What Does It Mean When Your Crush Puts His Arm Around You?

So, your crush has put his hand around you in the recent times and you’re not able to figure out what it means when he puts his arm around you.

Don’t worry because in today’s post I am going to clear your all doubts related to this query.

And trust me, no one can best answer your query than a guy.

To see the picture more clearly I tried placing my hand around someone who is very close to me to get a feel for why your crush would put his arm around you & I was able to find 12 possible reasons why your crush puts his hand around you.

Ready to find out what it means?

Let’s get started without wasting a single second….

1. You Both Love Each Other So Much

Neither a boy will put his hand around a girl nor a girl will allow a boy to do this because they both don’t love each other but if they both have fallen in love with each other then they both will allow each other to do so.

If your crush puts his arm around you and you’re allowing him then undoubtedly you love him and he loves you too because he will put his hand around you only if he loves you so much that he cannot describe you in words.❤️

2. He Wants You To Feel Loved & Safe💕

Tell me how do you feel when he talks to you with his hand around you?

Hope your answer will be “I feel that I am very close to his heart and also safe from the bad eye of others”

As he loves you so he wants to make you feel loved and secure and he knows very well that you will feel most loved and secure when he puts his arm around you while walking together or sitting together.💕

3. He’s Becoming Yours

If your crush used to be a little shy in front of you or to touch you, and now he has put his arm around you for the first time then it is a sure-fire sign that he has fallen in love with you and is becoming yours by taking away all the hesitation and shame from him.💕

4. He Wants To Show He is With You & Will Never Leave You Alone💕

If you’re sad & your crush is walking with you by putting his hand around you and he is trying to motivate you or saying that he is with you and he will make fix everything, then you need to understand that he wants to show that he’s into you and will never leave you alone even in your bad situations.💕

5. This Shows A Very Strong Bond Between You and Your Crush

If a boy and a girl are walking side by side talking to each other then we cannot say with full conviction that they both love each other as we don’t have many clues to say that they both are lovers.

But if that boy and girl are walking together holding each other’s hand by talking very sweetly to each other then we can say that they both are in love with each other, and there is a very strong love bonding between them.

So, if your crush is holding his hand around you then it shows that you both understand each other very well and the love bond between you and him is very strong which is impossible to break.💕

6. He Wants To Remove All The Distance Between You and Him

There is a strong possibility that either he or you were shy or nervous when looking at each other, talking to each other, or getting close to each other.

Now, he(your crush) wants to remove all the distance between you and him by coming near to you so that both of you can fly like two love birds in the sky and can give a good future to your relationship.💕

7. He Wants To Make You Feel How Pretty We Both Look Together

One of the biggest reasons why your crush puts his hand around you is to make you feel that you and he are made for each other and how beautiful couple you both look when you stand beside him & he puts his hand around you.💕

8. He Don’t Care About Others

If your crush starts thinking about what others will say then he will never be able to come to you and show his affection for you by placing his hand around you.💕

But he has overcome his fear of what others will say and he is openly showing them that he loves you.

9. He Wants To Show Your Haters That You’re His Love❤️

No doubt you have also some haters who always think bad about you and want to see everything bad happens to you but you don’t need to worry about them because by placing his hand around you he (your crush) wants to show your haters that you are his love and anyone who tries to do anything wrong with has to see his anger.💕(Congratulations you have such a caring guy🎉🎉)

10. Your and Your Crush’s Dream of Coming Near To Each other Has Come True

If you have a crush on him then there is a strong possibility that you have dreamed of sitting beside him and spending time with him, so now your dream has come true.💕

Maybe he also had a dream that he would come close to you and have a good time with you, so now his dream has come true.

11. He Wants To Take This Friendship To a Next Level

Perhaps, you and your crush are good friends but by keeping his hand around you, he wants to show you that he has a pious desire to take this friendship to the next level like he wants you to be his life partner.🤵👰

You can find out what’s in your crush’s heart about you by examining his behavior when he puts his arm around you.

Let’s say, you and your crush are walking to the school’s exit and he puts his arm around you and now, he is moving silently with you with a very cute face and a sweet smile then no doubt he wants to make you more than just friends with him.

12. He Wants To Hear What’s in Your Heart For Him

By placing his hand around you he has proved that he loves you very much but that is not enough because he wants to hear what you think of him and what you have in your heart for him.

So don’t make him thirsty any more and tell him if you like him or not when he puts his hand around you.👍

Since he is your crush then I am pretty sure you like him a lot, just tell him this and see his facial expressions, he will be very happy to hear from your mouth that you like him.❤️💜💛

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