Why Shyness Is Good While Looking To Your Crush/Girlfriend

A shy guy is a boy who shows nervousness and timidity in front of other people, especially when someone yells at him.

Personally, I don’t like a guy who becomes shy in front of other guys.

Shyness shows that you are not brave by heart and anyone can compress your voice.

Do Girls Like a Shy Guy?

I am not a girl, so, I can’t say much on it but I will try to answer correctly.

As per me, most girls don’t like a shy guy who shows his shyness in front of other people but they like a guy who shows shy nature in front of girls.

Why Shyness Is Good While Looking To Your Crush/Girlfriend?

Your shyness in front of men shows that you lack a brave heart but your boldness in front of men & shyness in front of girls shows that you are brave by heart❤️ & a genuine guy as well.

Showing a little bit of shyness in front of girls can prove that you respect girls a lot and you are kind by heart.

When you are seeing your crush or girlfriend & suddenly she turned her face towards you then try to show little bit shyness while looking and talking to her by making your most attractive face.

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After seeing this, your crush/girlfriend will get to know that you like her & that’s why you are looking at her frequently & like this.

What can happen best than this that your crush/girlfriend knows that you like her a lot from the bottom of your heart?

My story: When I was in high school, then I used to talk very sweetly and with a little bit of shyness(not all the time) with my crush, & by doing this I was able to impress her.

Hope, you have understood the importance of shyness while seeing your girlfriend.

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