What Does It Mean When A Guy Raises His Eyebrows At You And Smiles?

When a guy raises his eyebrows at you & smiles then it’s simply a sign of attraction including but not limited to.🌺💕🌺

If you don’t know why a guy would raises his eyebrows or gives you the eyebrow flash then don’t get worried.

Because here in this post I am going to share reasons why a guys raises his eyebrows up and down at you & how you can reply back to him……💝💝

So, without wasting a single second let’s get dive in…..⤵️⤵️

1. Solid Sign That He Noticed You

Let’s say, you are entering in a class and he is already there in the class with his friends before you come and when you enter he spots you and raised both of his eyebrows to tell you that he noticed you and your beauty.

He is just saying non-verbally that he has noticed that you have come.🌺

2. No Doubt, He is Attracted Towards You

Trust me, a guy will not raise his eyebrows and give a shy smile to any girl unless he is in love with her.🌺💕🌺

[So, one thing is for sure that he loves you]

Way To Confirm This

When he is seeing into your eyes while raising his eyebrows, if he breaks eye contact by giving a very cute smile then this is a solid sign that he likes you.💕

If you want to confirm it more then just sit near to him and ask him “do you love me?”

I am sure he will tell you the truth then.

3. It Also Depends Upon The Moment

When a guy raises his eyebrows then there can be too many meanings of this gesture from him because it depends on the moment or situation like where you are, if you have just arrived in front of him, what you are doing, you are sad or happy, etc. for example ⤵️

If you are looking sad or stressed then he is asking “Are you okay?”, This shows that he cares a lot about you.💕

If you are standing in a group or crowd, he spots you, then if he raises his eyebrows at you then it means that he is asking “How are you?” Again it shows he cares for you.💕

If he has just seen you in the morning or evening, he may be quietly sending you a brief greeting or a silent hi.🌺💕🌺

4. Maybe He Caught You Staring At Him

I still remember, one day my crush started staring me and I caught her seeing me, I also raised my both eyebrows to tell her non verbally “Do you like my me?” She then smiled at me and I was sure that she is interested in me.

In the same way, if he catches you staring at him then he can give you the eyebrow flash to know if you like him or not?

If you smile it will give him a clear indication that you like him💕, if not he will understand that you are not interested in him.💔

5. Because He Sees You More Than A Friend💕

If you ask me, guys mostly raise eyebrows for those who are very close to their heart like their best friends, relatives, & the girl they love.😍

If the guy you are talking about, only raises eyebrows at you not at other girls then there is no doubt that he sees you more than a friend.

6. Go & Ask From That Guy

Trust me, it very difficult to find why a guy raises eyebrows at you because only he knows the answer.

In almost all cases, guy loves that girl whom he is raising his eyebrows at.

If you are interested in that guy then please go to him and ask what’s in heart, hope you will get positive reply…….😍💕

If you aren’t interested in that guy then leave it.

How To Reply When A Guy Raises His Eyebrows At You

There are different ways through which you can reply a guy when he raises his eyebrows at you but it depends on whether you like him or not.

Firstly, we are going to see how to reply when you like a guy…..

If You Like Him💝

  1. Give him a cute smile, he will understand this very well.😍
  2. You can verbally tell them hi, I am fine, if you are sure that he wants to know how are you.
  3. Go and sit with him so that you can find out if he is interested in you or not.💕
  4. At that moment, try to understand what he wants to know when he raises his eyebrows at you, and then reply accordingly to that verbally & non verbally by using body signals.

If You Not Like Him💔

  1. Just don’t respond, he will easily get to know that you aren’t interested in him
  2. Don’t look at him, this will also give him a clear signal that you don’t love her.
  3. Tell her in person that you have no place for him in your heart.💔
  4. Come & go with your boyfriend, if he thinks you are single.😂


I am also a guy, so trust me, if a guy raises his eyebrows at you and smiles then he definitely likes you, there is very less possibility that he has no interest in you….💕

If you don’t believe then try to implement confirming tricks which I have shared above.⤴️⤴️

So, this was my post, hope I was able to solve your query….

Till that take care and have a nice day ahead…..🙏👍💕