Why do Parents Fight & What to Do When They Fight

When our parents fight with each other then it destroys the happiness, peace, and healthy environment of our house.

And the ones who are most bothered by this are the children as when they see that their parents are fighting, their hearts get broken which results in stress and depression in their minds.

In today’s post I will share incident from my real life that why my parents fight and what I did to stop them, so try to read the full post.

Why Do Parents Fight?

There can be many reasons that may force your parents to fight, but here are the most common causes that can lead to this:

1. Mother-in-Law

A mother-in-law must keep her son’s wife as her daughter but in most cases, she tries to make her a servant.

Someone has given his daughter to your son so that she can live a good life with him, not to live a life where she has to work all day.

Many mothers-in-law defame her son’s wife among others, which results in a fight between both of them, and then it’s become the fight between husband & wife.

2. Too Much Scolding The Wife

Mistakes are normal among humans & a wife is also a human so she also can do mistakes & for this, her husband can scold her.

But there is also a limit of scolding, if a husband crosses this limit then it becomes a fight between them because a wife has a certain limit of tolerance.

3. Not Doing Work Properly

This applies to both of them, if the wife is not doing work her work properly then it can lead to a fight between them.

The main work of a husband is to go on his work to make money but if he is showing laziness or not going to work then also husband and wife can fight with each other.

4. Due To Money Problems

This is the most common cause which makes parents fight. If the financial condition of your house is not good then your mom & dad can start arguing about this.

A mom can say to her husband that you are not able to make money, we are living like poor…., which can make husband angry & if both of them don’t stop then they can start to fight.

5. When Each Other’s Thoughts Don’t Match

Sometimes husband and wife are not able to correlate with each other because they have their own different thoughts.

Suppose they are planning to buy a vehicle, now keeping in mind the budget, a wife will say that we should buy a bike but a husband can say that no, we have to buy a car.

In the above situation, the ideas of both are not correlating with each other.

6. Over Concerned About Wife’s Security

The safety of the wife has always been a concern for the husband but sometimes it can also become a cause of the fight.

For example, a woman has to go in the market to buy clothes for herself, home essentials, kids related products, etc. & every time husband can’t go with his wife, so due to security reasons if he stops her to go to market, then some serious arguments can start between them.

7. When Wife Doesn’t Listen to Her Husband

A husband wants her wife to listen and follow what he says, & it’s quite obvious that he will say everything for good.

A dispute can start if a wife doesn’t follow her husband’s guide about wearing clothes, hairstyles, daily food, purchasing anything, house decoration, & more.

8. Talking Something Which Hurts

My father always starts to fight with my mother when she says that he ( dad ) didn’t allow me to do the job in past otherwise today we ( family ) would have been living a good life.

Dad starts to fight because it really hurts him a lot, he did everything for my mom’s happiness so that she had not to do a 9 to 5 job every day, he thought he was capable to earn money for his family.

9. Not Providing Good Life to Wife

Every wife wants that she will get a good life in her husband’s house where she had to do no work and enjoy herself all the time.

But if her husband is not able to provide a comfortable life and she is doing very hard work all the time then this can create frustration in her mind, which can result in a fight between each other.

10. Without Any Reason

Have you seen your parents talking about something & gradually they started to fight? If yes, then you need to know that these conflicts happen without any reason.

These happen because both of them are not able to control their anger and emotions.

Now, let’s see the most important part of this post.

What To Do When Your Parents Fight

what to do when your parents fight

I was quite surprised when I saw other websites which are saying that kids should go outside, go away, close the room, & more when parents are fighting.

Because as per me, kids are the only ones who can stop their mom and dad from fighting with each other, the reason is simple, both mother & father love their kids.

Here are the 15 things which one can do to stop parents while fighting:

1. Start To Cry

When my parents fight then I always start to cry because both mom & dad love their kids a lot & they can’t see them cry.

Seeing you crying, your parents will come to you to stop you, and indirectly this will make them come together.🤝

2. Insist Them to Stop

Try to insist to them that ‘ mom please stop, don’t fight ‘ and the same to your father.

Seeing your sad face, their heart will start to melt & they will also think that our kid is not happy with this then why we two are fighting each other.

This will directly stop any kind of conflict between them.🤝

3. Show Them Marriage Album

There is always a photographer in every marriage who clicks photos & makes an album from all the images and then gives them to the family members who had called him at their wedding.

🌟You can show this album of their marriage to your parents when they are fighting, especially those photos when your mom & dad were standing together.🌟

By seeing these photos, they will become silent & everything will be normal like before.👍

4. Hug Both of Them

This is also one of the best technique which can help your mom and dad to cool down.

