Why Do I Gain Weight So Easily? 10 Reasons & 20 Solutions

Two years ago, I was very frustrated about my body weight because my weight was increasing rapidly day by day and my body fat also started to shake when I used to walk and this was mentally painful for me.

If you are also gaining weight easily, then try to read this entire post, as I have explained the reasons why you are gaining weight so easily and ways to reduce body weight.

10 Reasons Why You Are Gaining Weight Easily

Here are the 10 reasons which are causing you fat directly or indirectly very fast:

1. You Are Eating High Fat and Carb Containing Foods

As per FDA, the average daily fat requirement of our body is between 44 grams to 78 grams and if your total daily fat intake through various foods is above 78 grams then there is a high probability you can gain weight very easily but it also depends upon how much physical activity you are doing daily.

So, if you are eating high fat and high carb containing stuff like oily food, bananas, chocolates, etc. a lot, then it’s obvious that your will start to gain weight very easily.

2. You Are Not Doing Any Work

Have you seen a person who goes to his job daily and has become a fat chubby guy?

The answer is ‘No’, as his all calories intake are consumed by his body when he moves, works, and does any other physical activity.

Point to remember that the work of our digestive system is to absorb all the nutrients from the food which you intake to run your body.

So, if you are eating and eating but doing nothing all the day then your body will start to store extra energy in the form of fat which directly increases your weight.

3. You Are Eating Frequently

If you have a habit of going to the kitchen frequently and open the fridge to eat something tasty, then please stop doing this because this is the biggest cause of your high body fat.

Everything which you eat has an energy which your body gets absorb from that food and if you are frequently eating food then your body will start to absorb more and more energy from that food and the excessive energy from frequent eating will be directly get converted into fat by your body.

4. You Are Sleeping A Lot

Do you know while sleeping we require very little energy?

And if you are eating a large amount of food and sleeping most of the time in a day then it’s quite simple that your weight is going to be increased very soon.

Because you are intaking a large number of calories, fats, carbs, and protein, which means that you are getting a large amount of energy and if you’re sleeping all day then, your body’s energy requirement will be very less & as a result that extra amount of energy will directly be converted into fat.

5. You Are Eating More Than Your Hunger

This is a kind of habit in many people where they eat a lot more than their hunger.

If you have a hunger for two ice creams and you are eating four then what will be the result other than gaining weight.

So, always try to eat as per your hunger.

6. Irregular Food Habits

If you have an irregular food habit i.e you have no timetable for eating then you are going to gain weight very easily.

Let’s say you often skip your breakfast, so there is a high possibility that during lunch you will eat a lot more than usual which means more energy, and if you are not consuming that energy then that extra energy will be converted into FAT.

7. Tension Can Be A Reason

This point can’t be a reason for becoming fat in all people.

Many people start to eat more when they get depressed because during this depression they are not able to judge how much they are eating?

If you have a habit of eating more food in tension then make sure to not do this so that you can look slim or fit.

8. You Are Not Doing Exercises and Yoga

No one can deny that yoga is the best way to control your weight, by doing yoga you can make your body healthy both mentally and physically.

Along with this, you can do jogging and hard yoga to burn fat fastly.

9. You Are Eating Cheat Meals

Maybe you have built a balanced list of foods which you are eating every day to control your weight but if you are not following this list and eating cheats meals then no doubt you will see that you are gaining weight.

10. You Are Not Enjoying Your Life

If you are thinking that playing video games or watching videos on youtube is the real fun in your life then I think you need to think once again.

Real enjoyment is eating food with your friend, playing with them, doing cycling with them, hiking with them, dancing with them, doing yoga with them, and many more.

By doing this, you will get a lot of happiness and along with this, you can also burn your fat.

Now, let’s see some solutions.

Foods Which Are Good To Control Your Weight

Light and easily digestible food, low-fat cow milk, buttermilk, green gram, sprouts, fruits, spinach, wheat, salad, drinking honey & lemon in lukewarm water in the morning, etc. are beneficial in controlling weight.

Whereas sweets, oily food, fat-containing food, fast foods, chocolates, are not good for you if you want to control your weight.

20 Effective Ways To Control or Reduce Body Fat

The below-listed points are based on my experience through which I was able to decrease my weight:

1. Control Your Tongue

As per me, our tongue is the biggest reason behind the fatness of our body.

A tongue is a very small organ but it wants all different kinds of dishes from sweets to restaurant food. 😃

Many times, your stomach is full but still your tongue force you to eat something tasty and then you try to eat that food, and by doing this you eating more and more.

This directly increases your weight, so always try to control your tongue.

2. Start Cycling

If you are concerned about your lower body fat then cycling can help you to reduce your lower body weight.

As during cycling, only your lower body works mostly, so the extra fat around your thighs, calves, and entire lower body, starts to melt which results in sleek, slim, and attractive legs. 🚴

3. Start Swimming

Believe me or not but swimming really helps you to make your body in shape by melting the extra fat available on your body.

You can consult your nearby swimming trainer for more information on this but as per me it really works.

4. Use Stairs

If your house has 30 to 40 stair steps then try to go up and down on these.

When I was a fat guy, I used to go up and down on stairs about 50 times, and the feeling after completing was exceptional.

Those who have a lot of fat around the hip and thighs can try this exercise at their homes.

5. Start Playing With Your Pet

These days almost everyone has a pet in their house but do you know that your pet can also reduce your body fat?

Yes, you have read right, by playing with your dear pet you can burn a lot of calories of your body which directly reduces the extra fat.

