Welcome To My Blog

My Hello to everyone and I welcome you all to my blog, this is your online home where you can get good information about relationship, health, and finance.

Many of you will wonder that this blog is mainly focusing on relationship related post then what about health and finance related posts.

Actually when I started this blog then my main focus was to write post about health and finance but the truth is that no matter how excellent content you write, Google will not rank until you don’t have authority, so my site has zero authority currently so I know I will not rank in these competitive niches.

Currently, my this blog is getting 30-45 visitors per day on average organically, and my target for the end of 2022 is to get atleast 200 visitors per day, so that I can make some money from here.

For this, I have to write a lot of content and concentration….

Hope and wish my God will help me to get these numbers very soon, till that take care and stay connected to this blog because amazing content is on the way.

Bonus: If I will get 200 users per day by the end of this year, then it’s my promise to tell you that how you can make your own blog and start earning…👍🙏