What Does It Mean When A Guy Spends Money On You?

So, you have a guy friend who spends money on you through various ways and at the same time you aren’t sure why he is doing this then you are at right place.

Through this post, I am going to share some reasons why he spends money on you and what you can do next.

So, without wasting a single second let’s get started…..⤵️⤵️

1. No Doubt He Likes You

Yes, you read that right, if a guy spends money on you without any hesitation just to see you happy and feel loved then there is no doubt he is in love with you.💕

Because as a guy I can say without in love, no guy will pay or spend any money on a girl.

What You Can Do Here

According to me, before falling in love with that guy make sure to check whether he is a genuine guy or not.

And you can easily find this by checking his social media profile.

If he is following lots of girls then he is not a genuine but if he follows good people and never do bad comment on social media then he is a genuine guy.(I can be wrong here)

You can also check one thing i.e if that guy always talk with other girls to get their attention then this shows that his love for you is fake & you shouldn’t melt your heart for him.

2. He Wants To Show That You’re More Important Than Money💕

What will a normal guy do if he falls in love with you?

He will just confess in front of you or may be he can gift you something, that’s it, nothing more than this!!

But if a guy is regularly spending money on you and tells you that never be shy while asking for money from him then it shows how much he loves you and how intense his love for you is.🌺💕🌺

He wants you to shows that money is not important than you in his life, he can spend all his money on you without getting a single wrinkle on his forehead.💕

Consider To Check Whether He Truly Loves You or Just Want To Use You

3. He Wants To Show That He Has Money

Do you love shopping? Yes? Then by spending money on you, he wants to prove that he has money and if you will marry him then you can enjoy your entire life without worrying about money.

4. He Wants To Show That His Love For You is True

Many will say that if a guy spends money on a girl then it doesn’t mean that he truly love her, may be he is pretending and just want to use her, once his intentions are met he will leave her.

Yes, I agree with it and many guys have a habit to do this.

But at the same time, we can’t deny that if a guy truly loves a girl and spends money on her and he wants to live his entire life with her, then nothing is wrong in it.

I will say if you know that he is genuine and his love for you is not fake then girl, he is the best option for you….💕

5. He Can’t See You Struggling With Money

If you are struggling with money and he knew it then by giving you money, he wants to show that he can’t see you struggle for money because his heart melts everytime he sees your beautiful face.💕💕

6. You Are Lucky

Dear, you are very lucky because you have got a guy who likes you a lot and do everything to keep you smile and happy.

Let him do what he does for you, I hope and wish, you both will become couple very soon and live a very happy life then….. 💕

Let’s have a look on frequently asked questions…..⤵️⤵️


1. Boyfriend spends a lot of money on me?

No need to worry, he is just showing you how much he loves you and money is not more important than you to him.

2. How to get my boyfriend to spend money on me?

Actually it will not look good if you force your boyfriend to spend money on you because as per me, if a guy loves you then he will try to spend money on you by taking you on a date, buying gifts for you, etc.

And if your boyfriend has money but he doesn’t spend it on you even he doesn’t bring any gift for you then it shows that he is very stingy, think twice before going ahead with him.😎

3. When should a man start giving a woman money?

You can start giving a woman money from the day one you start friendship with her.

And if you want to go safely then when you will become sure that she have feeling for you, after that you can start spending on her by buying gifts, dresses, and taking her on shopping…..💕

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Take care and have a nice day ahead……🙏👍