Top 7 Reasons Why Classroom Teaching Is Better Than Online?

Education is not just about reading books, giving tests, and getting a job but it’s much beyond than this.

I am a supporter of classroom teaching and I can give multiple reasons to support this because I have been both classroom and online teaching(covid time).

In today’s post, you are going to see 7 reasons why classroom teaching is a lot far better than online teaching.

So, without further due, let’s get started….👍

1. Students Can Learn Much More Than Just Education

In online teaching students will only be able to learn about different things but in classroom teaching, they not only learn about education but also about how to behave with elders(manners), giving respect to teachers, learning about how life works, and many more.

2. Students Eyes Are Safe in Classroom Teaching

All students study online through mobiles or laptops and to take all their periods they need to speed at least 5-6 hours in front of the screen and they also spend extra 3-4 hours on screens to play games, chat with friends or for other purposes.

Combining all, students who study online spend at least 11-12 hours in front of a screen which is very bad for their eyes, and due to this, they can get glasses at very early ages.

But when it comes to classroom teaching, this screen time reduces to only 3-4 hours so their eyes are safe in classroom teaching.

3. Excellent Body Growth With Classroom Teaching

When a student goes to school then he/she not only studies but also plays, walks, runs, and does many physical activities which directly promote body growth.

Whereas, in online teaching, a student mostly sits at one place all the time means no physical activity which directly results in less or slow body growth.

4. There is Very Less Disturbance in School

The environment of every school is made such like that a student cannot feel any kind of distraction from studying but when a student does online study then he gets many distractions at home like he/she can start playing game on mobile or laptop while studying, family members noise, pet animal can disturb that student while studying and many more.

So, it’s again proved that classroom teaching is very good than online.

5. Classroom Teaching Gives Employment

As in online teaching, students learn everything through a screen and they don’t have to come to school so as per me it increases unemployment because in classroom teaching students come to school so many people get employment like servants, drivers, cleaners, security guards, shopkeeper, etc.

6. Students Can Refresh Their Mind

One of the biggest disadvantages of online teaching is that it restricts a student in a room alone so after some time, he/she starts to feel isolated and frustrated.

But when a student goes to school then he can refresh his mind while studying by talking with his/her friends, making jokes, participating in school activities, playing games in games period, and many more.

So, again classroom teaching is one step ahead than online teaching.

7. Classroom Coaching is The Best

I don’t know how to describe it in words but no one can deny that classroom teaching is best.

Schools are like another home for kids and students where they spend at least 6-7 hours in learning both education and how to live in life.

If someone would ask me 100 times that is classroom teaching is best or online? All the time my answer will be classroom teaching because no other option can replace it.

I hope you liked my points and agree with my thinking also…..

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