Why is My Ex Ignoring Me When We Agreed To Be Friends? [21 Reasons]

If your ex starts ignoring you then it can be very painful for you & more painful if you still have feelings for them.💔

There can be many reasons behind why your ex ignores you and if you want to see those possible reasons then you are at right place…..

Because through this post, I am going to share with you 21 reasons why is your ex ignoring you.🌺

So, without wasting much time, let’s dive in……⤵️⤵️

1. Probably You Look Needy!

If you look needy like your eyes are telling your ex that you desperately need them and your ex isn’t a good guy or girl i.e he/she likes to break hearts then they may start to ignore.

Because your ex is very smart and can easily understand that you still love them, they are well aware that you are not going anywhere leaving them so they are showing you some attitude.

Solution: Don’t let them know through your face or any body language sign that you need them, this will totally flip your ex’s game and they will not ignore you then.

2. Your Ex Wants To Forget You💔

If you have given too much pain to your ex or they really don’t want to keep any feeling for you in their heart, they can ignore you even if they have promised to be friends.

Because if they won’t ignore you they will never be able to forget you and they don’t want to live rest of their life crying because you will not be with them.

Most probably, your ex wants to completely forget you from their mind and heart.💔

3. Your Ex is Afraid That They May Fall In Love With You Again💝

If your ex still has feelings for you then by starting a friendship with you again, they don’t want these feelings to overwhelm them and force them to love you again.💔

That’s why your ex is not giving you any attention so that they can keep their feelings in control and erase them in upcoming time.

4. You Are Trying or Have Already Started A New Relationship

If you have just broke up with your ex and you are trying or have already started a new relationship with someone and your ex is aware of that then also they can start ignoring you.

Because now there is nothing left as they still love you, they can’t see you with someone else, and their ignorance can be a result of that.

May be by ignoring you they are showing you that they are not happy with your decision of starting a new relationship after just broking with them.

And this is also possible that your ex don’t want to disturb you if you have started a new relationship because if your partner would see you both close to each other then it can create trouble in your new relationship and your ex doesn’t want this to happen.

5. Your Ex Doesn’t Want To Give You A False Hope💔

If your ex has decided to move ahead by forgetting you, then also they can start ignoring you because they don’t want to give you a false hope that everything will be fine like before, things have changed and from their side you are free to go with anyone.💔

6. They Have Started A New Life💔

It’s for sure that if your ex has started a new life like they have find someone else for them then they will not pay any attention to you.

Because now you are not important for them, their new partner is important.

And if this is true then please don’t care about them because if they don’t then why you?

7. They Feel Guilty and Don’t Want To Hurt Your Feelings💕

If your ex know that you love them a lot and still they broke up with you, they know that they have given you too much pain by lefting you and by again behaving like before they don’t want to hurt you more.

Because the more your ex will be familiar with you the more you hurt as they can’t be yours again.

8. Maybe Your Ex Feel Awkward When Talking To You

As nothing is same like before so there is a possibility that your ex feel may feel awkward while talking to you or coming near to you because they know that everything has finished.

That’s why they are ignoring you.

9. It’s Very Painful For Your Ex, If You Left Them Not They💖

If you have left your ex not they and still they have love feeling for you then also you can face their ignorance because it’s very painful for them to behave normally like before, everytime they talk to you their heart gets melt but your ex knows the reality that you can be theirs again.

So, they are giving you a silent treatment.

10. They Don’t Trust You Anymore 💔

If your ex was totally into you and they had a dream to make you their life partner and you were also showing them dreams that you will become theirs but now you break up with them, you left them.

They have completely lost trust on you, now, no matter what you try to make them happy or befriends with them they won’t trust you.

11. Your Ex Don’t Want To Appear Weak

If you are seeing lots of attitude on your ex’s face towards you then this is possible that they don’t want to appear weak in front of you that if you have left them they can’t live without.

By ignoring you, your ex wants to show you that he or she can live without you happily.💔

12. They Are Angry From Inside

Tell me why you will ignore someone? Reason is simple, you will ignore someone if you are angry on them.

In the same way, may be your ex is angry on you from inside because you broke their heart and as a result your ex is ignoring you.💔

13. It’s Not Easy For Them

Do you think that your ex will easily be able to forget the sweet memories which they spend with you?

No, it’s not easy for them, it will take time to them to befriends with you and forget love for you.

Don’t worry if they are ignoring you, give them sometime to relax their mind.🌺

14. You Broke Your Promise Then Why Your Ex Can’t?

You also broke your promise to your ex that you will never leave them but you did leave, so why can’t your ex break his promise to be friends with you?

Like you, they also broke their promise, tit for tat, simple!

15. Maybe You Are Still Talking About Past Things

If you are still talking about past things like you are trying to show them that you feel bad leaving them or you didn’t want to leave them but situations forced you to leave.

Then it’s quite obvious that they will ignore you because you left them and now you are giving them sympathy, first you’re giving pain and then saying sorry, is that right? No it’s not.

So, please stop talking about past things in front of them, just behave normally, everything will be fine.

16. Ask From Yourself🙏

As I don’t know what kind of guy or girl your ex is and what led to the breakup so I can’t tell you the exact reason why they are not noticing you.

You should try to sit in a quiet place and start thinking about why your ex is ignoring you.

I am sure you will get the answer…..👍

17. It’s Over Dear😭

When your ex was with you then you broke up with them and now, when your ex is ignoring you, you want them to talk with you like before, what’s it?

If you aren’t able to digest their ignorance then tell me, why did you broke up with them?🤷‍♂️

You are reaping what you sowed, now, it’s over.

If you want them to talk with you then have little bit patience and give them time to recover.🙏

18. Ask From Their Best Friend😎

Every guy and girl definitely shares the things that happen in their life with their best friends especially about their relationships.

And I’m sure your ex shares too, maybe they have told reasons to their best friend why they are ignoring you.

So, you can go and ask from your ex’s best friends about this, I am sure you will get the answer of your query.

19. U Need To Understand That Current Behaviour is Not Permanent😎

Today, they are ignoring you but does this mean that they will always ignore you?

No, it doesn’t mean, they are also human and they have also fall in love with you in past that’s they started relationship with you.

If you want to get your ex back, no need to worry, wait for sometime and then start impressing them, you will get positive results.

20. Search on YouTube

Before writing this post, I searched your query on YouTube and there are too many videos available regarding your query, so I will advise you to search your query once on YouTube, you will thank me later.

21. Ask From Your Ex

Well, I have shared too many reasons why your ex ignores you even if both of you agreed to be friends.

But we can’t say with 100% surety that these are exact reasons because only your ex knows the exact reasons why he isn’t behaving you like before.

So, if you want to know the truth then you should try to talk once with your ex.🙏

That’s it for today’s post, will see you in next with a very good information…

Till that take care and have a great day ahead…..🌺🙏🌺