What To Do When You Have A Crush On A Guy – Ultimate Guide For Girls

The age between 18 to 25 is an age when most boys and girls start to feel crushes and no strange as this is the rule of nature.

A girl needs to think about many things after having a crush on a guy.

Today we are going to see step by step important points which a girl should follow after having a crush.

Do Some Basic Things

I give most priority to the security of a girl so that she doesn’t get stuck in a trap because many boys are bad by heart and they only want to take advantage of girls.

I hope you are able to understand what I am talking about.

By following these steps you will be able to find that your crush is good or bad.

Step 1. Check Your Age

If your age is below 18 and you have a crush on someone then please avoid this because you are too young & you don’t know what is good and bad for you.

And if you are above 18 then it’s okay because at this age your mind is fully developed and you can make good decisions cleverly.

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Step 2. Check His Social Media Profile

Now, you need to check his social media profile, especially on Facebook and Instagram to know what kind of guy is your crush.

First, see his profile picture and the following section, if he is following too many girls or using bad profile picture then as per me you should avoid this boy because he is bad by heart that’s why following many girls, if he was good then he will either follow zero or few girls.

Then see his replies history to find what kind of language he is using to reply to others & especially girls.

Step 3. Check His Performance In The Class

Believe me or not but those who are poor in studies do more frauds with girls than those who are intelligent.

Now, probably you will think that why this?

The reason is simple bad students study less and consume most of the time chatting with girls on social media.

Whereas an intelligent student is good by heart and consumes most of his time in studying.

If you have a crush on a boy who is intelligent and beautiful as well, then nothing can happen best than this.

Step 4. Find Out How Many Years You Have Known Him

Judging a boy good, who has just joined your school is totally illogical and wrong because we know nothing about his past.

If you have a crush on this type of guy then think twice before showing your crush.

It is better that you have a crush on a student whom you have known for the last two to three years or more because in this period you are clearly aware of his family, personality, character, behavior, friends, past, and much more.

Step 5. Check How He Talks With Other Girls

This is must compulsory that how he behaves with other girls like if he talks politely with them, then it’s very good.

If you see that he is behaving badly with other girls then remove any crush from your mind about him.

To more examine him, you can see his eyes that in which way he is looking at other girls.

Step 6. Don’t Be Desperate

Don’t try to show him that you have a crush on him because this will give him more advantage.

So, try to behave calm and normally.

After following the above five steps (the sixth one was for your awareness) you will be able to find that your crush is bad or good.

Only go ahead if you find he is best and kind by heart.👍

10 Ways To Impress Your Crush

During my schooling, a girl had a crush on me and I will share exactly what she did to impress me.

By following the below-listed points you will be able to show your crush that you like him and there are very high chances he will be impressed by you:

1. Try To Sit Near Him

My crush always tried to sit near me either on the same bench or on the bench which was next to me, as I also liked her so I was comfortable with her this activity.

You can also sit near him, by seeing this he will be sure that you like him and congratulations your story has started.

2. Start To Share Things

Usually, there are very few students who share things but you can start doing this.

Let’s say you both have different guides for mathematics & we all know, every guide has something new, so you both can exchange these guides with each other, this will increase your knowledge and sweetness in your relations.

3. Give Greetings

At that time, my school bus used to come early than my Crush’s bus, so when she used to enter the class I used to already available there with my friends, & she used to say ‘ Good Morning My Name ‘.

My friends always said ‘ wow bro, you are lucky ‘ because she was the most beautiful girl in my class.

Like this, you can also wish him both in the morning and evening, this will you closer to him and he shall also start to feel a crush on you.

4. Try To Do Eye Contact

Eye Contact is the toughest for a good student, you need to look at him continuously by seating on your bench, if he sees that you are staring at him & he also starts to see in your eyes, then this is a confirmation he likes you.

5. Tell Your Friend About Your Crush

You can tell your fellow students especially girls that he is your crush and tell them to help you to impress him.

Believe me by their help you can Impress him in just one day because they know many ways to attract a boy’s attention.

6. Solve Your Queries With Him

We all have queries in almost every subject from science to maths.

If your crush is intelligent in the class then you can try to solve these queries with him.

And for this, you both need to sit near each other, else if you both sit far then you will not be able to understand anything.

Also, if you both are sitting together then it makes your relation more strong.

