When Do Guys Ask For A Second Date? [Here’s The Exact Answer]

So, you are very desperate to go on a second date with the guy you recently dated……💕

But even after many days of first date he didn’t ask you for a second date and now you want to know when guys ask for a second date…..🌺

Don’t worry sis, because through this post I am going to share the exact time when a guy asks for a second date…..✌️

So, let’s get started…….⤵️⤵️

1. Mostly Within A Week🌺

Yes, mostly a guy asks for a second within a week of the first date.🌺

Like if he dated you on sunday then he may ask for another date two or three days before this sunday…..👍👍

A 5-7 day gap between the first and second date is very normal, so you should try to wait for a week after the first date to get a invitation call from him for the second date. 🌺👍

2. Don’t Wait For More Than Ten Days🙏💔

If it has been 10 days since your first date and still he hasn’t asked you for second date then according to me he is not the guy who really loves you…..🙏

Because 10 days are equal to 240 hours and if a guy can live 240 hours or more without seeing you then he doesn’t really love you, if he’s saying he loves you then he is just pretending, better to stay away from him…..

If a guy is really interested in you then he will try to date you second time as soon as possible and he won’t spend more than 10 days asking you for another date.🌺💕🌺

10 days are max according to me, if he is not asking you out after 10 days of first date then leave him, he wants you to chase him, so leave him, you will find another guy who will date you everyday and will keep you as his queen…..🌺💕🙏🌺

3. No One is Too Busy If He Genuinely Likes You💕🙏

If you think that he is not asking you out for a second date because he is busy with his work then girl, you need to know a reality that no one is too busy texting you or asking you out for a second date.🌺💕🌺

I am also a guy and if I really like a girl then I will take a leave everyday from my job or work just to see a glimpse of her face or to date her again and again, this is what called true love….🙏💕

4. When He Knows You Are Also Interested In Him💕

If the guy you are dating is of a shy nature then because of shyness & fear that u will be angry on him he won’t be able to ask you for a second date…..🙏👍

You can try to show him some signs that you are interested in him like you can text him “I am free this Sunday”, “Won’t you ask me for a second date?”, “I really liked spending time with U hope U will ask me out again”, etc. All these replies will ignite his emotions too much and he will ask you for second date……

But don’t text this type of needy messages to a guy who is a player because once he gets to know that you are very desperate to date him again then he would date you very fast but once his intentions are met(hope U know very well what I am talking about 🙏), he will leave you…..

Stay away from this type of guy, and trust me a shy or introvert guy is too much better than a guy who is player(who keep moving on from one girl to another)…..🙏

I am a little shy in front of girls that’s why I am saying shy guys are innocent and pious by heart, they just love one girl in their whole life and they never cheat on the girl they like……💕🙏👍

5. Make Sure He is Only Dating You

If he is dating any other girl besides you then he will take too much time to ask you for another date…..

And as per me you should not date this type of guy because he is not dating he is checking girls like cars one by one…🙏🙏

Try to find a guy who just dates you not any other girl, who cares about you not about any other girl and who gets completely lost into you when he sees you……🌺👍💕

6. If He’s Really Into You, He Can Also Ask You On The First Date Before It Ends💕

Yes, if he is really into you then he can lock the second date with you on the first date before it ends or the next morning…..

If he’s a little shy guy then he can ask you about second date in his car when he is dropping you to your house after completing the first date……🌺💕🌺

Now What You Can Do?

First of all wait atleast for a week or max to max for 10 days, if he doesn’t ask you for another date in between these 10 days, simply leave him because he is not only a guy on this earth, there are many other guys out there who are better than him.🌺

If he texts you too many times after the first date but still he doesn’t say anything about dating you again then also leave him because he wants you to chase him(Girl, u need a guy who chases you not you him😍……)👍🙏

If you have given him enough clues that you are interested in him and want to date him again then also he is not asking you out, leave that guy because a guy who truly likes you will understand in a single second that you want him to ask you out again but if he doesn’t like you then he won’t ask you out again even after he knows you are interested in him.🙏👍🌺

Don’t date any random or a stranger guy whom you have seen for the first time in ur life because through this way, you will never be able to find a guy who can genuinely love you and keep you always happy till he is on this Earth…….🌺💕😍🌺

Try to date a guy who’s your friend, whom you know from a long time, whom you trust and for whom you have some feelings in your heart💕……This guy will be perfect for you because when two friends fall in love with eachother they make history about their love…….🌺😍💕🌺

This is the end of this post, hope I was able to clear all your doubts about dating…..

But still, if you have some questions then you can ask me by contacting me through “contact us” page⤵️, I will try to reply you back as soon as possible……

Till that take care, stay ahead, and be safe……

Have a nice day ahead….🌺🙏👍🌺