor business.


Disclaimer: All the information provided in this post is for educational purposes only. Please do your own research before starting any business.