What Does It Mean When A Girl Says Hi And Your Name?

When I was in tenth grade, a girl often used to say hi Ashish(my name) in a very nice way which was so pleasing to the ears and the body that I used to continuously pull towards her……🌺💕🌺

Based on that experience I am going share what does it mean when a girl says hi and your name.

In the end, I am going to also share how you can reply back to her, so don’t skip the post, try to read from starting to the end.✌️👍

Now, let’s start the post….⤵️⤵️

1. You’re Important To Her

She didn’t said hi to her friends when she entered the class but she said hi to you along with your name, so what does it mean?🌺

It means that you are very important to her and at least more important than her friends.❣️

I hope you know very well that what does it mean when you are important to a girl…..😎💘

2. She’s Interested in You😍✌️

If a girl says hi to you first then it means she is interested in you and wants you to know that she is becoming yours.🌺💕🌺

If you are also interested in her then brother, go and confess to her that you like her otherwise don’t regret after when she will not be in front of you!!

3. Her Eyes Were Looking For You💕

When she entered the class, she said hi to you first, that means her eyes were looking for you since she entered the school and classroom.❣️

And if you don’t know what it means when a girl keeps looking for you then let me tell you that it means she loves you because no girl look for a guy unless she likes that guy.💕

4. She Wants To Burn That Fire in Your Heart❣️

I didn’t love the girl I talked about at the beginning of this post, but she made me to fall in love with her by doing tiny-tiny things to attract me towards her and believe me, those things worked out.

Saying hi to me was one those tiny things which she used to make me fall in love with her.🙏

So, if a girl is saying hi and your name very sweetly which is making you to look at her beautiful face then it means she wants you to fall in love with her.🌺❤️🌺

If you like her then your road is clear brother……..😎👍

5. She Wants You To Make A Move💞

You didn’t make a move despite a guy, so she made a move to tell you she likes you and now, she wants you to make a move.

Saying hi to you along with your name is a clear cut sign that she’s into you and making efforts to make you know this.

If you like her too then brother this is the right time to talk with her and tell her that you also love her.(make sure to take a good gift with you when you are going to confess, all the best bro:))

6. Maybe She’s Flirting💗

Yes, this is also possible that she is flirting with you by saying hi to you first.💞

If she looked very differently at you and smiled as well then this confirms that she was trying to flirt with you.

But it doesn’t matter because flirting also means that somewhere she likes you, so don’t worry brother, you’re in her heart.🙏✌️👍💕

7. She Wants You To See Her😍

Before coming to school, she has tried her best to look the most beautiful girl in your class so that she can impress you and make you fall in love with her.💕

By saying hi to you, she wants you to notice how beautiful she looks.😍

And trust me, if she is really beautiful, you won’t be able to control yourself from looking at her face when she says hi to you.😍

8. She Wants To Start A Conversation

Maybe you are shy in front of her and she likes to talk with you but she knows you are shy in front of her.💗

So, by saying hi and your name she wants to send you a signal that she wants to sit with you and talk a lot of things.

If you like her but you are a little shy then brother try to approach her like if you are sitting alone on the bench then ask her to sit with you, or if she is sitting alone on a bench then go and sit with her and tell how you feel about her.👍👍

9. She Likes You💕

I know you were waiting for this point….😂

Yes, if a girl says hi or good morning to you first with your name then it shows that she likes you because a girl never greets a guy unless she likes him.💕

So, if you like her too then try to impress her and then tell what’s in your heart.👍👍

10. Does She Smiles and Look Into Your Eyes?

This is just a confirmation sign whether she’s into you or not.

If she smiles and look into your eyes with a very cute face then believe me, she is really into you, no one can deny that.💕

But if she doesn’t smile a little bit and she says hi in a normal way then it’s a sign that she is not in you, maybe she is greeting you just as a friend and nothing more than this.💔

11. How To Reply Back When She Says Hi⤵️

If you like her then when she says hi and your name then you can say this⤵️

“Hi her name, nice to see you”

“Hi her name, today, you are looking like an angel”

You can also reply other than this like you can say something romantic with hi and at the end, it all depends on you what you want to reply her back to a hi.💕❣️

If you don’t like her then as a friend you can say hi back to her but don’t tell anything else than this and don’t try to talk a lot with her to give her a clear signal that you are not in.🙏

So, this was my post, hope you liked it brother and I was able to solve your query.

Will see you in next post, till that take care and stay ahead.🌺🙏👍🌺