Why Does He Like Me So Much? [21 Reasons Why Does He Like You]

So, a guy likes you a lot i.e his love for you is endless but at the same time you aren’t sure why he like you so much……🌺💕🌺

If you want to know the reasons behind his love then this post is for you…..

Here in this post, I am going to share 21 possible reasons with you why he likes you so much……..💕🌺💕🌺

So, without wasting a single seconds, let’s het started:⤵️⤵️

1. You’re Beautiful😍

This is the first and most concrete reason why he likes you so much……

As you are beautiful, so your beauty is continuously forcing him to love you and come near to you….

2. He Likes The Way You Talk

Yes, he likes the way you talk with him and you can confirm this by focusing on his eyes when you speak with him, he will totally be in you while you are speaking……

3. For Him, No One Else is Like You

May there be many beautiful girls out there and may there be more beautiful girls than you…… But for him, you are the one, no one else is like you.

If he gets a choice to choose between you and miss universe, he will choose you(as he love you soooo much without any vested interest)…..🌺💕🌺

4. His Ears & Heart Feel Good When You Call His Name💕

When you call his name from your mouth, then this makes his ears and heart feel good, it’s a soothing effect in his entire body…..

And his ears and heart feel this when only you call his name, not any other girl……

5. Your Every Gestures Are 🔥🔥

He loves the way you walk, talk, smile, look, & see, means for him, your every gestures are fire….

That’s why, he is automatically getting attracted towards you.❤️🌺🌺

6. He Doesn’t Want To Lose You💔

As you are beautiful, therefore he knows that anyone can take you away from him….

That’s why he is trying his best to impress you and make you feel happy all the time, so that you don’t leave him for the rest of your life.💕

7. He Wants You To Be His Wife👰

Yes, this is also one of the main reason behind why he likes and loves you so much….

He wants you to be his wife in future and there is a high possibility that he has shown your picture to his entire family by saying that you are his future life partner & as a result you are seeing endless love from his side…….🌺💕🌺

8. He Feels Good When He Spend Time With You

Do you want to know why he want you to enjoy with him outside like eating food, going on long rides, etc.?

The answer is he feels good when he spend time with you, it’s like you have become his addiction, so he needs to see or come near to you very frequently……

And it’s not his fault, as he truly loves you so he is doing everything in love…💕

9. He Loves Your Voice🎤

For him, there is a big difference when you speak and any other girl speaks because when you start saying anything, it’s like honey, there is a magic in your voice which has made him your’s.

The more sweeter you’ll speak, the closer he will come to you……🌺💕🌺

10. His Heart & Mind Force Him To Like You More & More💕

You will find that he is a different guy when he is talking with others and he is totally a different guy when he is talking to you….

This is because his heart has accepted you, so when ever you come in front him, his heart and mind force him to love & like you more & more & more……

11. Maybe You Are Frequently Flirting Him👄

No doubt he likes you and have many emotions about you in his body.

But, if you start frequently flirting with him then there always be a blast of emotions in his body and as a result you will see too much love from him.

12. You Are Trying To Look More & More Beautiful🌺

Currently, he loves you and your beauty.

But tell me, what will happen if you start focusing on your skin to look more beautiful by using natural products and taking good diet?

You will start to look more beautiful than before & your face skin will become more fairer than before.

Now, you are looking more & more beautiful day by day then tell me his love for you will increase or decrease?

Ofcourse, his love will increase & this is so you are facing.

13. He Misses You A Lot💕

If you both don’t meet frequently with each other then there is a possibility that he will start to miss you.

And whenever you will meet him next time, you will see that he is liking you a lot, he will find many excuses so that you can spend more and more time with him.

For example, he will take you out for a dinner or he will take you over his house to have a dinner with his family, etc.

So, from the above example, it is proved that his immense love is due to missing you and not meeting you everyday.🌺💕🌺

14. So That You Don’t Feel That His Love is Fake💔

As a girl, one day you will doubt his love that he really loves you or is pretending to love you, and no doubt it is normal to have these thoughts in your mind.

By liking you too much, he wants to clear these kinds of doubts from your mind, so that you can never doubt his pious love.

15. So That You Can Understand That He Can’t Spend A Minute With You🌺

Maybe you can live without him for many days but he can’t live without you a single minute.

That is what he wants to show you by liking you, so that you can understand that he can’t spend a single day in absence of you.

If you ask him to marry you, believe me, he will be ready to make you his wife without any second thought…that is how vast his love is for you.

16. So That You Can Know How Important You’re For Him🌺

Love doesn’t mean making relationship but it’s also includes taking care of your partner’s health, solving your issues, helping you everytime & every where, protecting you from bad elements, etc.

By loving and taking care of you, he wants to show you that you are the most important person in his life whom no one can replace.

17. So That You Can Understand That He Needs You💕

If he gets sad if you leave him after spending time with him then the reason behind his love is because he wants to show you that he and his body need you.

It is up to you whether you become his life partner or not.

18. He Has Totally Become Yours💕

You are asking that why does he like me so much? But the reality is, he’s not only liking you but he has started to love you as well.

I don’t know how he is feeling about you but from your question I can say that HE HAS TOTALLY BECOME YOURS.

19. Ofcourse He is A Man

This a common nature of every man that they get attracted towards beautiful lady.

As he is also a man and you are beautiful, so he is liking you so much.

20. Ask From Him

Although i have shared many reasons with you which are responsible behind his liking you but still the reality is inside his heart.

If you want to the real reason why does he like you so much then I will advise you to go and take his hand in yours and ask him “why you like me so much?”

Trust me, he will reply what’s in his heart and mind, you will be satisfied from his answer…..🌺💕🌺

21. He Really Loves You

When a guy start loving a girl then there is no limit for his love, he will try to make his love’s everyday special so that she can feel loved and cared.

So, if he is showing too much love like everyday he is asking you out, giving you gifts, paying your bills, helping your family, etc. Then please don’t worry because it’s just his pious love for you nothing else.

And I will advice you to never cheat this guy who love you more than his life but at the same time I will urge you to make sure & test he is a genuine guy i.e he is not playing with your emotions.🙏

That’s it for this post friends, hope I was able to solve your query……

Take care, stay ahead…… & Bye… 🌺💕🌺