Why You Shouldn’t Show Fake Richness in Front of Your Girlfriend

Are you asking your parents to get a new smartphone or a new car just to impress your girlfriend knowing that the financial condition of your home is not good?

If yes, then undoubtedly, you’re trying to show fake richness in front of your girlfriend.

It’s like you are telling 100 lies to hide one lie, believe me, one day she will find out that you are suffering financially, and if she loves your prosperity not you then she will leave you!

If your girlfriend really loves you then she will not judge you based on your richness? She will only see her future in you.

Who Will Suffer If You Are Showing Fake Richness

If you’re thinking that showing fake richness is good then see the below list of people who will suffer:

1. Your Family: If your parents are working day and night to save money for your future requirement and instead of helping them if you want to buy expensive products just to show off in front of a girl then your parents will suffer because now they need to cut their household expenses and work harder than before. 😑

Even they can be emotionally weak because their son is wasting their hard-earned money in buying depreciating assets.

2. You Will Also Suffer: After know that you aren’t a rich guy, there is a high possibility that your girlfriend will leave you forever and all your hard work to impress her will be ruined.

You will feel sad as she left you and the financial condition of your house is also not good.

Should You Show Fake Richness?

Without a second thought, the answer is you shouldn’t show fake richness especially if you have less money.

Instead of doing this, try to find different ways through which you can make money and can show your parents that you are the best son in this world.

Imagine, the day when you are running your house by your own money.❤️

Hope, you have understood this topic brother and you will never try to show fake richness.

Be What You ARE

Till that take care, and have a nice day ahead ……..👍🙏