When & How To Tell Your Parents You Have A Crush On A Girl

So, you have a crush on a girl and you are concerned that how to tell your parents about this.

There is no offense in having a crush on someone but you need to find the right time and right way to tell your parents about your girl crush.

And in today’s post, we are going to discuss the same.

When Should I Tell My Parents About My Crush

You can tell your parents about your crush only if your crush likes you back, as if she doesn’t like you back then what is the purpose of telling about her to your parents?

Here are some other points which you can check before talking to your parents about your crush:

1. Make Sure Your & Her Parents Know Each Other: This can be very helpful for you if your and your crush’s parents know each other very well because if in future your parents try to talk about you with her parents then her parents will not be shocked to see your parents talking about you for their daughter.

2. Bad Financial Condition Can Create A Problem: Do you know that what a mom looks before deciding wedding of her daughter?

If ‘ No ‘, then let me tell you…

A mom looks that how the financial condition of that boy’s house?

If the boy’s family has a lot of money then she can decide wedding of her daughter with that boy very easily and vice versa.

Because her daughter can live a very good life in a medium or rich family but not in a poor family and this is a universal truth!

3. Talk With Your Crush: Before telling to your parents that you have a crush on a girl make sure to talk with that girl that you are going to say your parents that you both like each other.

If she permits you to talk with your parents then you should talk with your mom and dad without any hesitation because now you are sure that what is in your crush’s heart about you.👍

How To Tell Your Parents You Have A Crush On A Girl?

There are multiple ways through which you can tell your parents that you have a crush on a girl but before this be sure about the above points:

1. You Can Tell When Your Mom Asks You About Her: No doubt if you are often going outside with your crush then your mom will try to ask you that why you are going with her? And while answering you can tell about her.

2. Tell When Your Crush Comes With Her Parents: If your family invites your crush’s family on any occasion, party or for normal meeting then at this moment you can tell your parents what you feel about her.

3. Tell When You Are Sitting Alone With Your Mom: As per me this is the best time to tell your mom about your girl crush because while sitting alone, your mom’s mind is also empty and she will be able to understand easily what you are saying?

4. Tell When Your Parents Want To Know Your Wish: On every birthday, our parents try to fulfill our wishes but before fulfilling they always ask us about our wish.

So, when your mom & dad ask about your birthday wish, then you can tell about her and say that you want to make your crush as this house’s family member. 🤝

5. You Should Try To Tell When You Have Started To Make Money On Your Own: If you are earning money on regular basis by doing a job or anything else and your parents are also happy with that then you can easily tell them that you have a crush on a girl.

I know getting a job is very hard but try to understand that everything is hard in this world!!

So, that’s it for today friends and I hope I have cleared all the doubt related to this query.

Thanks, Have a nice day ahead👍…..