7. Join His Group in Projects

Many group activities are held in school in which students are divided into groups where they need to work together.

So, if you get the opportunity to choose your favorite group then you can join the group in which your crush is present.

By doing this you both will be able to spend more time with each other which directly make him to attract towards you.

8. Share Your Lunch

Sometimes there is a possibility that your crush forgets to bring lunch to school and during the interval he is sitting at his bench in the class.

In this situation, you can share your lunch with him, by seeing this he will be very happy and can get attracted towards you because you are caring him a lot.

9. Plan A Long Ride With Him

If he agrees, then you can plan a long ride with him to a beautiful place which is connected to nature & famous in your area.

And to go there either you can use your crush’s car or your car.

There is a very high possibility that he will get impressed while going on the ride.

10. Use Social Networking Sites & Apps

You can use Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook, etc. to send him messages, make sure to follow him otherwise he will think that you are only playing with him.

Probably, you are thinking that what to send through these sites?

You can send a lot of things especially quotes & images.

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10 Signs Which Confirms He Likes You Back

Sometimes we are not able to conclude that does our crush likes us or it’s just a one-sided crush.

So, here are some of the major changes which you will see in your crush if he really likes you back:

1. He Will Start To Call You With Your Name

Mostly boys call girls not with their names but they use ‘Sis’ or ‘Sister’, if your crush likes you then he will call you by your name, not with ‘sister’.

If he is using ‘sister’ for you then it’s a confirmation he is not interested in you.

2. He Will Start To Reply With A Smile

Mostly a boy talks with a girl by showing normal expressions but if he likes a girl then he smiles a little bit in the middle or end of the talks.

If you are seeing this in your crush then you can see this as your winning.

3. He Will Try To See You By Hiding

If your crush feels something about you then he will try to see your face either by sitting behind other students or from a long distance.

Funny Activity: If you are aware that he is looking at you by hiding back in the rear of anything, then you can get up from there by disappearing from his eyes and went to him & say loudly anything, he will get shocked by seeing you there.😀

4. He Will Start To Look Beautiful

After having a crush, boys start to look energetic all the time in school.

They start to become up to date by wearing premium glasses, watches, pants & shirts, applying good looking hairstyles, & many more.

If you are seeing that your crush looks more beautiful than before, then it’s time to become happy because he has a crush on someone, it can be you or someone else.

5. He Will Try To Talk To You Frequently

When Your crush starts to like you then you will see that he is showing a lot of interest in talking to you.

He will use multiple ways like asking for a pen, a book, any notebook, or anything else.

You will see that he starts to feel so happy everytime he talks to you.

6. He Will Try To Know Your Phone Number & Social Media Profiles

If he is attracted to you, then he will try to find ways through which he can know your phone number & social media profiles.

For this, he can ask his friend if they know your social media profile or from your own friends.

After finding, he will try to message you and this is a clear-cut sign of his affection towards you.

7. He Will Make You To See Him

There are many ways to get the attention of everyone in your class, he can try to be a good student so that teachers can make him monitor of your class.

He can start to tell stories and jokes in interval to all the students including you to become popular in the class.

8. He Will Start To Sing Songs

If you and your crush are sitting near where you both can hear each other’s whispering then he can start to sing nice songs on regular basis to show his interest in you.

Even he can start to share what’s happening in his life & we all know a person only share things related to his life with a very important person who he likes a lot.

9. You Will See Him Near Your House

If his house is your city or village then he can often wander near your house to show his love towards you.

Like if you regularly go for cycling in the evening then he also starts to go on the same path where you go.

10. He Will Try To Protect You

Let’s say your teacher gives homework to all the students of your class, the next day everyone has done their homework including your crush but you forget it to do.

Now, the teacher has announced that those who haven’t done their homework please stand up, I will give them punishment, now you stood up on your seat, seeing this if your crush also stood up then it’s clear he likes you a lot.

Despite he has done his homework, he stood up with you so that you don’t feel alone.

Final Words

You can’t control yourself to having a crush on someone but along with this your security is very important & for this, your choice has to be good.

I have shared many ways through which you can find the right guy who will never betrayal you and will always be there to protect you in any situation.

That’s it for today friends, I hope you liked the post, if you think I have left something or this article is very good then let me know by doing comment below.

Thanks👍 Have a Nice Day Ahead….