What Should You Do If Your Teacher Does Not Provide A Study Guide For A Test?

My Grandfather has always taught me one thing that ‘Son, never bow down to anyone because your self-respect is more valuable than anyone’s ego’ and I follow this in my personal life all the time.

Firstly, if I need something I always try to buy my own instead of borrowing from someone because I don’t want to show anyone that he is bigger(richer) than me and we all know, there are next-level benefits of own things.🤠

Coming to your question “What should you do if your teacher does not provide a study guide for a test”, I have some solutions for your query, and trust me, you will love these solutions.

1. Purchase Your Own Guide Book

This is the best thing which you can do if your teacher is not giving you a study guide.

There are multiple benefits of having your own study guide:

1. It’s Yours: You will be the owner of the guide book so no one can take it back from you and that study guide will be yours forever.

2. You Don’t Need To Bow Down: Yes, if you buy your own study guide then you don’t need to bow before anyone to borrow guide book for few days.

3. You Can Share It With Your Friends: Since you are the sole owner of that purchased study guide, you can share it with your friends at any time which directly strengthens your friendship.

There are other benefits also but at the end of the day the summary will be “Nothing Best Than Having Your Own Guide Book”.

2. Borrow From Your Friends

This is the second and very simple solution to your query, you can just borrow a study guide from your friend.

And there is no problem in borrowing anything from your friend because a friend is a friend, sometimes you help him or sometimes he helps you.👍

3. Search PDF Version or Ebook of That Guide Book

Google, it’s not just a word but it’s an online world where you can find anything, and there are lots of websites that provide pdf and ebooks, so if that study guide is a little bit popular then you can google its pdf version or eBooks.

I hope you will be able to find your guide book electronic version on Google.

4. Purchase Book From Previous Year Students

I also used to follow this solution when I could not find guide book for a particular subject.

I had a very good friend who was a senior to me when I needed guide books I used to borrow these books from him because he had already studied in the class I was studying, so these guide books were of no use to him and he used to give me guide books very happily.

So, if you need a study guide and your teacher is not providing it to you then you can borrow that study guide from your senior students.

These are the four best measures you can follow when your teacher refuses to give you a study guide.

Hope, you liked all four solutions.

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