You can simply hug both of them one by one.

Don’t try to hug only one because this will make the other to think that you are not with him and the fight will not stop. 👍

5. Don’t Leave Them Alone

Many will say to you that when your parents fight then leave them alone but as per me it’s totally wrong.

Because of too much anger, they can do anything, and if you are outside of the house then who will stop them?

So make sure to be in the house to avoid unexpected things to happen.

6. Give Water to Both of Them

Water is a very good thing that can control anger in any situation because while drinking a glass of water a person has to give at least 10 – 20 seconds and this is enough to realize that what he is doing. ( Same for a woman )

I personally used this technique in past to stop my parents from doing any kind of arguments or conflicts.

7. Call Your Grandma & Pa

Calling your grandma & pa can really help you especially when your mom & dad are fighting.

Grandma will try to make your mom understand that don’t fight & pa will do the same with your dad.

As they have too much experience of married life and they also want their son’s & his wife’s happiness, so this will be a very good decision.

8. Tell Them Nothing Will Happen From This

Fighting doesn’t make anyone’s body healthy but instead of this it increases blood pressure, gives stress to the mind, harms the eyes, and if his/her anger becomes out of control then it can physically harm someone.

Try to tell the same to you parents that mom & dad nothing will happen after this, these are just 5 to 10 minutes, if you can control your anger in this period then everything will be okay.

9. Take One of them out of the There

Two people conflict with each other only when they are near or can see face to face, so if you can take either mom or dad out from there then there will be no conflict between them.

For example, I always use to take my mom to a room so that she can’t see my dad.

10. Tell Them What Neighbours will Say

Except for a few, most of the neighbours are bad, who become happy when they see that we are conflicting with each other in our house.

And to see this they constantly keep a watch on us.

When our parents start to fight, there is no doubt the noise of shouting can be heard from a long distance & neighbour can easily hear this.

You can tell your parents that your nearby neighbours are watching and hearing us, what they will think?

After hearing this there is a high probability that both will stop and become normal.

11. Take Away Sharp Objects

This step is for the safety of your parents as in anger man/woman loses his/her control over the mind.

God Forbid but if our mom & dad starts to fight physically then they will not be able to harm each other’s bodies.

12. Try to Stop One of Them

Try to stop either your mom or dad, because if you can control one of them then he/she will stop to fight which directly results in a silent environment.

And for a kid what can best happen than this that his/her parents are living happily.

13. Close The Window

As we discussed above, people keep a close eye on our house to check are we fighting or not?

So the first thing which I do when my mother & father starts to conflict is to close almost all the windows of my house so no one can hear anything from outside.

The reason behind doing this is very simple as I feel very sad and irritating if someone enjoys it when my parents quarrel among themselves.

14. Try to Tell That Someone is Coming

Like you, your parents also don’t to show anyone that what’s happening in their house.

And this method works almost everytime.

You just need to say ‘someone is coming’ and after hearing this your mom and dad will become normal.

15. Play Their Favorite Song

Songs provide a soothing effect to our mind that’s why we all hear songs either casual, young age, sad, etc.

I very well know that which is the favorite song of my parents and I play this song when I get aware that my parents are very near to start arguing.

You can take help from Google to check music.

16. Show Photos & Videos of Best Moments

We never forget to capture images of special moments like when we go outside with our family on vacations, playing games, on festivals & more.

These are the most beautiful memories of our lives where we all capture photos being very happy.

You can use these images and videos to show to your parents.

17. Try to find the Reason

Every conflict has a reason that makes it start, you can find the right reason that why your parents started to fight with each other.

After finding the cause try to solve it, this will help you a lot.

18. You All Need To Stand-up

It’s not the duty of only a son or a daughter to stops parents from fighting but instead of this, you all need to unite including your pet to solve this problem.

One kid cannot stop both of them so if you are two bros & sis then try both of you at the same time rather than one.

19. Make Good for Your Them

After finishing arguments, no one has the energy to make food for all the family members, so you prepare fresh food for all.

And try to serve food at the dining table so that your parents can sit together & eat, this will remove any kind of anger from both of their minds.

20. Get Promise From Them

I am very sure that the above-mentioned ways will help you to solve your problem and after this, you can take a promise from your parents that they will never fight with each other in the future.

By doing this you can reduce the number of future fights happening between your mom & dad.

That’s it for this post, I hope you liked the post & if you think I have left anything then let me know by commenting down below.

Thanks👍 Have a Nice Day Ahead…. 🌟