What Does It Mean When A Girl Hugs You? [Does She Likes You?]

When a girl hugs you then there can be many reasons behind this lovely gesture from her.🌺💕🌺

If you want to know the reasons why she hugged you then you are at the right place.

Because in this post, I am going to tell you the exact reason why a girl hugs you and she likes you or not? ❣️

So, let’s start this post…..⤵️⤵️

1. You Did Something Nice For Her❤️

When you do something very nice for a girl like giving her a precious gift or you help her when she needs it the most then a hug is quite obvious from a girl.

So, if a girl hugs you, you may have helped her or done something nice for her and the hug was the result of that.👍👍

2. She Trusts You🙏

If you think that a girl will hug a guy without thinking, then you are wrong brother, because a girl never hugs a guy until she trusts him…..💕

She hugged you because she trusts you as a friend or as a guy she loves the most.❣️

3. She’s Showing You That She Needs You❣️

A tight and close hug from a girl shows that she needs you and your love.😍

Try to remember that when she hugged you was it a tight hug from her, if it was a tight hug then by hugging you tight she was indirectly showing you that she needs you.

If you like her then bro ask her for a date when next time you meet her…..❣️

4. It’s A Sign of Attraction i.e She Likes You 😍

A girl never hugs a guy from herself unless she loves him.🙏❣️

Do you think that she hugged you without any reason?

No brother there is a reason and the reason is she likes you, her love for you make her to hug you…… otherwise why she only hugged you not any other guy standing there at that time?🌺💕🌺

So, you need to understand that a hug from a girl is a sign of attraction towards you……🌺😍🌺

5. She Wants You To Think “Does She Likes Me?”💞

If she hadn’t hugged you then you will not think anything about her, it’s a different thing when you love her you’ll think about her.

But in normal situations, you will not think anything about her or maybe you think a little about her and she knows about this very well.

Therefore, she hugged you to make you think again and again about her, like “does she likes me?, etc”, and you are doing the same she wants to i.e you are thinking continuously about her after she hugged you.

Probably you have a question, why she wants me to think again and again about her?

The answer is, because she likes you and wanna make you to fall in love with her.🙏💞

6. It Depends Upon The Type of Hug and For How Long The Hug Was

To know what was in her mind when she hugged you, we need to find out what type of hug was given by her.😎👍

Like if she held you too loosely and the hug was just for 1-2 seconds then it was a friendly hug from her and she just sees you as a friend.

But if she hugged you a little tight and she was very close to you and the hug was for about 5-10 seconds then believe me bro she really loves you and no one can deny it.🌺❣️🌺

7. Did She Hug You With One Arm or Both?

When a girl hugs you with one arm then it’s a friendly hug, nothing more than this.💔

But if a girl hugs you with both arms then it’s not a friendly hug but a romantic one, this type of hug confirms that she has feelings for you.💞

So, try to remember whether she hugged you with one arm or both arms to know what’s in his heart about you…..👍

What You Can Do?

Well, if you like that girl then no matter how she hugs or how long she hugs, every hug from her is a good news for you and your love for her.💖

Try more and more to impress her, help her and make her feel your love, if you genuinely love her then I wish to God that He will make her yours very very soon…..🌺🙏🌺

You can also ask her if she likes you when she again hugs you or gets too close to you in next upcoming days.👍👍😍

If you don’t like that girl then simply avoid her to let her know you don’t like her.

Now, let’s have a look on some frequently asked questions from my blog readers… ⤵️⤵️


#1 What does it mean when a girl hugs you over your shoulders?

It means she understands you more than a friend because a shoulder hug is a sign of love, trust, and a lots of affection.👍

It also means that she is very happy being with you and she enjoyed the every single second she spend with you or around you.

If she presses and hugs you for a long time, like for more than 5 seconds, that’s more confirmation that she’s into you.🌺💖🌺

#2 What does it mean when a girl hugs you around the waist?

It means she is totally in love with you because a girl only hugs a guy around his waist if she loves him otherwise a girl normally doesn’t hugs like this.🙏💞

If she came too close to you and held that hug for more than 5-6 seconds and also pressed you, all these things proves she is really into you and you should ask her out as soon as possible.💝

#3 What does it mean when a girl hugs you tight when saying goodbye?

It means she understands you more than a friend and she doesn’t want you to go instead she want you to go with her. 👍😍

By hugging you tight when saying goodbye she is showing that she will miss you, and trust me bro, she really likes you because no girl hugs a guy tight unless she likes him.❣️

So, this was my post, hope you liked it and I was able to clear all the doubts from your mind.

Will see you in next post, till that take care and stay ahead…..👍👍✌️