What Does It Mean When A Guy Dreams About You?

I also dream about the girl I love, although she is not in my life but still I am able to talk with her, see her and enjoy with her everyday in my dreams……♥️

In the same way, if a guy dreams about you and he confesses that he dreams about then there can be many reasons behind it…..🌺

If you want to know all those reasons then keep reading this post till the end…..🙏

At the end you will get to know why a guy dreams about u and what does it mean when he says he dreams about you……👍

So, let’s get started……..⤵️⤵️

1. You Are On His Mind All The Time💗

When someone is on our mind all the time like we are thinking about them every hour or every minute then it’s quite obvious that we are going to dream about them very often or everyday.🌺

Similarly, if a guy dreams about you it means you are on his mind all the time & in other words he thinks a lot about you….💕

And I hope I don’t need to tell you that when a guy thinks a lot about a girl then it means he is attracted towards her….🌺

2. He Misses You💔

Do you know, why I dream about the girl I love? Because I love her and miss her so much that’s why she comes in my dreams, if she was with me then why would I dream about her?♥️

Similarly, he is dreaming about you because he misses you and when he cannot find you near him in his house then you start coming in his dreams while he sleeps……🌺💕🌺

3. He Needs You🌺

When we or our body need something then we start dreaming about it…..👍

Like, when we guys need a car that we like, we start dreaming about that car until our parents get that car for us.

And we guys dream about that car because it’s not only our need but it’s the need of our body as well because when we drive our favourite car then not only we but our body also feels so good…..🌺👍

In the same way, when a guy says he dreams about you it means he needs you, maybe he isn’t telling you that or maybe he doesn’t even know what his body is telling him by dreaming about you….

But in reality, he is dreaming about you because he or his body needs u…..🙏

4. It’s A Highest Compliment From Him🌺

No guy is going to dream about you if you aren’t beautiful…..😎

If a guy is dreaming about you it means you are too much beautiful to him like an angel and by saying that he dreams about you, he is indirectly praising your beauty without saying that you are very beautiful.🌺💕🌺

5. Don’t You Think He Loves You?💕

I dream about a girl because I love her, I don’t dream about any other girl and never want to….

Similarly, he is dreaming about you because he loves you and this is the reality girl….💕

If you still doubt whether he is in love with you or not then tell me, why he only dreams about you why not about any other girl, why he said only to you that he dreams about you why not to any other girl???🌺

He only told you & he only dreams about you because he loves you not any other girl, he misses you not any other girl, he asks you from God not any other girl, and he wants to marry you not any other girl………🌺💕🌺

6. It Also Depends Upon What Kind of Dreams He Sees About You😎

Yes, it also depends upon what kind of dreams he sees about you but as per me, no matter what he dreams about you, mostly when a guy dreams about a particular girl then it shows that he is attracted toward her.🙏

If he dreams like you both go on a long ride in his car or he dates you, it shows that he is interested in you……❣️

If you like him more than a friend then you can ask him what he dreams about you.

As a guy, I can say he mostly sees romantic dreams about you because I am also a guy and I know what we guys dream about a girl.🙏😎

7. It Also Depends Upon The Frequency Of Dreams🌺

Frequency of dreams is very important to know what a guy feels about you.

If he dreams once or twice in a month then it doesn’t show real affection but if he dreams about you everyday or 4-5 times a week then it shows real affection towards you.🌺💕🌺

If you like that guy then try to ask him how many times he dreams about you in a week and how many times a night?👍👍

Hope, you will get desired answer from him.

Imp: A shy will say once to you that he sees you in his dreams, he’s not going to tell you again and again that he sees you in his dreams even if he see you everyday in dreams because he knows that if you like him then u will understand in one second he likes u when he will say he dreams about you. I am shy guy so I know about it…🙏

8. Maybe He Likes You A Lot But Afraid of Rejection/Your Anger🙏💕

Maybe he likes you a lot and wants to tell you but he is afraid that you might reject him or react negatively or you might break friendship with him.🌺💕🌺

Maybe he doesn’t want to lose your friendship and he’s afraid of your anger that’s why he is expressing that he likes you in a indirect way by saying U that he dreams about you.💕😍

If you are into him then U can tell him that you like him back and if you don’t like him then stop thinking much about him…..👍

9. It Means That Only You Are in His Heart💕

Dreams are the reality what we feels in real world.✌️✌️

If a guy dreams about you it means this is the reality, it’s the truth that only you are in his heart because if there is some other girl in his heart then he will dream about her not about you.

So according to me, only you live in his heart and no other can replace you in his entire life….. 🙏💕

10. Maybe He Thinks About You Just Before Sleeping🌺

Whenever I think about the girl I love just before sleeping like if a imagine her beautiful face and smile in my mind then I definitely dream about her that night.💕

And I know this reality that’s why I think about her everyday just a minute or two before sleeping and through this I am able to see and touch my love everyday even if she is not in my life.🙏♥️

Maybe the guy you are talking about thinks about you just before sleeping and because of this he is continuously dreaming about you.🌺😍🌺

Try to ask him about this and if you find that he thinks about you just before sleeping then it’s a sign of attraction and endless love for you.🌺💕🌺

11. Do You Often Talk To Him Or Tease Or Flirt With Him In A Day?

According to me, only he is not responsible for dreaming about you, maybe somewhere you are also responsible for it.

For example, if you talk to him a lot or teases or flirt with him, in other words if you have tried to attract him towards you then it’s the result of it.🙏

If you’ve really tried to make him like you, trust me, you’ve successfully made him like you….👍

12. Try To Talk With His Best Friend

Like you, he also shares everything that happens in his life with his best friend.(I am also a guy, so trust me)✌️

If you like him and you are desperate to know if he really likes you or not….

Then you can try asking his best friend what he talks about u with him, does he share with him whether he really likes you or not, etc.

I am sure, his best friend will tell you the truth and all your doubts about him will be cleared…..🙏👍

13. Pay Attention On Some Subtle Signs From Him😍

Yes, if you are totally into him and wants to confirm whether he likes you back or not then try to pay attention on the subtle signs from him.👍👍

If he gets shy/nervous near you or while talking to you, he talks you with wide eyes, he looks at you when you aren’t looking, he voice becomes soft while talking to you, it means he’s into you.

So, try to look for some subtle signs from him for better confirmation……🙏👍

14. If You Like Him, Ask Him❣️

If you don’t like that guy then you don’t need to worry about what he dreams about you because at the end of the day you don’t like him, so don’t pay much attention to him….🙏👍

But if you are in love with him then next time whenever he shows any sign of attraction towards you then go to him, look into his eyes and ask “you like me?”…..💕

I hope & wish he will say that he likes you and you both may live a very good married life in future…….🙏👍✝️

This is the end of this post, hope I was able to clear all your doubts about that guy…..🙏

Still have questions? You can contact me through “contact us” page, I will try to reply you back as soon as possible…..

Till that take care, stay ahead and bye………🌺🙏👍👍🌺