Why Your Crush Stares: 11 Questions & Answers

Many of my blog readers asked me a lot of questions about their crush seeing.

I have also studied in a school where I have a crush on someone and based on this I will try to answer these queries.

1. What Does It Mean When Your Crush Stares At You

When your crush stares at you then this means that he likes you & his heart is not allowing him to take off eyes from your face.

If you like him then you must reply with good expressions.

If you are not sure about him, then try to observe him & check does he also stares at other girls available in the class.

If yes, then leave him as he is a bad guy but if no, then you can move ahead with him.👍

2. My Crush Ignores Me But Stares At Me

When your crush ignores you but stares at you then it means he is observing you but does not have enough strength in his heart to talk with you by standing in front of you.

There can be a possibility that this guy is shy but really loves you from the bottom of the heart.

3. My Crush Stares At Me From A Distance

He has a fear in his heart that what you will think if you see him staring at you in the class & this is the reason why your crush stares at you from a distance.

No doubt he likes you but his parents have given good manners to him which are forcing him to not stare at your face from near.

4. My Crush Avoids Eye Contact With Me

To make eye contact with any girl requires courage, which bad students have but a student who is good by heart mostly finds it difficult to make eye contact with any girl and this makes your crush avoid eye contact with you.

This doesn’t mean that your crush is not brave by heart, he is a courageous boy but in the matter of girls he becomes weak.👍

There is a possibility that he doubts whether you like him or not? You can tell him that you like him, next time he will not avoid eye contact with You.

5. My Crush Likes Someone Else But Stares At Me

The reason why your crush likes someone else but stares at you is that he doesn’t have any real crush & I am pretty sure he stares like this at all girls.

As per me you must to avoid these kind of boys.

6. My Crush Knows I Like Him And He Keeps Looking At Me

Your crush knows you like him and he keeps looking at you because either you are so beautiful that make him continuously look at you or he likes you too much.

This is quite normal with boys, nothing to worry about.

7. What Does It Mean When Your Crush And His Friends Keep Looking At You

Either your crush has revealed that he has a crush on your own or his friends have themselves found this and that’s why he and his friends keep looking at you.

In this, you shouldn’t give attention to them just leave them.

If he & his friends start to laugh after looking at you then it is clear that they are making fun of you & you must completely avoid your crush and his friends forever!!

8. Why My Crush Gives Me Angry Looks?

Your crush either doesn’t like your or he is a guy with a lot of ego that’s why your crush gives you angry looks.

I can be wrong but in this situation, one should completely ignore this kind of boy.

9. Why My Crush Looks At Me From The Corner Of His Eye

There are three reasons why your crush looks at you from the corner of his eye:

  • First, You both are sitting parallel or at two different benches, where to see you he has to look from the corner of his.
  • Second, you both had a fight with each other on any matter.
  • Third, he doesn’t like you.

10. Why My Crush See Me With A Cute Smile

A guy with a real crush can see you with a cute smile, this is a sign that he likes you.

In return, you can also give a smile which will be a confirmation for him that you feel the same for him that what he feels for you.

11. Should I Reply My Crush’s Face Expressions?

Yes, it’s very important for you to reply to your crush’s face expressions because if you don’t then he will think that you don’t like him.

That’s it for today’s post👍

I hope I have given the right answers to your queries but if you feel that something needs to be changed then let me know by leaving a comment below.

Thanks👍 Have A Nice Day….