What Does It Mean When A Guy Slows Down Texting You?

So, you like a guy and he used to text you everyday but these days he has slowed down texting you, and now you are not sure why he isn’t texting like before and why he slowed down texting u…..🌺

Don’t get stressed sister because through this post, I am going to share all the reasons why a guy slows down texting you and what you can do in this situation…..👍

So, without further delay, let’s get started……⤵️⤵️

1. Maybe He’s Busy

Yes, maybe he is busy with his work or some other important thing and because of this he has slowed down texting you……🌺

You need to understand that he also has a life and he has to give time to many other things like his studies, family, job and friends too…..

The things I talk above is about a guy who is just your friend, BUT, if a guy says he loves you then he will never slows down texting you because no one is too busy to text you, it only takes a two or three seconds to type and send a text……………..🌺💕🌺

So, maybe the guy you are talking about doesn’t really love you, just pretending to love you…🙏

2. If He Doesn’t Text You For Two Days Then It’s Serious

A guy who really loves will always text you everyday until you become his wife, you will always get a ‘good morning’ text from him……🌺💕🌺

He will text you everyday, every morning(good morning), and every night(good night) because he truly loves you…..

But a guy who pretends to love you will never text you everyday and he will never apologize for texting you slowly or after a long time gap…..🌺

If a guy doesn’t text continuously for two day then it’s really serious, try to ask him why he hasn’t texted u in last two days, if he has no reasonable answer then please leave that guy because he doesn’t really loves you……🌺💔

I also love a girl and I text her everyday, it’s my habit, I call her once everyday to hear her sweet voice, this is what called real love, my love is not fake like others….🙏

So, try to look for a guy who wants to make you his life, not just a time pass…….🙏

3. Maybe He Thinks He Will Look Clingy

Maybe he thinks that if he texts u regularly then he will look clingy to you and you will get bored from him so he slowed down texting you…..🌺

So, first of all ask him why he is not texting you like before, if he gives the same reason I have listed above, then tell him that you have no problem if he texts you everyday, I hope he will start texting you like before then…..

But if he comes up with any useless reason then trust me, he is lying to you, just leave him!!🙏

4. Is It Only You In His Life Or Is He Texting Another Girl?

If the guy you are talking about has another girl in his life other than you then trust me, he is busy in texting that other girl, that’s why he slowed down texting you….🙏

So, please try to find out if there is any other girl in his life(Pro tip: u can ask his friend what kind of guy he is) or only you are in his life…..🙏

If you find out that he is with any other girl, then at the spot block him, leave him, stop thinking about him because you don’t need a guy who is not loyal to you, you need a guy who just loves you and never try to see or be with any other girl than you…..🌺💕🙏🌺

5. Check If He is Treating You As Before In Real Life?

If he has slowed down texting you then try to check if he is treating you as before in real life or not…..🌺

If he is treating you like before then you don’t need to worry, but if he is distancing you from him or ignoring you it means either he is losing interest in you or he has started a new friendship with some other girl…..💔

If this is so then please immediately breakup with him because a guy who genuinely loves a girl never loses interest in her and he never try to start a new friendship with any other girl no matter how beautiful she is….. 🙏👍💕

6. He Doesn’t Really Love You💔

Yes, if a guy slows down texting or doesn’t text you with the same pace that he used to & he doesn’t have any valid reason behind it then it means he doesn’t really love you….💔

If a guy really loves you then he will continue the same pace of texting you until you become his life partner….👰💒

Like if he texts you ‘good morning’ every morning he will keep sending you, if he texts you everyday then he will keep on texting everyday……👍🙏🌺

7. Check His Last Seen on WhatsApp 😎

Yes, I hope you are using WhatsApp for texting, here, you need to check his last seen, if he opens WhatsApp everyday but still doesn’t text you it means, he is no longer interested in you…..🌺

If he has turned off last seen then try to ask his friends if he talks or texts or meets them regularly, if he does then this shows that he is ignoring you….!!

8. One or Two Texts Per Day Is Okay👍

Yes, if he slowed down texting you but text you one or two texts everyday then it’s okay, you don’t need to worry about anything…..🌺💕🌺

You need to pay attention when he completely stop texting your or takes more than two days to text you(I have talked about this in second point ⬆️)

9. Talk To Him🙏

Girl, if he has slowed down texting you then simply meet him and ask him why he slowed down texting you……🌺

If he has no valid reason and there is no love or seriousness on his face for slowing down texting you then it means he is not serious towards you, here, if I were at your place I will immediately leave and forget him….🌺

But if he apologizes and becomes sad and he also promises that he will text you like before then it shows that he respects you and he seriously loves you…..🌺💕🌺

This is the end of this post, hope you liked it and I was able to clear all your doubts about him…….🌺

Will see you in a next post, till that take care and stay ahead…….

Have a nice day ahead and bye bye…🙏👍