Why is My Teacher So Nice To Me? [6 Reasons]

When I was in high school almost all the teachers were nice to me except a few (who hate me).

Similarly, if your teacher is also nice to you and you want to know why he is so nice to you then you are at the right place because I am going to tell you 6 reasons behind his/her such good behavior.

So, without taking you here and there, let’s get started…..

1. You’re Kind and You Give Respect To All

You can get respect from others only when you give respect to others, therefore, if you are giving utmost respect to your teacher then it is obvious that he/she will be very good to you.

And it’s normal, you don’t need to worry about it.

2. You’re Very Strong in His/Her Subject

Believe me or not but if you are very strong in a teacher’s subject then he/she starts to be very nice to you because you are the single student which makes him/her happy from inside when you give answers to all questions related to his/her subject.

Ask yourself that are you the best student in his/her subject?

3. He/She is a Very Close Friend of Your Parents

It is also possible that your teacher is a close friend of your parents and as you are his friend’s child, he/she is behaving very nice to you.

You can confirm that he/she is your parents’ friend or not by asking about him/her with your parents.👍

4. Maybe Your Teacher is Very Kind and Simple

If your behavior is angry then it is very normal that you will talk rudely to others and if your behavior is kind then, of course, you will be kind when talking to others.

Similarly, if your teacher is very kind and down to earth by heart then he/she will be very very nice and kind to you.

5. They Have A Secret Crush on You💕

Yes, if your teacher has a secret crush on you then trust me, they will always be nice to you because they like you and no one hurt someone they like.

You can confirm this by seeing in their eyes, if they like you then you will see lot of love for you in their eyes.🌺💕🌺

Bonus Point: Your beauty can also be a reason behind your teacher’s nice behaviour towards you, if you’re too much beautiful and your teacher is young & single, then no doubt they will be nice to you…….

6. You Can Ask Your Teacher About This

If you can’t find the reason for your teacher’s good behavior with you then you can try asking that teacher “Why sir/miss you are too nice to me?”

I am sure he or she will answer your question….

So, these were the 6 reasons friends which can make your teacher to be so nice with you and I hope you liked my points.

To ask any question from me, please try to comment below.

Thanks and have a nice day ahead…..🙏👍