Why Do Pretty Girls Date Ugly Guys? [Answered & Explained]

So, you were shocked to see a very pretty lady dating an ugly guy and now, you have a doubt why do pretty girls date ugly guys…🌺

Well, there can be many reasons behind why a beautiful girl dates an ugly guy and today through this post I am going to share all those reasons with you….

Make sure to read this post till the end…..🌺

So, without further delay, let’s start this post…….⤵️⤵️

1. A Real Girl Will Never Do This🙏

Yes, trust me, a real girl who is genuine will never date an ugly guy……🌺

I also love a girl, she is beautiful and I am 100% sure that she will not date an ugly guy no matter how rich he is…..🙏

I am so much sure because I know my love, I know that she is not like other girls who get attracted towards money, she is different that’s why I love her…..😎😍

In the same way, a genuine girl will never talk romantically, date, or give her number to a less attractive guy…..

Pro Tip: If you love a girl, she is beautiful and you are also beautiful then don’t get worried becoz she will never date an ugly guy…..but that doesn’t mean she will always wait for you, if you don’t confess you love her then any other good looking guy will snatch her from you…..

So don’t waste ur time, gift her something nice, find ways to help her, offer her a ride home in your car, impress her, let her feel your love by doing small small things for her, propose her…..🌺

2. Money is The Biggest Reason🌺

No girl is going to date a guy if he is ugly and poor….😎👍✌️

If a pretty girl is a dating an ugly guy then one things is for sure i.e that guy is a millionaire who can afford her expenses very easily and give her a luxurious life…..

Many people say money can’t buy happiness but in reality money can buy anything even love……🙏

You should never try to fall in love with a girl who date an ugly guy just because that guy is rich because she will never give you respect especially if you aren’t rich….🙏💔

Try to love a girl who genuinely loves you not your money, not your standards, and she has no issue if you earn less…..🌺💕🌺

3. Betrayal From A Beautiful Guy Can Also Be A Reason🌺

We all guys know that many good looking guys cheat on girls i.e they keep on moving from one girl to another…..🙏

So, if a girl gets many betrayals from beautiful guys then she starts hating beautiful guys and as a result, she starts dating an ugly guy who is giving her importance and loves her genuinely…..💔

Moral: Brother if you are beautiful then please don’t cheat on a girl, if you don’t like a girl then just say her that you aren’t interested in her but please don’t cheat a girl….Just love one girl genuinely, marry her and live your entire life happily with her……🌺💕🌺

4. There Are Exceptions Everywhere 🙏👍

Tell me, do we all guys cheat on girls?

The answer is No, we all guys don’t cheat on girls, a few guys cheat on girls only 5-10 out of hundred guys……🙏

Similarly, not all pretty girls date ugly guys, a few girls date less attractive guys only 5-10 out of a hundred….🙏

5. No Pretty Guy is Approaching Her😎

Yes, this can also be a reason why a pretty girl date an ugly guy…..😎

If no beautiful guy is approaching a pretty girl then at the end, she would try to date a guy who is less beautiful but have normal looks…..

If you are seeing a pretty girl dating an ugly guy then try to approach her once their date is over, I hope and wish you will get positive results…..👍👍

6. Bro, If You Are Beautiful Than Please Don’t Get Stressed🌺

Yes brother, if you are beautiful and getting stressed because pretty girls are dating ugly guys but not a handsome guy like you then please don’t get stressed….

Because one day a pretty girl will also date you but for this you need to do hard work & build a good source of income…….🌺💕🌺

7. Only That Girl Knows👍

Brother, all the time we can’t say that if a beautiful girl is dating an ugly guy then that girl is dating him just for money….🌺

There can be any other reason which only she knows because in everyone’s life situations and circumstances are different so we don’t know what really happening in a girl’s life…..

But in most of the cases you will find that if a pretty girl is dating or talking with an ugly guy then one thing is for sure that that guy is rich….💔🙏

If you like a girl and she is dating an ugly guy and you are beautiful then brother please hurry up, go to her, talk with her, make friendship with her and make her fall in love with you and then marry her, make sure that you earn some money on monthly basis……🌺💕🌺

This is the end of this post brother, hope I was able to clear all your doubts on this topics…..

Will see you in a next post till that take care and stay ahead…….

Have a great day ahead and bye bye…………🌺🙏👍🌺

Disclaimer: We all are equal and we should see everyone as our brother/sister, this post ⬆️ is just for informational purposes, please treat everyone equally and happily……🙏👍