For playing with your pet, you can take him/her in your backyard and start to play your pet’s favorite game.

6. Prefer Walking Rather Than Using Car

These days people are becoming very lazy, if you are using your car or bike to go shopping, your nearby farm, to brings vegetables from your nearby market, then there is no doubt, you will gain weight.

So, try to prefer to go to your nearby places by walking rather than going through a vehicle.

7. Do Some House Work

To reduce weight, you don’t need to do intense exercises or anything fancy.

You can reduce your body fat by doing small-small household works like gardening, pet caring, car washing, cooking, and many more.

By doing this, you are not only burning your extra calories but you are also helping your mom to do less work because you are helping her with housework.

8. Stop Eating Food Outside

If you have a habit of eating food outside then try to change this habit.

Because no food is better and tasty than homemade food and if your mom cooks food for you in your house, then what can happen best than this.

The food which you eat outside especially fast food contains lots of fat and carbs in it, which rapidly increase your weight, while the food cooked by your mom is healthy, delicious, and easy to digest.

9. Stop Playing Virtual Games

If you have a habit of playing games on mobile or laptop, then this is the real reason behind your extra body fat because you are sitting at a place of hours, so you are not consuming your energy and as a result, your body starts to store energy in the form of fat.

Instead of this, you can play physical games with your friends like badminton, volleyball, basketball, cricket, baseball, football, and many more.

These games will consume a lot of energy which means the extra fat which is available in your body will start to melt as the calories requirement in these games and after some time your weight will become normal without doing any exercises or taking any medicine.

10. Start Doing Fasting

Fasting is a process in which on a particular day we only have to eat very little food.

Usually, fasting once a week can really help us to reduce our body weight because if we are eating very little food on that day then our body will start to use extra energy which is stored in the form of fat.

And this is the reason why fasting is compulsory for reducing body weight.

There are no restrictions on drinking water on fasting, as water is very important for the better functioning of our body.

11. Give One Hour To Your Body In The Morning

If you’re serious about reducing body fat, then try to give at least one hour to your body in the morning.

After waking up and getting fresh, start doing yoga and if you have a big ground in your house, then you can also run in that ground according to your capacity.

By sweating for one hour in the morning, you will be fit as a child and the extra fat on your body will start to disappear.

Make sure to do exercises in the early morning with an empty stomach.

12. Don’t Keep Your Stomach Full

I have seen many people who always keep their stomach full, and this can be a reason for weight gaining.

As stated above the work of your body is to digest the food which is available in your stomach, so if you are keeping it full all the time, then your body will absorb all the energy from that food and will store it in the form of fat.

So, make sure to keep your stomach a little bit empty and eat only when you are hungry.

13. Wakeup Early And Sleep Early

If you sleeping and waking up very late then you can be a fattier guy/girl very soon.

If you are sleeping very late at night and waking very late in the morning then you are spending most of your time on the bed, which directly means that you are burning very few calories.

So, to avoid any kind of unwanted weight increment in your body, then make sure to sleep early and wake up early.

14. Prefer Doing Work By Standing

Do you know that you burn more calories while standing than sitting?

So, if you are doing most of your work on a laptop by sitting on a chair or bed, then try to stop doing this and instead of this start working by standing on your feet so that you can burn more calories.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to stand all day, my meaning here is that try to work by standing as well, along with sitting.

15. Stop Sleeping During Afternoon

If you have a habit of sleeping during the afternoon, then try to change this habit because I also used to sleep during the afternoon and my weight started to increase day by day.

Because we are sleeping at night, morning and afternoon, so we are just sleeping all the time and this results in more and more body fat increment.

So, try not to sleep during afternoon.

16. Stop Having Cheat Meals

Breaking your own rules of eating food can ruin all the past hard work which you did to control your weight.

Because after eating cheat meal for just one day, your tongue can make you develop a desire to eat the same cheat meal every day and if you start to eat cheat meals regularly then extra body fat will start to develop on your body.

So, try to not break your own rules of eating food.

17. Know The After Effects Of Being Fattier

If you are not able to stop yourself from eating a lot of food every day and you are continuously becoming fattier, then try to think about the after-effects of becoming a fat guy.

After having fatness on your body, you can feel pain in your joints, walking can be difficult for you, your digestive system can be worse, you can get tension, and many more.

So, if you don’t want to see these things in your life, then tell yourself to become a fit, slim and perfect guy.

18. Reducing Weight Takes Time

If you think that you can reduce your body weight in just one day or one month then you are wrong because it took months for you to become a fat guy, so, how you can become a slim guy in one day?

To reduce weight requires time and patience, if you don’t have these two then try to get or develop these.

19. Build A Diet Chart

After doing proper research try to build a diet chart, specially made for fatty people or those who want to maintain their weight.

To build this kind of diet chart, you can take help from YouTube and Google.

20. Find Out The Reason That Why You Are Gaining Weight?

It very difficult to find the exact reason for your excessive body fat but you can do this on yourselves.

You need to compare your past data with the present i.e what you were eating & doing in the past and what you are eating & doing at present?

When you may try to compare these two data, then you will definitely find that what wrong you are eating at present and after changing diet according to the past data when you were slim, then there is a high probability that you can become normal like past.

Final Words

Excessive body fat is not good for your body and it also damages your body’s appearance.

Even many tries to ignore fat guys, so we need to maintain our body weight to look smart & beautiful.

So, that’s it for today’s post friends and I hope you liked the post.

If you have any doubts regarding this topic, then make sure to let me know with your comments.

Thanks👍 Have a nice day ahead…..